Aries Season Moon Rituals

Let's Fuck Around And Find Out

It's time to activate your passions & cleanse your system so you can rise up out of the winter hibernation with a bang! BUT/AND always keep in mind that we live in a capitalist culture that does not care if you wOrk your SELF to death... so don't. Aries is about the balance of light vs. dark so it's an opportunity to say fuck you to that old system as you balance the hard-working energy with the hard resting energy!

Take some time to plan and prep for these five rituals for Aries Season 2023. Take what you want, and leave what you don't. Look at where these lunations are happening in your chart and add or change them to honor your personal House themes too. 

I offer additional information on using the Moon Phases in your Magic AND tips on building altars in these rituals too. Creating larger plans or altars during the Cardinal Seasons can be a bigger way to acknowledge the larger shift from Winter to Spring too. If you're not willing or able to build altars each month you could consider doing one for each of the Quarters/larger weather seasons. 

There is no WRONG WAY to do this so don't feel pressured to do anything extra. This should be an authentic and aligned process for YOU. Don't feel like you need to go out and buy items either. Use what you have! If you don't have an item use something you do have. Magic will make space for you if your intentions are pure. Use the sticks, dirt, plants, and objects you already have access to. It will WeRK the same, or maybe even better! 

I recommend digging deeper into each Moon Sign's correspondences and associations to add additional flare and power to each of your rituals AND to learn more about each Sign as you do it. Click the button in each section of the ritual to learn more about that Sign and its associations. 

You can also consider your personal relationship with each Sign as it lands in your Chart. What five Houses will these lunations be moving thru? Add in keywords and themes that relate specifically to your chart AND your lived experiences. 

Learn more about the Moon Phases

What's the difference between The Dark and New Moons? Why are the Quarter Moons so much more powerful than we give them credit for? Check out why WeRKing with ALL the Moon Phases can be so powerful! 

Building An Altar

Altars are a Powerful Magical Tool because they help us focus on our WeRK. They encourage us to seek beauty, make connections, and honor the beings and energies that help us in our WeRK. They also remind us to tend to our WeRK over certain periods of time. 

Spells are assisted by Altars and Altars are containers for Spells. 

Altars are often seen as these massive endeavors and people often tell me they're overwhelmed by creating them. They get worried about making something ugly or lame. This makes me so sad because they are such a wonderful Magical Tool when we can just connect to what makes us feel happy and focused on our WeRK rather than getting hung up on the fancy images we see on the socials. 

It's okay for Altars to be "ugly" or simple as long as they connect to the WeRK you're doing and you approve of them. If you've never set up an altar or don't feel like you can do it, give it a try this time. You may be surprised how they boost your WeRK. 


  • Pillows, Blankets for creating a cozy space to sit
  • Tea Light Candle & Matches
  • A photo of you as a little one OR if you don't have one find a picture of a little one in a magazine or online that looks like or represents little you. 
  • A Seed (this can be a bean or literal seed OR you can find a small object to represent a seed if you don't have access to one)

  • A few cups of water (tap is fine, rainwater is always awesome)
  • A pan for boiling water and a stove (you could also use a tea kettle)
  • A medium to large bowl 
  • A 1/4 cup of salt
  • A big bunch of spring greens. You can pick some new spring plants from outside OR purchase some greens from the store. IF you pick them make sure you ask the plants and then say thank you after. They worked hard to survive the winter so you should acknowledge their sacrifice! 

  • A baking tray
  • Your oven
  • A bunch of flowers and spring greens - select greens with leaves overshoots if possible. 
  • A large bowl OR a mortal & pestle set

  • Your Journals and Notes
  • A pen

Dark Moon in Pisces 

Ritual | It's time to review your Pisces Season WeRK. Even if this is your first time WeRKing with us here in the ComMOONity you can still think back on the last four weeks. Did you feel more or less connected? Did you WeRK with and/or reclaim your Imagination Magic? Do you believe it's real now? Where do you still have WeRK to do in this area? It's okay to have more WeRK, it's encouraged actually.  

The Dark Moon is for deep inner WeRK. It's a quiet time of introspection and, if needed, banishment Magic. If it's ready to leave you, bury it deep as an offering to the Earth and the entire Universe. These Pisces Season releases can be composted as fuel for the New & First Quarter Moons. But, only if they are really, really ready to GTFO of your life. 

