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What Is Pisces All About?

Pisces is The End.

This Sign always seems to draw these really adorable keywords and archetypes. When someone talks about Pisces they always seem to say things like, "they are barefoot hippies who wander around chasing rainbows and unicorns" and, while that is often part of the Pisces narrative it's important to also KNOW that Pisces is also the entire ocean, the outermost parts of outer space, everything & nothing AND the sirens that would sing the ships crashing into the shore. Pisces is connected to the end of the cycle and the mystery of what happens after we die. When a Pisces is wandering around without shoes it's more than just being lost or confused. It's about connecting to the unconscious energy that makes humans so weird, unique, and creative. It's what dreams are born from. It's a big fucking deal. 

The reason we tend to lean toward the rainbows and unicorns is because of this culture's resistance to ShadowWeRK and more specifically DeathWeRK. When you live in a society that shames you for being a daydreamer or worse a deeply weird thinker or a powerful psychic of course you'd try to ignore that part of your being. We all have a Pisces House and often that's a place where we feel bad for not being more active or productive. Not because Pisces lacks in those energies but because we don't see Mutable Energy is active or productive. This directive from the culture is intentional. It's designed this idea that your Imagination Magic is not only worthless but dangerous on purpose because it needs you to fear the end, the unknown, and death. It needs you to spend a lot of your energy trying NOT to wander off. 

Next time you feel called to do so remember that. Remember that whiteness and patriarchy set up a system to keep you from your Imagination Magic because there is power there. Knowing your deep inner self would mean that you'd love your deep inner self fully and easily. And once you felt that connection to YOU then you'd feel that EVERYTHING. You'd know you were an irreplaceable part of a Magical system of molecules, atoms, cells, AND of planets, universes, and who the fuck could ever know how far out that goes. If you knew this, believed it, you'd stop being afraid of being ugly, poor, or dead. You'd live your life like it was intended. 

Like you are a fucking Magical, weird, valuable, little piece of stardust dancing on a ball of water, fire, air and earth that floats around in a vast, endless space

All About Pisces

Pisces Keywords: Fluidity, The Known Unknown, Imagination, Mysticism, Elusive, Confusion. 

Pisces Archetypes: The Fish, The Mystic, Psychic, Addiction Counselo

Element: Water Mode: Mutable

Pisces Season 2023

The AstroWeathers of Pisces Season 

Buckle up MoonBeams, the two fishes will be busy this season! Notice if/when you start to feel overwhelmed during this Sun Cycle. 

Pisces is THE END, which sounds stressful because we live in a culture that promotes endless growth and fountains of youth, but it's important to remember that this also means that a new beginning is coming. 

When you feel overwhelmed or lost practice changing your mind about what that even means. Consider leaning into the overwhelm. Consider letting your self get lost. Consider doing so an act of rebellion rather than a type of disassociation. The powers that be want you to be wOrking and whenever you're not wOrking it wants to you to be thinking about wOrking (or feeling bad about not wOrking). 

This Sun Season is an opportunity to break this cycle of wOrk, wOrk, WORK so we can be reborn into a brand new energy in Aries Season. Take some time to study this chart of the planetary movements of Pisces Season. Where will these planets be moving in your chart? 

Notice that Saturn is going to move into Pisces on March 7th. We will all feel the weight of this shift. Saturn has been in a Saturn ruled Sign for the last five years. It's brought forward a lot of opportunities to look at our foundations, boundaries, borders, and rules. It's also been asking us to fucking look at how broken our systems of government and cultural traditions are. Saturn doesn't fucking play around, especially not when it's moving thru Capricorn and Aquarius. 

Take some time to think back over the last five years. Look at where Capricorn and Aquarius are in your chart. What are these House themes for you? Take some time to consider where, why, and how Saturn may have been asking you to address your personal foundations, boundaries, borders, and rules in these parts of your life. What still needs a bit of restructuring in these areas? Where can you take responsibility for the WeRK you still need to do here? You have a few more weeks to lean into these places and see how much you can use this Saturn energy to build stronger foundations, boundaries, borders, and rules in your life.

Once Saturn moves into Pisces we may struggle to get our barrings at first. When Saturn enters Pisces it can feel a bit like dropping anchor in the middle of the ocean without a plan or desire to stay there BUT no way to move quickly or easily. This transit often triggers us to try to make our dreams a reality BUT we struggle to find the tools because Pisces is a water sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet without any boundaries or solid tools. 

As you adjust to the energy shift remind your self that your Imagination IS a Magical Gift and Tool that you can use, especially during transits like this. We will be doing a lot of WeRK with Saturn in Pisces over the next 2.5 years. 

You may also notice that the following calendar is FULL of transits. Compared to the last few Sun Seasons Pisces will have a lot more transits to contend with. 

Again, this may cause some EXTRA feelings of overwhelm and disorientation during Pisces Season; which isn't uncommon during this Season but with so many transits it may seem like way to fucking much. 

However, this is an opportunity if you say it is. This is a chance for us all to lean into being untethered. This is an initiation into reconnecting with our Mutable energies.

WTF does Mutable* even mean?  Mutable energy is flowing, imaginative, and flexible; it's where our Imagination Magic resides. Our current society prefers we stay in Cardinal and Fixed energies...why? Because Cardinal energy is initiating, active, and growth-focused AND  Fixed energy is steady, consistent, and asset focused. These are good vibes for capitalism whereas Mutable Energy is dangerous for it because it tells us that being disconnected from reality and constant wOrk is as important as wOrk is; it says taking a REAL, TRUE, ABSOLUTELY RESTFUL break is part of the cycle rather than something to avoid. 

During Pisces Season we're gonna get a few important lessons on how to disrupt the systems of wOrk, wOrk, WORK that are not only killing us as individuals but also our collective AND our planet/home. 

Are you ready to fuck some shit up with your Imagination Magic??? I am her for that, let's fucking do this shit babes! 

*Mutable, Cardinal and Fixed are known as the Modes in Astrology. They divide up the energy of the Signs. Wanna learn more about the Modes? Check out this blog post!

Here is a calendar with all the Pisces Season Transits:


Please check out the powerful Magic I created for you in Pisces Season. 

These FIVE Moon Rituals are all connected and can be done throughout Pisces Season

Damn Fine Witchcraft In Pisces Season

Imagination Magic PracticeTHE DIVINE COLLAGE RITUAL

As I reopen the Damn Fine WitchCraft I am digging thru old rituals I designed, both for the old ComMOONity NetWeRK but also while I was in Mystery School. 

Divine Collage was also a ritual I created in honor of my Process Based Art Practice. Art is truly Magical - ESPECIALLY if you say things like, "I am not creative". Fuck that. You are. We all are. This ritual is designed to help you reconnect to that Divine Magical Right that was likely (and intentionally) stolen from you! 


Enter The Pisces Season HUB

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