Mercury in Aquarius

As A Current Transit

Weird Thoughts | Radical Ideas

When Mercury moves thru Aquarius we can't help but be curious about our systems for the collective. 

We want to examine the systems we're using to meet everyone's needs and make sure it's not forgetting or crushing anyone. 

This placement needs to know that all the research is being done CONSTANTLY. This is where it differs from Mercury in Capricorn, that energy wants to set it and forget it. Mercury in Aquarius follows that more structured, set in stone Mercury in Capricorn because it's dangerous when we get stuck in an ideology. 

Not that Mercury in Aquarius can't get stuck, it definitely can, and in some weird ass places BUT/AND it's always flipping things over and looking at it thru its Magical multi-perspective lenses. Aquarius is a Fixed Sign so when we get stuck here it's usually on futuristic fantasies or trying to proof that alien life exists. It's definitely less about upholding systems of capitalism that can get a Mercury in Capricorn stuck AF. 

This is a good transit for evaluating your/our collective systems. Are your mutual aid and radical group care systems healthy? Has something gone sideways, in need of recalibration? 

Both capitalism and patriarchy harshly instruct us that there is no other option but theirs. They convince us that they've designed the best systems and we should fear ever deviating from them. Mercury in Aquarius can be one of their worst enemies because it sees behind all the curtains and it wants to fuck shit up. 

Writing the script for a revolution is one of Mercury in Aquarius' superpowers. It makes the best protest signs and slogans. It's ready to shout into a megaphone for the beliefs it holds. But don't be fooled, this energy is not always progressive. It can also be fighting on the wrong rightward path. It can be the evangelical, libertarian and the liberal left too. When it's doing its ShadowWeRK it can become fanatical and an overzealous zealot. 

To use this transit wisely, take the time to check in on your beliefs. Research the things you're sure you're convinced of. Get curious about what others think and try to collect as much information as you can, especially if that info is opposed or counter to what you thought was true. 

Mercury gathers information but it doesn't always have the skills to evaluate it (that's Venus' WeRK) and it doesn't always know what to make out of the data it collects (that's Saturn's WeRK). The trick is to find a new, not tainted by whiteness way to use this Mercury to challenge the things you're certain are facts. You may change your mind OR you may just find more solid ground to stand on. 

Either way bringing this type of Mercury in Aquarius processing into the zeitgeist is imperative for a better future. It's time the collective "we" unlearned the propaganda it's been saturated in, replacing it with some weird thoughts and radical ideas.

As A Natal Placement

Do you have Mercury in Aquarius in your birth chart? How might you experience this placement? 

When Mercury is in this Fixed Air Sign it can have a very, very busy, fast, and futuristic mind. It can be easier to focus on the future than the present or the past. 

When embodied this placement makes an extremely creative artist with a glaringly bright mind; sometimes that brightness blinds and annoys others. That's because the thoughts are too far into the future or too high for others to grasp. 

When Mercury is in the Sign of the future-focused change maker it can make others afraid and resistant. These folx often feel rejected and they struggle to be taken seriously. At first, they are called freaks and weirdos but then one day, when the rest of the world catches up with them they are often held up as "geniuses" and "revolutionary" thinkers, artists, and creators.

Some famous Mercury in Aquarius folx are Martin Luther King Jr, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Marley, Steve Jobs, Jim Carrey & Andrew Kaufman (they even have the same bday Jan. 17th!), Erykah Badu, Bad Bunny, Jack Kerouac, Trevor Noah, and Betty White.

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