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Welcome to a new week MoonBeams! Are you ready to live a Magical Life?!?

astrology chart of the the week

I hope y'all make good use of this First Quarter Moon in Gemini because we have some big Magical WeRK to activate; both for our SELF and the collective. 

Are you feeling ready to make your New Moon in Pisces intentions come into life? This week has some juicy energy to support your bigger hopes and dreams, as well as some foundational force for a few new structures you've been meaning to build. 

Lean into the uncomfortable growth you've been avoiding. Allow your self to leap into any sweetness that shows up; because you're worth it! Just make sure that leap is about true healing and not avoidance or disassociation. It can be hard to tell the difference so use your Magical Gifts & Tools for discerning the right path. Your Magic is real and should be used in every aspect of your life, even for the mundane this week. Brush your teeth like it's a spell, make your entire home an altar (or a temple!), and take deep breaths as if they were powerful rituals (because they are)!!! "They" like to make us think we're too small to matter but it's the little things that make a big Magic possible. 

Use all this Pisces and Aries energy to move from an ending to a beginning; because it likely will be either one or both. And that's okay, that's good! We have to let go of our old shells to grow, we need to use this last season of winter to molt before spring springs. How are you gonna make the most of the quiet and the deep darkness of Pisces like it's a gift and not a burden (like capitalism wants you to believe!)?

As always, reach out if you need some support and check on your strong friends to make sure they are okay. We're all worthy of living a Magical Life; sometimes we just need a little help to get there!

Here's a list of this week's planetary and Moon transits this week. For more details, watch the Weekly Video Below.

Here's This Week's Video:

Check In On Your Pisces WeRK...

Pisces Season arrived on Saturday, February 18th at 14:34pst. Wanna learn more? Check out my Pisces Season Blog Post and don't forget to check in on our notes from this same time (Moon Signs and Phases) last month, last year and from past years. What were you doing during Pisces Season last year? Strange patterns occur but often times we actually have to LOOK for them! 

Big Ass Transits Of The Week!!!

♀☌ ♃ & Chiron || Venus Conjunct Jupiter AND Chiron |Aries | 23 MAR 01 | 21:35pst | 12º09' & 23 MAR 03 | 9:48pst | 13º59' || 

The sweetest meeting of the cycle. 

The two benefics come together for a meeting in the Sign of passion, initiation, and impulsive excitement. Use it to activate your dreams and to open up to abundance BUT/AND watch out for that cliff and remember, if it's not about your healing (for really reall), it's probably not gonna turn out the way you hope.

digital art by dianna​​

☿☌♄♒︎ || Mercury Conjunct Saturn |Aquarius | 2023 MAR 02 | 6:34pst

What structures your ideologies & beliefs? What information is hiding in the deepest parts of your Imagination?

These transits are asking you to think about these journal prompts... what did you discover this week? 

digital art by dianna​​

☿→♓︎ || Mercury Enters Pisces

2023 MAR 02 | 14:51pst

When we experience this transit as a collective we can get lost more easily. This isn't a Mercury in Pisces "problem" this is a capitalism problem. This is a patriarchy problem. We need to change the narrative about the value of getting lost, both literally and figuratively.

MoonScopes | Where Is The Moon?!

WTF is a MoonScope?

This week The Moon will light up Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and two degrees of Virgo. 

Where is this happening in your chart?

The Moon will be in the First Quarter Moon Phase.

Pisces Sun | GEMINI MOON | 23 FEB 26 | The First Quarter Moon.

Curious about literally everything. Spinning around in circles chasing pixie dust and random thoughts. Rabbit holes bigger than all the oceans. Not ever serious but seriously in need of someone to remind them where reality starts and fantasy ends. Losing track of time and space because both are constructs of capitalism & patriarchy. Activate your intentions using Imagination Magic and some silly ass fun and you may receive weird gifts. Hold The Moon in the palm of your hands knowing that it loves you, it believes in you, and it wants you to laugh more, adventure more, and get curious about why there are so many systems of oppression still operating out here. It's time to fix that shit with some weird ideas no one has thought of... yet.

Pisces Sun | CANCER MOON | 23 FEB 28 | An Ocean of Emotion.

