Mercury in Pisces

Mercury Enters Pisces

When we experience this transit as a collective we can get lost more easily. This isn't a Mercury in Pisces "problem" this is a capitalism problem. This is a patriarchy problem. We need to change the narrative about the value of getting lost, both literally and figuratively. 

This transit connects us to our Imagination Magic and we are worthy of accessing that. There is intention behind taking it away from us. When we remember there's a shady reason why "they" did that we can see reclaiming it as a way to take our power back. What you find when you get lost is a powerful form of divination. Keep your non linear mind open during this transit and you'll surely discover some Magical Gifts & Tools in the divine underneath, the way out, the deep waters, and the outer edges of the Universe.. the places that only Pisces can take us to. 

These are good weathers for learning and practicing divination and Magic so double down on your studies to get the most of these weird energies.

Don't get frustrated when you struggle to be on time or to remember basic things. This not the energy for that "realistic" WeRK. Instead take the winding path. Dilly Dally. Fuck around and find out. You don't know what you don't know and once you know you can't unknow. 

If you find Alice while you're out just remember, it's a mad, mad world for a good, good reason... we need to get back to valuing that. 

In The Natal Chart

People born with Mercury in Pisces are wishful thinkers full of optimism, curiosity, and wild ideas. 

This sounds so lovely, but this can be an overwhelming and shameful burden in capitalism and patriarchy. Why? 

Because they are rarely curious about anything these ideologies consider "useful' or "proper". 

Folx with Mercury in Pisces ask about all the missing plot lines in the bible. They notice when emotions and the spirit is left out of the equations. They don't understand why we don't take care of each other or the earth. They want to find solutions that benefit the collective, especially mentally, emotionally, and spiritually but it can be hard for them to speak up in a culture that devalues Magic, Imagination, and Dreams. 

They often get told to get their heads out of the clouds but that's not as easy as it sounds for these watery thinkers. 

If you have this placement you may have been told that you struggle with "learning disabilities" or you may have been diagnosed as "neurodivergent" but this placement says that you probably just don't fit into the impossible box this system created to make everyone think the same way. 

There is likely nothing wrong with you, there is only a wrong system. You have a Magical mind that needs to explore the weird. It needs to wander around the edges of these "systems" to check for lost souls and flaws in the flow of the collective mindset. 

You may be a powerful psychic or intuitive person. Don't let anyone tell you that the information you're always downloading (especially when you're being forced to pay attention to some dumb, structured shit at school or work) is not valuable. It's likely the most precious data out there. It may be the codes to unlock to a new system that actually does connect and support all of us. 

Just make sure you do have a tether so you don't get lost for really reals. Sometimes you do need to remember that you're an organic being that needs to eat, drink, sleep, pee, and do all the boring ass things. 

Develop a strong grounding meditation practice you can use anytime you're really getting lost or confused. 

You may find life easier if you have companions with Mercury in Earth signs. They can help you get thru the basics and you can keep them from getting stuck in the linear like sticks in the mud. 

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