AstroWeathers | The Week Ahead | 2023 MAR 06 - 12

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Welcome to a week full of "opportunities", should you choose to accept them as such. Funny thing about opportunities, they are sold like gifts but more often they are gateways to a whole lot of wOrk WeRK we have to do to level up. Are you ready to do some wOrk WeRK this week? Awesome! Me too!

I've added a new graphic to this week's post. Learn more about that in the video portion. I also want to remind you about the Moon Rituals I designed for Pisces Season. Check that out for a Full Moon Ritual you can use to tap into this Virgo energy. 

astrology chart of the the week

I hope you can see the opportunites just by looking at this chart drawing. No? Well, let me explain what I mean. 

See how all the planets are on one side of the chart and The Moon, including the Full Moon are on the other? Notice how the Moon will move to make an Opposition to all of those planet clusters this week. Those are all opportunities and, while some of them may feel like being pulled in two directions or having to make a difficult choice, you get to decide how best to use them.

Because The Moon is the one giving the opportunities out we will be best served by using our intuitions and emotions to make decisions. Something both capitalism and patriarchy are desperate to keep us from doing. When faced with a decision this week try using your gut to process the choices NOT your head. Your thinker probably won't work very logically or linearly this week anyway because The Full Moon will sit opposite Mercury in Pisces. 

Instead of clinging to the lies about constant linear productivity, use divination and your Imagination Magic to consider your next move. OR, if you can't decide ask your SELF why you cannot wait until you feel more secure in your choice. Where is that pressure coming from? This is good to ask because one of the planets we rely heavily on for making good choices is about to fall into Pisces where it struggles to do much of anything as it normally would.

This big shift will be felt in big ways BUT that doesn't mean it can't help, it totally can, but Saturn in Pisces highlights the usefulness of Pisces tools: divination, Imagination, daydreaming, actual dreaming, and NOT fucking the way we do things in capitalism. 

Will this be challenging? Probably. But it's also a great opportunity to better understand the difference between something being "Astrology Hard" and "capitalism Hard". It will difficult because most of us have been trained by capitalism to devalue Piscean things like daydreaming or idleness but not because Saturn in Pisces is inherently useless or hard. 

This is an opportunity to retrain your brain to use those parts, the Magical, mystical, hysterical, imaginative, weird parts this culture has violently taken from us all. How can you lean into that energy as an opportunity? 

As you draw this week's chart into your WeRKbooks think about where this is happening in your chart. What House will Saturn be moving into? How can you use your Imagination, Magic, or idleness to improve this area of your life? How can you prepare for things to be a big sideways here and use that as a gift rather than a struggle? 

Take a little time to think about what it might be like if this was the way things were gonna go for the next 2-2.5 years. That's how long Saturn will be navigating the waters of Pisces so if you want to get along with this planet it's best to surrender and seek opportunities in every block, glitch, or delay. 

Saturn wants to help you but it doesn't have gentle has purposeful lessons and this WeRK is going to be so valuable.  I am gonna talk more (and more) about that in the Big Ass Transit of the Week section AND for the next two years as Saturn makes its way thru Pisces. This is definitely a marathon NOT a sprint and I am so glad we're gonna be able to do this together. 

Here's a list of this week's planetary and Moon transits this week. For more details, watch the Weekly Video Below.

Here's This Week's Video:

Check In On Your Pisces WeRK...

Pisces Season is reaching it's midpoint so it's time to review this WeRK so far. Wanna learn more? Check out my Pisces Season Blog Post and don't forget to review your journals and notes so far. What were you doing during Pisces Season last year? What was going on during past Full Moon in Virgo Phases for you? We will only learn our patterns if we take time to look for them. 

Big Ass Transits Of The Week!!!

♄→♓︎ | Saturn Enters Pisces | 2023 MAR 07 | 5:34pst | Responsible for the Ocean

As Saturn moves into Pisces in 2023 I keep seeing those underwater city scenes from apocalyptic movies. It makes me think about how Saturn has been trying to show us all the broken systems and failed structures in our collective. It also makes me cringe because I know how Saturn reacts when ignored.

digital art by dianna​​

MoonScopes | Where Is The Moon?!

WTF is a MoonScope?

This week The Moon will light up Virgo, Libra, & Scorpio.  Where will the Moon move thru your chart this week? The Moon will be in the Full Moon Phase.

Pisces Sun | VIRGO MOON | 23 MAR 05 | The Full Moon.