Review all the Journal Questions for the Season and notice which stand out to you AND then look to see which Moon Ritual they correspond to so you can also prep for your Aries Season MAGICmooning WeRK…

  • Is vulnerability a strength? 
  • How is your Magic a Weapon AGAINST whiteness & patriarchy? 
  • What/who are you willing to defend and fight for? 
  • What would you personally sacrifice to heal the collective? 
  • What is the value in fully FEELING your rage? 
  • If you allowed it to be valuable what truths would you be able to speak?
  • Who are you now?  
  • Is anything still keeping you from sharing your unique Magical Gifts with the world? 
  • Who is in power in your life? 

New Moon in Aries | 2023.03.21 | 10:23pst | 0º

prompts: What/who are you willing to defend and fight for? What would you personally sacrifice to heal the collective? 

This Ritual is best done in a dark room or space. Try to black out as much of the light OR consider doing this Ritual at night. 

Set up a cozy space where you can sit or lay back. Make sure your candle set up is safely placed where you can easily stare into it. Set up your baby/child photo of you so you can see it in the candlelight. 

When you're ready light your candle and spend some time sitting quietly, gazing into it. Use your Imagination Magic to connect with little you, invite little you to do this Ritual with you. When we're little we are very connected to our Aries self (even if we don't have any Aries placements). What do you want to ask this Aries part of you? What House do you have Aries in and how does Aries energy show up in that part of your life? How does that Aries placement connect to your childhood experience? It's okay if you don't know or feel there is a connection.

Ponder the Aries Season Moon Prompts for this New Moon and then think back to when you were a little one and consider what you learned about defending and fighting for your SELF. Consider the messaging you received about RAGE and your access to it. Were you "allowed" to express anger, frustration, or rage? What happened when you did? 

Let your SELF go back into those experiences and times with your little self and rather than let the old stories and experiences play out use your Imagination Magic to change the circumstances so little you gets to be upset. Reimagine what you would have done, and what you would have been able to process if you were given that power in a safe and supportive way. 

Let that held-back rage move thru your little body into your grown-up body. Notice where it shows up (your head, belly, heart, arms, feet, etc.) Feel it rage like a fire and instead of stomping that fire out like most of us learned to do in childhood, let it grow and grow until it goes out on its own. There's so much power in that fire and we're meant to have access and ownership of that fire, we're meant to listen to its messages and to use that information to make decisions, to set boundaries, and to be forged into our true SELF. 

Sit with this little version of you and watch this fire burn until it burns itself out. You can gaze into the flame of your candle during this part too. 

Once the "fire" is calmed and burnt down blow out your candle (or it might go out on its own depending on how long you sit in this Ritual space). Sit in the dark for a while and let little you recover from finally being able to access that powerful, Magical Tool. This power is your right AND it's a huge responsibility. Now that you've reconnected to it you may want to do this ritual regularly and often until you feel more comfortable with this Magical Tool. It is a birthright but it can also be overwhelming to reconnect to it; especially if you have a lot of pent-up rage from your past. 

KNOW that doing this Ritual under this powerful New Moon energy forges a Magical little seed. This seed is a gift for you AND for everyone. It's a new way of thinking about, acting with, and processing Rage. Hold your little seed and visualize that seed as it's charged with your Magic. Know that you've just used your Imagination Magic to forge a healing gift for the world. Think about what/who you want to defend or fight for and know that you've now created a Magical Tool for doing that for them - this seed holds your desire and willingness to fight but it's also a sacrifice for them too. You've sacrificed the walls you built to hold back your rage. You've sacrificed a mechanism you built to protect your self FOR the collective and this seed holds the new operating instructions so others can also learn to let their walls, trauma responses, and safety mechanisms down. It's a BFD y'all. 

Set this Magical seed on your altar or in a safe place until the First Quarter Moon in Cancer comes along. You can also hold this seed each time you do this ritual this week (you may want to do it a few times depending on how much backup Rage you have!)

Take time to journal about this/these experiences this week too. There may be a lot of good/hard WeRK buried in here so this is also a good time to relearn how to ask for help or support. Reach out if you have questions or need to talk about what comes up for you. 

Remember that is a form of composting. We are not letting this Rage roll out into the room. It is not a weapon, it is a message for you to WeRK with. After you do this Ritual you may find it very useful to dance, jump, run, walk or somehow get your blood moving around. All that Rage has been stuck in your body all this time and that can be the source of any pain, injuries, or chronic issues you have so please know that those places may get sore or activated. Lean into that as an opportunity to tend to them in a new way. 

