Mercury Conjunct Pluto | In Capricorn

Mercury Conjunct Pluto | in Capricorn

We've been experiencing this transit fairly regularly since 12/08/09.  The last Conjunction was on 2/10/23. The next Conjunction between Mercury and Pluto will be on 2/5/2024 at 0º of Aquarius.


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Profound thoughts and ideas may arise from the intense pressure we're under. Ingenuity is often at its best we're pushed to the edge (unfortunately most times). We have so much information about where we are with issues like the climate crisis, the pandemic, and so on but we rarely listen to any of the warnings or plan for catastrophe until we are sitting in the toxic muck. Unfortunately, this transit is likely to show us more ways that we're facing catastrophic change if we don't CHANGE. Free will gives us the power to ignore important information but only for so long. It's time to look at the places where you can make next-level changes to your mindset in the more intense areas of life.

Once You Know It...

Notice if any challenges show up around this transit. It's hard to look at our SELF and change our deeply ingrained mindsets BUT that's what this transit is all about. It's time to profoundly change our fucking minds.

It's okay if it's too hard to change anything right now. You don't have to push thru things that are just too hard to WeRK on now. It's enough to just acknowledge these topics at first. Just because this transit is active doesn't mean we have to rush or force a shift.

Mercury just wants you to see it. If you have to tuck it away for a little bit, that's okay. Once you know it you cannot unknow it. If you're feeling overwhelmed or if you find something really big in this process this transit also really wants you to reach out for support! We're here for you!

Uncomfortable Clarity

Words are weapons. So are ideologies and in some cases even emotions are used to manipulate and harm. We need to remember that our feelings are not facts and facts can't be rooted in feeling alone. 

When this transit is active, we may see another round of harm that's rooted in our current inability to separate the two. 

We may also see some new information released that reveals the harm our "feelings as facts" or our "facts are more important than feelings" mindsets have caused. We may experience some version of these narratives where (mis)information is causing harm to someone or to the collective. 

We may also want to watch how we talk and what we say. If you're not ready to fight over it, really fight, then you may want to avoid the confrontation. Again, other people may not be able to resist the compulsion to say SOME SHIT. All you can do is know it might get brutally honest or mean during this transit and you can prepare by giving grace or avoiding spaces where you know tensions have been brewing leading up to this transit. It's very "If you can't say something nice then STFU" energy. 

Most folx have no idea this shit is happening so if you can give grace and forgiveness for the mad-mouth moments others may experience or expres you may be able to get some really good changes to come out of a fight or two. 

If you don't think that's possible in the tense situations around you you may want to take a personal day and do something to assist your own mindset shifts or profound transformations. 

Say what you mean to say, mean what you say, OR STFU.

After this transit is complete, It's time to notice how you've changed your mind (either willingly or forcefully). It's time to notice what mindset blocks you had that are now changed. 

Are you ready to do the WeRK that was blocked by your limiting beliefs or the narratives of capitalism? 

Who has left your life or changed your life because of a transformational communication you had with them?

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