Mercury in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

Thoughts Become Things

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Our mindsets are very powerful. We've seen how information and ideologies can cause people to ignore common sense, science, and compassion. 

What you know matters. What you think matters. That doesn't mean it's more important than what other people know or think. That doesn't mean you can force someone else your way. We have to learn how we thread this needle going forward. How we tend the line that forms here might make or break how humanity evolves. This is a great transit for envisioning how you'd set up the rules in your perfect world.  

How would you fix the issues most pressing us today? Lean into this energy for outside-the-box answers to what's got you all twisted up in your head.

This transit scares the shit out of me because each year since 2018 we've seen a steady increase in terrorizing litigation against Trans folx, especially Trans youth. This transit wants us to pay attention because if they can destroy the rights of parents to parent their Trans children, they can LITERALLY destroy any parental rights. If they can mandate forced childbirth but we can't control what happens to our babies once they start to blossom into themselves then we're seriously fucked (and that's intentional). Learn how you can protect Trans Rights not only in your own state but on a national level click here

This transit makes me uncomfortable because the attack on Ukraine by Russia seems to be a propaganda battle that's using the media to send different messages out all over the world; and we wish it was only Russia doing this but that's not true. It's coming from every direction and even though I originally wrote/shared this on post in 2022 it's only getting worse. Do you think we really know what's happening? 

This Square aspect also makes me uncomfortable in regards to all the supply chain issues we've been having for various reasons since 2020. They've connected some of these delays to the false narrative also known as "the downturn economy, recessions, and inflation". Prices are going up because the corporations want to make more profits and because we believe these narratives, they can. The just tell us it's normal, natural, and helpful for there to be periods like these in the market. Except it's not. If you haven't started unlearning what you know about "the economy" or "the benefits of capitalism" today is a great day to start!  (Check out this podcast: Upstream Podcast)

This planetary interaction can cause a ruckus for the collective and for us personally. Watch out for how it could connect to communication breakdowns or great big insights. 

It can cause even more issues with transportation OR it could help us see our way out of the issues we're having. That all depends on how we choose to see the jolts and bolts of information that come thru. 

Expect shocks, surprises, and confusion - take things slowly; leave room for separation and processing if things go sideways for you or anyone around you.

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