What did little you want or need when you got angry? Try to give that to your self now. Sometimes we get mad for no reason and that's okay too. What do you need to comfort your self when you're struggling? Offer that comfort to your self after this Ritual. 

Drink lots and lots of water and/or take a long bath. 

First Quarter Moon in Cancer | 2023.03.28 | 19:32 pst | 8º

prompts: What is the value in fully FEELING your rage? If you allowed it to be valuable what truths would you be able to speak? 

Gather your supplies and make sure you're prepared to have any emotions that come up during this Ritual - it may be surprising. 

Get your pan ready on the stove and lay out all your supplies so you can move thru the process easily. 

Turn the stove on so the pan gets hot before you add the water and then when it's starting to get really hot CAREFULLY add the water so you get some steam coming up from the pan. CAREFULLY fan the steam towards your face and head and say, "I am cleansed of all the old beliefs and ideas I held about my Rage. I am cleansed of any shame I have about what I've done because I've healed so much of myself. I am free to feel all my feelings and I will make room for others to do the same now".

Add your salt to the water and say, "These are all the unshed tears and unfounded fears I've felt in past. They are now free to become the nourishing, supportive waters they were meant to be"

Add the spring greens you collect to the water and say, "These tender spring greens will be the perfect food for my Magical Seed, they will nurture and nourish it as it grows"

Let the water boil for a little while and continue to CAREFULLY pull the steam towards you as you visualize all your unshed tears, your unfounded fears (put on your by this fucked up culture), and all your rage dissolving to the water and becoming nourishing medicine for the future. 

Turn off the stove and let your water cool. While it sits take some time to journal and to tend to your self and any big emotions that came up. 

Once the water is cooled. pour it into your bowl and bring it to your altar - or just bring your seed to the bowl. Place your hands on both sides of the bowl and say, "Thank you mother Earth and father Universe for creating me as a perfect creature. I am ready to fully embody that being now. I am ready to fight to ensure that everyone will also be able to fully embody their true SELF too"

Drop your seed in the water and place the bowl back on the altar overnight (or just leave it out so The Moon can see it). Leave it on your altar until you feel called to bury it. 

Take it outside and find a place to bury the whole bowl of water, greens, and your seed. You can also bury it in another bowl of dirt if you don't have an outdoor space to bury it. It needs to move into the dark in any way that works for you so you could also cover it with a cloth too. 

Let your seed soak in the water and envision all the intentions you set during the New Moon being activated by this nurturing water.

Make sure you mark where you buried this Magic because we will come back to this spot later in Aries Season.         

Full Moon in Libra | 2023 APL 05 | 21:34pst | 16º

prompts: Who are you now?  Is anything still keeping you from sharing your unique Magical Gifts with the world? 

In order to change a narrative we have to fully understand the narrative we're standing in. We have to realize that we're the main character in our own stories and we have the power to change the course of our journeys. Now that you've processed so much old Rage and created a nourishing soup from your old suffering it's time to check in and see if there's anything holding you back from blooming that seed into the world for reals. Becoming a warrior for collective justice is hard work. Creating a life where you live authentically AND you allow others to do the same is hard AF. It's also an endless, ongoing process that no one will ever perfect or end, that shouldn't be the goal. The goal IS THE PROCESS of constantly WeRKing in the moment with the beings who are present. This Ritual is about releasing the belief that there's an end to the WeRK of being here AND the belief that the WeRK is terrible and hard. Doing ShadowWeRk is part of the deal. It's an opportunity, a gift, and it's fucking amazing. 

It's also a personal journey where you're the perfect person to do the WeRK you do. So, let's do that. 

We're gonna return to the stove but with the oven this time. Turn the oven to 250º and let it warm up. Take your flowers and greens and remove the petals and leaves. Set the stems and stalks aside, we won't use these. 

Place your petals and leaves on the baking sheet. Spread them out in a thin layer and move your hands over them and say, "I charge you will everything that's holding me back from being the badass I truly am. I let all my fears and anxieties about being fully loved and honored by others flow into these beautiful petals and leaves" Spend time here and really let your SELF see what's keeping you locked up and held back. Sprinkle that energy over these petals and leaves. 

Place the tray in a fully hot oven and wait. Feel all your fears and anxieties evaporate and burn up. Check the tray every 5ish minutes & turn them so they don't burn but start to dry up and get crispy. You're making Magical chips! 

