Pisces Season Moon Rituals

Lavender Potions & Magical Symbols

Let's fucking make some great big Magic MoonBeams! It's Pisces Season and this is a fantastic time to kick off a (re)connection to your Imagination Magic! 

Take some time to plan and prep for these five rituals for Pisces Season 2023. Take what you want, and leave what you don't. Look at where these lunations are happening in your chart and add or change them to honor your personal House themes too. 

I offer additional information on using the Moon Phases in your Magic AND tips on building altars in these rituals too. 

There is no WRONG WAY to do this so don't feel pressured to do anything extra. This should be an authentic and aligned process for YOU. Don't feel like you need to go out and buy items either. Use what you have! If you don't have an item use something you do have. Magic will make space for you if your intentions are pure. Use the sticks, dirt, plants, and objects you already have access to. It will WeRK the same, or maybe even better! 

I recommend digging deeper into each Moon Sign's correspondences and associations to add additional flare and power to each of your rituals AND to learn more about each Sign as you do it. Click the button in each section of the ritual to learn more about that Sign and its associations. 

Learn more about the Moon Phases

What's the difference between The Dark and New Moons? Why are the Quarter Moons so much more powerful than we give them credit for? Check out why WeRKing with ALL the Moon Phases can be so powerful! 

Building An Altar

Altars are a Powerful Magical Tool because they help us focus on our WeRK. They encourage us to seek beauty, make connections, and honor the beings and energies that help us in our WeRK. They also remind us to tend to our WeRK over certain periods of time. 

Spells are assisted by Altars and Altars are containers for Spells. 

Altars are often seen as these massive endeavors and people often tell me they're overwhelmed by creating them. They get worried about making something ugly or lame. This makes me so sad because they are such a wonderful Magical Tool when we can just connect to what makes us feel happy and focused on our WeRK rather than getting hung up on the fancy images we see on the socials. 

It's okay for Altars to be "ugly" or simple as long as they connect to the WeRK you're doing and you approve of them. If you've never set up an altar or don't feel like you can do it, give it a try this time. You may be surprised how they boost your WeRK. 


  • Four Small Tea Light Candles
  • Fire Safe Candle Holders
  • A Quart of Water (Rain or River Water OR Tap)
  • A Large Bowl
  • A Towel for Clean Up
  • Dried Lavender or Lavender Oil
  • Piece of white or purple tissue paper
  • Purple or Green Marker
  • A Glass Jar w/A Lid

  • Blank Cardstock, white or lavender
  • Black Marker

  • Your Magical WeRK/Healing Tools
  • Your Symbol/Sigil

  • Stationary, Envelope, Stamp
  • Time to Walk to a Local Mailbox or Post Office

Dark Moon in Aquarius 

Ritual Review Aquarius Season. What needs to be composted as fuel for the Waxing Moon? Review all the Journal Questions for the Season and notice which stand out to you AND then look to see which Moon Ritual they correspond to…

  • Is Magic Real?
  • What is Death?
  • What DO you know?
  • How Powerful IS what you know?
  • What does “health” mean to you?
  • What is Shame?
  • What are your cultural norms & expectations
  • When does knowledge become wisdom?  

New Moon in Pisces 

prompts: Is Magic Real?  What is Death?

Place your one tea light on the right side of your ritual space and the other on the left. Place the container of water in the center of the candles. Add some of the dried lavender &/or the oil to the water. Breath in the smell of the lavender & allow your body to relax as you reflect on the two prompt questions. Let your mind wander for a bit & once you feel a bit dispersed & scattered you are in Pisces space & ready to start. Anoint the candles with the water by dipping the bottoms into the water & placing them back into the holders. If you cannot dip the candles use your hands to sprinkle or rub the water on the outside of the candles (not on the wick, obvs.). Light the candles as you say, “Magic IS real” three times. Is this something you KNOW now? Is it your truth? If so say, “I am Magic & Magic is real”. If not, explore WHY you still don’t believe in your Magic. With this new knowledge write your intentions on the tissue paper with your purple or green marker. Now add the tissue paper to the jar of water (you can rip it up first if that helps). Watch the ink & paper be absorbed by the water. Notice how it breaks apart & melts. Put the lid on the jar & shake it while you say, “I am ready to release what’s died. I am ready to make room for my Magic. I accept my Magical Gifts & Tools. I surrender my fears of _______ (list all you’d like) to make room for these new seeds of _______(list intentions) to grow. Notice how you feel as you sit with the candles & watch them burn down & go out (die). Keep your water jar on your altar for use during Pisces Season. Hold the jar and touch the water to your face or body as you need to be reminded of your Magic.