This lunation brings forward an enormous opportunity to challenge what we think about productivity, perfection, and our mental & spiritual health. These two signs have been the most harmed by capitalism & patriarchy because they embody enlightened service WeRK. They are intended to teach us the truth about why humans think the big thoughts & do the big Magic. This Full Moon will usher Saturn into Pisces, inviting us to dismantle and rebuild the systems of spiritual oppression designed to control & punish replacing them with the true healing Magic of our powerful intellect & imagination skills. Use Divination and Discernment to bring forward the Virgo/Pisces WeRk you're called to do thru your Virgo/Pisces polarity. Where is this in your chart? How can you embody enlightened service in this area of your life? How can you initiate new systems & structures to support your spiritual health & wellness while NEVER forgetting that it's your responsibility to ensure EVERYONE'S spiritual health & wellness are also tended to? This is a big fucking deal babes. 

Pisces Sun | LIBRA MOON | 23 MAR 08 | Finding A Soul Mate | So beautiful it hurts your soul a little to look at it. The energetic thing that pulls you toward another, be it a person, animal, or object. Unseen connections that cannot be explained thru words, maybe barely expressed in images or songs. Feelings so deep they become the collective stories and eventually myths. You cannot put your finger on this connection you just know it's there. They try to define love but they never really can, thank goodness too because it's the process of trying that fruits the most powerful art. To know you is to love you, to feel you is to burst into a zillion, billion, million particles and then quickly snap back into your self again; over and over. This energy is a big puffy pink cloud that floats by changing shape from rabbit, to whale, to heart, to dog before it simply dissipates. 

Pisces Sun | SCORPIO MOON | 23 MAR 10 | Never Underestimate The Dark Waters | They try to tell you that the swamp isn't pretty and the bogs are full of ghosts and while they are right in the literal sense they are wrong in every other way they possibly could be. The Dark Water is where you were born, all of us were. The uterus filled up with Dark Water as soon as you decided to BE and that Dark Water made you, you. Turns out those deep ass caverns at the bottom-y-est bottom of the deepest ass ocean are overflowing with life but for centuries they said, no life exists here. They lied because they are poisoned with a controlling & greedy ego but also just because they could. That's why we have to reconnect with the Dark Waters they stole; this water is the antidote to that poison. It is designed to drown toxic egos & replace them with a healthy sense of the self within the whole and the whole containing the self; equally valued & loved. Return to this place & reclaim it, feel it, drink it down; they have kept us all afraid of this water source for too long. Let your Emotion Magic wash away the old ways, let them rejuvenate you in a bath of your own blood, sweat & tears. We are worthy of these rejected liquids, we are also their source. 

MAGICmooning | Moon Phase & Ritual

The Full Moon | Virgo |

23 MAR 07 | 4:40pst | 16º 40'

The Moon Rituals are now LIVE for Pisces Season! 

Check them out here and let me know what you think!!! 

Here is the chart of the Full Moon in Virgo. Use this info to draw the chart into your SweetAstro WeRKbooks. 


This chart is Capricorn Rising. It is ruled by Saturn, which is falling into Pisces less than an hour after this Full Moon. This is a massive shift and the fact this Full Moon chart is ruled by Saturn as it makes this change is significant. Why? Check out the blog I wrote on Saturn in Pisces above.

In this chart, Saturn is moving between the 2nd and 3rd Houses. This space speaks to the space where our personal assets, skills, or resources are shared with those in our close circles. Siblings, neighbors, cousins, etc. 

When we layer that in with the Pisces Sun (ruled by Jupiter) and the Virgo Moon (ruled by Mercury) energy, we find Jupiter in Aries in the 4th and Mercury in Pisces, also in the 3rd we can see an even deeper calling towards mutual aid, community care, and collective safety nets. 

In this chart the Virgo Moon is in the 9th House, staring at its ruler Mercury in Pisces, sitting alongside The Sun. This brings in the need for the collective to open its mind to new solutions, potentially very powerful, potent Magical solutions - the only kind that Virgo actually has anyway. This chart wants us to think about how we take care of those we know AND the entire ecosystem that includes ALL the other folx but also the entire planet too. NBD, right? 

The questions this chart poses to us are; 

  • Do you believe you can have any impact on the world at large? 
  • Do you think you matter in the earth's cycle? 
  • Where does your Magic fit into the bigger wheel? 

This can be a tough set of questions because the current system invests great energy in convincing you that you have no value or power, you can't change these systems because they are so mighty (and good, useful, the best, etc). How can you disrupt that narrative of capitalism? How can you destroy that doctrine of patriarchy? 

Take time to consider these questions around the time of this Full Moon or in the 1-2 hours before or after and chances are you'll likely get really good downloads about just how fucking powerful and valuable you really are (and you so fucking are!!). 

This Week's Events & Reminders

NEXT Week:


THURSDAY, March 9th 2023 

10am - Noon pst (1-3 est)  

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SATURDAY, March 18th 2023  

10am - Noon pst (1-3 est)  

We will review our Pisces Season WeRk and the review WeRKsheets then prep for Aries Season in the WeRKbook. Open for live questions and you can submit questions via email. 


Hey MoonBeams!

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Have a great week babes! 

xo, d.

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