The most delicious soup and some sweet tea. A pungant balm for all your soreness and sadness and wounding. Tears falling down at the party, saddest little baby in the room. All your feelings are valid to feel and express but don't expect anyone else to validate them. That is your own personal WeRK to do so do it by reclaiming the power those emotions offer; because you're worthy. Use this Moon to gently revisit all the times others tried to take your Emotional power away and forgive them; recognize that it was actually capitalism, patriarchy, and whiteness that caused that harm not their nature or natural state of being. We are all harmed by this toxic ideology and this lunation says, "we can clean the water inside us if we just believe it's possible"

Pisces Sun | LEO MOON | 23 MAR 03 | Good Gawdess You're Pretty. 

Such a fun party; so many sparkles and disco balls. Swaying to the baddest beats in an interpretive dance for the Goddess. Making art that doesn't always make sense to most folx but it sure feels good make it. Go on and sing that song baby, everyone wants to hear it. Underwater royalty has to lead with their whole soul because we need to feel our way into a true collective. Deep sea mermaid hair and a beautiful tale to tell. Be proud of all your emotions, each is a jewel worthy of a crown. Swim out into the dark knowing you're strong, confident, and much needed in this fucked up world. This leadership is rooted in Imagination Magic and Emotional Power. Trust your emotional instincts, you know the way to into heart of hearts and we need this kind of leadership for the revolution. 

MAGICmooning | Moon Phase & Ritual

The First Quarter Moon | Gemini |

23 FEB 27 | 0:05pst | 8º 27'

The Moon Rituals are now LIVE for Pisces Season! 

Check them out here and let me know what you think!!! 

Here is the chart of the First Quarter Moon in Gemini. Use this info to draw the chart into your SweetAstro WeRKbooks.


This chart is Scorpio Rising. It is ruled by Mars, which is still in the exiting Shadow Phase of its Retrograde cycle until March 16th. The Moon is also here, sharing space with Mars. Gemini is the Eighth House in this chart. Big Magic is available in this House, mostly ShadowWeRK Magic. Gemini is the Sign of curiosity and ideas, it can help us with mindset shifts, seeking new ideas, & solving riddles. It is ruled by Mercury which is about to make it's last conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius before it falls into Pisces for a few weeks. It's giving us some powerful restructuring power; the question is will you continue to think like a capitalist who lives in a patriarchal and racist system OR will you use your Magic to REthink & REimagine new systems??

What House is Gemini in your chart? 

The Pisces Sun in ruled by Jupiter, which is in Aries and is currently being orbed by Venus, which will make it's exact conjunction to Jupiter on March 1st, bringing a big spoonful of Magical honey and potentially too much of a good thing too. In this Moon Chart Pisces is in the 5th House a place of creativity, fun, and romance. The Magic of the 5th House is often found thru a creative project or playfulness. How can you make big change but also have big fun, turns out revolution doesn't always have to be brutal and painful (well, at least not ALL the time!)

What House is Pisces in your chart?

This Week's Events & Reminders

NEXT Week:

THURSDAY, March 9th 2023, 10am - Noon pst (1-3 est)   

Open session for any questions related to the WeRKbooks, Weekly AstroWeathers, Astro101, AstroAspects or general Astrology questions. And you can submit any questions to me via email and I can answer them in the session.


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Everyone is welcome to join in the fun and to help me test these WeRKbooks. Purchase your WeRkbook today and the new Threshold Pathway online content will be available to access on March 6th, 2023.

If you want to get on the Threshold Pathway you'll want to order the WeRKbooks ASAP as the shipping can take up to three weeks (unless you select expedited shipping, which I recommend)

There is a ton of additional info AND a little tour of the new WeRKbook in the video link above. AND... here is a link to the START HERE page I am designing to offer a little more info about what The Threshold Pathway and The SweetAstro WeRKbook are all about. Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to invite others to purchase the WeRKbooks too. 

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A huge thank you to all the OG Threshold Members for your time, attention, and affection in the first round. I wouldn't be here without y'all. You'll see the changes I made to the second edition and you'll know that much of this was because of the feedback and support you gave. 

I hope to see more of you in this next round and hopefully indefinitely going forward in this process. If you have any questions about this journey please let me know!!!

Have a great week babes! 

xo, d.

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