First Quarter Moon in Gemini  

prompts: What DO you know?  How Powerful IS what you know?

Sit quietly with the Pisces Season Journal Prompt questions in mind & your answers nearby. As you think about what you know & how powerful that knowledge is (or isn’t if that’s how you feel about it) take your paper & pen & start drawing a continuous line on the paper. Go as fast or as slow as you’d like. I recommend keeping your eyes closed but it’s okay if that feels uncomfortable. Swirl in & out & all around. Make sharp lines or dots. Notice if you automatically start judging this like it’s going into an art show. It is not. This is a message for you. Allow your pen to flow around the paper making whatever marks it wants. Pick up the pen if you like or keep in down for the whole time. Do this for 10-30 seconds OR until you feel satisfied. Before you really examine the results close your eyes & say, “My Magic is real, it is unique, it is valid. I deserve to receive messages from the Universe”. Look at the image you’ve created & what do you notice? If it’s criticism, quiet that voice & call forward your inner child to help you examine the shapes & patterns for something that pulls you in. Zero in on a section or absorb the whole piece. There is no wrong way to do it. Then, once you’ve discovered the part that excites you the most you’re going to take a new piece of paper & redraw that image until it becomes a symbol for the rest of your Mutable Moon Rituals. It doesn’t need to be a symbol you already know. Don’t try to make it mean anything. This is a symbol just for you and it cannot be wrong. Practice drawing your symbol over & over until you’re comfortable with taking ownership of it for the duration of this cycle. Hold the image in your mind & say, “What do you want me to know?” Let your mind wander, daydream, get curious about your symbol. If it reminds you of something else research that thing, seek out its Magical connections. How does it make you feel?

Does this symbol help you make sure your intentions can move forward? Does it seem completely disconnected? Neither is the correct way. Just let whatever be, be. If you feel comfortable draw this symbol on your hand or arm so you can see it throughout the day. Whenever you’re called to do so ask the symbol again, “What do you want me to know?” Record what it shares with you. Try to keep this symbol in your view for all of Pisces Season. Asking it regularly & often the same question & recording the answers. With Neptune in Pisces messages may not be clear, linear, or concise at first. That is not how the Universe communicates anyway. Be patient & if you’re judging yourself too much ask a friend to look at the symbol & tell you what they think/see.

Full Moon in Virgo

prompts: What does “health” mean to you?  What is Shame?