Say, "I release ____, _____. and _____ so I can fully bloom into the person I truly am!"

Feel your true self get stronger as these fears and anxieties burn away. Smell the smells and breathe in the chemical changes that are happening as you dry out the petals and leaves. Once they are crispy to the touch pull the tray out and turn off the oven. 

Turn the dried Magic a few times and let the tray cool. While they cool take some time to journal and ponder the experience. What came up for you? How do you feel now?

Are you ready to let these blocks go for real? It's okay if you're not fully sure yet, we're not doing release WeRK during the Full Moon, we are just observing where we are now, where we want to be, and what's in the way of this progress. Let what is be what is. 

When the tray is cooled add your new Magical petals and leaves to either a large bowl or a mortar and pestle set and place them on your altar until the Last Quarter Moon arrives.

Take care of you after this Ritual. If you can spend some time with your favorite people and talk about all the big WeRK you're gonna do in the world now that you're such a badass version of you. 

Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn | 2023 APL 13 | 2:11pst | 23º

prompt: Who is in power in your life? 

We've done some huge WeRk this Aries Season MoonBeams. As it should be because Aries is a powerful fucking Sign and Cardinal Energy can do a lot of WeRK. But are you also resting like a badass? And are you making sure those around you can also rest? 

We have to begin our WeRK with our SELF If we're not un/relearning our own way out of the old narratives and patterns we won't be able to fully help create new systems BUT you have to set a timeline for this AND yes, you can continue to do your healing while doing collective WeRK. You'll know when you're using it as an excuse. You'll know when you're new self is ready to enter the world and get to WeRK. Trust your SELF. Move thru this release Ritual and chances are you'll instantly know whether you've been making excuses about doing the collective part of the WeRK. You'll know if you're ready and when you are you'll know how to start. We are built to create systems of mutual aid - it's why we are here at all. So, start with your peeps, WeRK locally, and then collectively. Your Unique, Magical Gifts and Tools were given to you because they are valuable... so let's get thru this Ritual so we can get started fucking around and finding out how! 

Gather your bowl of dried flowers and leaves. You can use your hands to crunch them up in the bowl OR use your pestle to do it. We're trying to break them down into the smallest parts we can. A powder would be amazing but do it as long as you feel you need to. These are the things that you need to release in order to embrace your SELF more fully. These are the bullshit lies and toxic narratives that were forced upon you in childhood. These are the things that have tried to make you small. These are the things that oppress you and your friends and neighbors. These are the systems that oppress most of the global population. 

Get pissed and let your rage break them down into teeny tiny pieces. Say whatever the fuck you want to say as you do that. Tell them what the fuck is up now. Fuck around with the thoughts and ideas that come to you as you tear these old systems down. What are YOU releasing personally? Why? Tell it to the Universe. 

When you feel like you're done take a little break if you need to. Do some writing. Move your body around and notice how your body feels now? How do your bones and skin feel? Who are you now? 

When you're ready take this powerful concoction back out to where you buried your seed and nourishing water. Reflect on all these Rituals of Aries Season. Consider all the WeRK you've done to heal and become. As you review this process take pinches of the petal/leaf dust and sprinkle it into the air over the seed. Add it into the dirt. 

This is more food for the seed to grow up and out into the Magical world. (If it's not an actual seed it's obviously not going to grow, lol. This is a Magical exercise babes). 

Visualize this seed growing and making its own flowers and leaves. Imagine it making more seeds. See those seeds getting caught in the wind or eaten by other beings who will carry them into the larger world. Know that it will spread and impact anyone it touches. Feel it growing up AND feel it growing roots too. Know that those roots will get tangled up with other roots and those roots will be changed, encouraged, and healed because you did this WeRK. 

During the remainder of the Last Quarter Moon, you can return her to offer the seed more love and energy. Keep visualizing it growing this week (and forever) because it will as long as you believe it. 

Take care of you after this ritual and then do whatever you feel ready to do to create systems of Mutual Aid around you. Connect with others and do the WeRK you're called to do. Use your Magical Gifts and Tool to fuck shit up in ways only you can! Encourage others to do the same. 

I hope you enjoyed this ritual series as much as I enjoyed creating them! 

If you have any questions please reach out in the comments below OR message me.  

I'd also love to see photos of your Magical altars, rituals and creations. You can send them to me OR if you share them on the socials please @ or # AstroArtistry so we can see what you're WeRking on. 

Happy Mooning MoonBeams!

xo, d.

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