Divine Collage Ritual

The Divine Collage Ritual is a creative spell created using collage materials and process-based art skills. 

There is NO wrong way to do this ritual; these are just suggestions for casting this spell during powerful, Magical times OR daily if it suits you. 

Divine Collage Materials & Tools 

v Backing paper, poster, journal or cardstock (something to “put” your collage on) I’d stay smaller than 8.5x11” paper or smaller to start. 

v Old Magazines, photos, newspapers, wrapping paper or images you can cut out and glue down 

v Scissors 

v Glue Sticks 

v Finishing glue like Mod Podge or White Glue 

v Embellishments like glitter, paint, collage papers, etc. 

v A timer to keep track of the time window 


STEP ONE: Sit quietly and clear a mental space for this process. If Grounding is part of your Magical Practice, I welcome you to do that before you start. You can light a candle or prepare the space as you see fit. 

STEP TWO: Gather your supplies and create a werk space where you can finish this process from beginning to end in a quick time frame. Try to remove distractions or interruptions if you can. I suggest keeping a “picture morgue” of images and text that calls to you. This is basically a filing cabinet or folder of images you already know you like. You can either flip thru the file OR start fresh in a set of new magazines each time (or a combination of both) Just remember you have a time limit so this isn’t as much about ART (composition, layout, final work) as it is about the process that occurs while your werking on it. 

STEP THREE: Decide your Question to hold before you start the ritual. What do you want to know? What do you want to ask the Universe/ Your Guides? This is what you’re gonna hold in your mind as you create this piece of art. I recommend sitting with the question for at least a minute before you start but see what feels right for you. If it helps to see the question as you werk you can write it down. 

STEP FOUR: Set a timer for your collaging. I recommend 15-20 minutes but not more than 30 minutes. You can start with shorter periods and gradually increase the timers. OR just see where your sweet spot is. This is the most important part of Divine Collage because the pressure of the time keeps your monkey brain from returning to the human brain that judges and edits. You have to practice letting the images flow thru you, like you’re receiving them from the Universe or your guides NOT your own mind or aesthetic. Start the timer and begin the process. Remember this is NOT for an art show. You don’t have to share it or display it if you don’t want to. IF you feel a pressure or anxiety about this being “art” while you’re not “a creative person” I say BULLSHIT. All humans are creative beings and THIS process is your birthright. It’s not about being judged for the WeRK it’s about channeling information thru the collage so you can better understand your path, your blocks, and how your guides communicate with you. The more you do this the easier it will be for your guides to get messages to you. They cannot speak in linear, human languages. They speak thru symbols, images, patterns and colors. Open up your heart to the answers you seek. 

STEP FIVE: When the timer goes of STOP. Honor the process and pull back to see what you’ve created. Quiet your critics & let the image speak to you. Sometimes it won’t make sense at first but if you give a piece a day or two it’s very likely what you read from your collage will be epic later. It can be helpful to do this ritual regularly, especially if you’re in the middle of a big shift or change OR if you’re struggling to find answers. 

This is an excellent ritual for a Mercury Retrograde and can be done daily during those cycles.

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