Cleanse the area where you will do your ritual space. Vinegar, lemon & mint are excellent for preparing a Virgo ritual. Virgo wants things to be specific & clean. Place & light your tea lite candle in the center of your WeRKspace. After you’ve finished your journaling & meditating on the questions place your personal symbol in the center of your ritual space. Remember that what you know is powerful. You do not need anyone to certify, legitimize, or validate that for it to be true. Your experience matters but so does your intuition & instinct. You are a healer. We are all healers because we all have Virgo in our charts. Some of us do it as a profession & some do it only for their family & friends. Our healing abilities are sometimes only for plants or animals. We all have a healing side and all are equally valuable. Does this bring up any feelings of doubt or distrust? Sit with those & visualize those thoughts being digested & dissolved as you trace the lines of your symbol with your eyes. If it’s helpful you can also draw the symbol again as you imagine your SELF letting go of those beliefs. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. The saying, ‘thoughts become things’ is very true for Virgo. It has a powerful mind. This is what makes it so good at giving advice AND at the negative self-talk. We must tend these edges carefully. As you gain confidence in removing the beliefs you may feel doubt or even guilt or shame creep in. This is a white supremacy mindset trying to make you play small. Resist & retrace your symbol. You’re weaving your power back into your SELF by tracing this symbol. Soon you feel the power rise up, try to embody it now. Draw the symbol on your blank paper & if you can, draw it on your body (hand is good but abdomen would be too). Layout your personal Magical Healing Tool(s). Hold it/each one (safely) over the candle & say, “I am bonded with this Magical Gifts & Tool. With this _____ (name the tool) I do my healing werk. I embrace my inner healer. I am powerful & valid & so is my healing werk. I use these tools to heal others & my self. I banish any guilt or shame associated with my inner healer & bring light back to Virgo”. Lay these tools on the paper with your symbol & leave this paper out where the Full Moonlight can see it overnight (a window is great BUT even if you cannot lay it out the Moon can still see it). The next morning you can pick up these tools & go forth using them for healing werk again. You may want to write in your journal after the ritual & again in the morning after you pick up your tools again. Notice if you feel differently about the tools or your self.

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius 

prompts: What are your cultural norms & expectations? When does knowledge become wisdom?  

Set out your symbol so you can see it clearly. We need to go on a fascinating quest to reclaim our collective knowledge. The knowing of the ancient ones, our shared ancestors, who followed the patterns & cycles of nature as the only law. It is time to release the constricting beliefs of the patriarchal culture most of us stand in. Now is the time when we gather the bits of knowledge & the Magical tools we’ve discovered & make them real. This is when our knowledge & experiences fuse together to become wisdom we can share. To begin, light the candle and clease the area & air (use spray, sound or smudge, whatever works best for you). Sit in meditation until your mind wanders away. Once it does you’ll know Sagittarius energy is present. Layout your symbol from the last two rituals & let your eye trace around the lines of it a few times. Review what it’s taught you over the last few weeks and make a final list of what you’re ready to release. Draw your symbol on the paper too. As your draw, envision all of you’ve learned about the power of knowledge, shame, health, your Magical Gifts & Tools, your Truths, and Death unfolding before you. You are different now than before. You are Mutable, changeable, flowing, & open to endings as beginnings. What mindset patterns are you ready to release now that it’s time to act on your Full Moon Ritual? Once you feel you have a good list of things to let go of you’re going to write them on the stationary. Your letter could start, “Dear Universe,” or start any way you like. Write the letter to your SELF if that feels best. The content will be, “Here is what I know to be false & I do not believe these things anymore: (list your releases)” Once you’re finished with the list you can also add anything else you wish to say & sign off with your symbol. Fold up this letter and put it in the envelope. You can address it to God, Goddess, The Universe, whichever feels best for you, no address. You can choose not to actually send it too, tho this is a powerful action to take. Add the stamp either way. When you are done you could spend some time making a new list in your journal. The list can be titled: THESE ARE MY TRUTHS: list what is true for you now. What do you know in your mind, body, & spirit is true for you? What do you believe is real? What do you know about your SELF & your Magical Gifts & Tools that you didn’t know before? What actions are you going to take to move this knowledge & these tools into your daily life? How will you embody these realizations until they become your wisdom to share? Notice what comes up as you state these facts & reclaim this powerful knowledge & wisdom. When you’re ready go on an ‘adventure’ to the post mailbox or the postal office to send your letter off. If you want it to come back to you you can add a return address. If not then don’t. If you want to mail the letter somewhere real you can mail it to me… ASTROartistry 647 SW Cherry Park Rd #592 Troutdale, OR 97060.

I hope you enjoyed this ritual series as much as I enjoyed creating them! 

If you have any questions please reach out in the comments below OR message me.  

I'd also love to see photos of your Magical Symbols, potions and processes! You can send them to me OR if you share them on the socials please @ or # AstroArtistry so we can see what you're WeRking on. 

Happy Mooning MoonBeams!

xo, d.

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