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Saturn will be in Pisces from March 9th, 2023 to May 26th, 2025

As Saturn moves into Pisces in 2023 I keep seeing those underwater city scenes from apocalyptic movies. It makes me think about how Saturn has been trying to show us all the broken systems and failed structures in our collective. It also makes me cringe because I know how Saturn reacts when ignored. 

My prediction for this transit, over the next two years, includes reckoning with extreme weather issues, harsh realizations about the conditions in all of our global water systems, and an extensive spiritual awaking or movement that will likely be even more rooted in extremism... on all sides. 

Who is responsible for the Whole Ocean? Who makes all the undersea rules? Who controls how the water moves? This is what Saturn wants to know now that it's fallen into Pisces. Unfortunately for Saturn, the answers to its favorite questions are difficult, if not impossible to answer in Pisces. Why? Because Saturn doesn't love to be in Jupiter-ruled Signs and Pisces is just that, a Jupiter-ruled Sign.

Jupiter is the planet of freedom, expansion, exploration, and seeking the truest truths (meaning a truth that values facts AND feelings not just facts) and Saturn is the planet of rules, structures, restrictions, and seeking boundaries to control disorder. 

So, when you put Saturn in an environment where Jupiter is in charge it loses some of its power and cannot do what Saturn does best; test systems for flaws, harshly point those flaws out, and demand they be repaired (or else!). 

For the last five years, Saturn has been so powerful in this WeRK because it's been moving thru Saturn-ruled Aquarius and Capricorn since December 19, 2017. 

During this Saturn power period we've seen much of this Saturn WeRK playing out in extremely severe ways - hello Orange Beast, Rise of Qanon, Global Weather Chaos, A Global Pandemic, and yet another round of Black folx trying to teach us all the harsh truths of white supremacy.  

It's clear our collective systems have been Saturn tested and the flaws have been exposed but what happens when those flaws aren't being fully addressed in most cases? Saturn gets pissed and pushes harder to put us on purpose.  

Let's learn more about Saturn so we can make the most out of the opportunities...

Keywords: Boundaries, Laws, Structure, Teacher, Father, Order, Foundations, Mastery

Learn more about Pisces, the environment that Satun will move thru over the next two and a half years...

Keywords: Fluidity, The Known Unknown, Imagination, Mysticism, Elusive, Confusion. 

Saturn In Pisces Retrograde Cycle

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What's been tested and exposed in your life over the last five years?

Take time to look at where this is happening in your chart. What House has Saturn been in for the last two years? What House was it in before that? Taking time to review the flaws that have been revealed over the last 2.5 and 5 year cycles can bring you much information. 

Where have you had to break things down because they just weren't WeRKing? Where have you had to take responsibility or set new boundaries? Where do you still need to do this WeRK? 

Saturn is also a planet that can cause stuckness and blocks. Have you been blocked in these areas the last 2-5 years? Saturn always shows us what the block is however it's often something that we don't want to change that's keeping us from moving forward. Saturn will show you and offer you opportunities to make those changes. If you do not accept Saturn's offerings when Saturn thinks you should Saturn will make you very uncomfortable until you do. It's best to surrender to Saturn because it knows your true purpose; it knows what you are here to Master and it will do its best to get you on track, even if that feels like tripping, falling, or being squeezed to death. 

After you reflect on Saturn's past gifts consider what opportunities it may bring into the House it's about to move into. Saturn is a teacher, a spiritual guide, and a manager. It's bossy, grumpy, and serious af. Knowing that you're likely to do challenging WeRK in an area of life it can help you get prepared. And there is nothing wrong with preparing for the worse or expecting the best, they are equal. A better way to look at it is if you were going to climb a mountain it would be better if you had the chance to prepare. You'd bring everything you needed and hopefully, you won't need that bear spray but damn it you'll be glad you had it if you do. 

This prep WeRK is especially important if you're Capricorn or Aquarius Rising because YOU are ruled by Saturn's vibes & movements. It's also more impactful if you're having a Saturn Year (WTF does that mean?). But since Saturn is an Interpersonal Planet it often has a bigger impact on society and this impacts us all. 

What issues do you think Saturn in Pisces may bring forward for the society you live in? What changes would you like to see made while Saturn is here? You can do great revolutionary WeRK when you channel Saturn energy into it. Don't forget to consider this too. We need to fuck some shit up and Saturn in Pisces, while not the strongest pure Saturn energy does have a lot of gifts. 

We will come back to this placement often as Saturn sends beams to and/or receives energy beams from other planets while it's here. 

The transits I am most curious about are:


Mars Conjunct Saturn in Pisces in April 2024

Mars & Jupiter will Square Saturn AND Venus will oppose it around the same time in August 2024

Venus Conjunct Saturn in January 2025

Saturn Conjunct the North Node (opposed the South Node in April 2025

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  • Dianna on

    It’s gonna be an interesting period of time, this transit. I can already feel the conversations about sustainability coming together out in the Universe. I always invite people to learn about regenerative systems while they are at it. That’s next level Saturn WeRK, LOL. Here’s a link to that article I mentioned in the Weekly AstroWeathers post about the Ocean Treaty.

  • Hannah/ TEW on

    Thank you for this potent and powerful blog writing Diana. WOW! Lots to think about, so much to reflect on, but i feel like theres wayyyy more to PREPARE for as Saturn enters Pisces<3

    As I’m writing this, I just had a informative customer conversation about “going green” at my work(Bistro). A passionate advocate for compost, recycling, switching out plastic for substantial reusable options. To keep our city’s clean, our ocean animals safe && carbon footprint down!.. It was not a coincident, and I’m turning to Saturn for guidance!

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