Spring Has Sprung, Let's Get To WeRk!!!

The Sun moves from Pisces to Aries on March 20th, 2023. The Sun shift occurs at 14:25pst. This time of year is also known as The Spring Equinox or The First Quarter Sun Phase. During Aries Season we celebrate Ostara, a holiday in The Wheel Of The Year. Spring has sprung MoonBeams, finally!

What Is Aries All About?

Aries is The Beginning. 

We walked thru The Dark and just when we thought, 'Oh no, are we gonna die from this long winter?' the crocuses popped up so quickly we were sure we saw them appear there in real-time, pop!. Next, the daffodils will arrive and then we'll know for sure we are reborn. The radical fire of Aries is here to save us and to protect us until the Earth fully awakens in Taurus and Gemini Seasons.

We, Earthlings, have a relationship to The Sun which we know as the four seasons. This division was/is rooted in the quality of light around us at the time, as most Astrology is. During Aries Season we feel The First Quarter Sun Phase's light and we know that The Sun is returning to warm the reawakening Earth... just in time!  

The Spring Equinox is connected to the Earth tilting towards The Sun, stretching out the daylight hours, and allowing more of The Sun's energy to enter the plants, which in turn enter us. We are saved from the brink of death by the light. Fuck yeah!!!

All About Aries

Aries Keywords: Assertive, Idealistic, Egotism, Leader, Activist, Impulsive, Vulnerable, Reactionary, Sensitive.  

Aries Archetypes: The Ram, The Warrior, Entrepreneur, MMA Fighter, The Activist

Element: Fire Mode: Cardinal

SUN PHASE | The First Quarter Sun |


Aries Season starts the First Quarter Phase of The Sun. That's because it's when the light and the dark become equal once again. We're halfway between Winter and Summer. It's time to ACTIVATE all those resolutions and goals we set during the New Sun Phase in Capricorn Season. 

We survived the Winter, we survived the ShadowWeRK. We must now activate those intentions (or resolutions) during Spring. In Aries, we jump forward and fight off any doubts or fears. In Taurus, we gather the resources we need so that when Gemini arrives we can express all our ideas and make the connections we need with our friends and neighbors. Yay Spring! 

We can see how this energy is similar to that of the First Quarter Moon. It's under that Moonlight that we activate our New Moon intentions. The First Quarter Sun wants to activate all the plans you made in early Winter. 

Spring wants to light your pants on fire, fill your belly with delights, and ignite all your best ideas. Are you ready for all this jelly?

The Spring Equinox is connected to the Earth tilting towards The Sun, stretching out the daylight hours, and allowing more of The Sun's energy to enter the plants, which in turn enter us. We are saved from the brink of death by the light. 

The Wheel of the Year brings us to Ostara, a time to celebrate and ritualize Spring. We rejoice in the rebirth of all the things. The Ostara table is decorated with daffodils, tulips, and brightly colored eggs. Baskets are filled with fresh spring grass which fills our nostrils with that spring scent. Bake sweet cakes for your sweet ones and cover your altar with bunnies to invite in new descendants.

This is also an excellent time to cleanse your liver and consider where fire shows up in your body (or where it should but doesn't). Aries is connected to the head, brain, eyes, and the iron in the blood. Ruled by Mars Aries initiates things, sometimes without thinking it thru which results in accidents and injuries. Remember that rage is sacred and Aries SZN is a time for us to honor that rather than stuff it away like this culture forces us to do.

Aries Season 2023

The AstroWeathers of Aries Season 

Welp, this Season of Fire & Fragility kicks off with one of the most epic planetary shifts... Pluto moving into Aquarius and, as if that's not enough to wake us up from our long winter slumber, we also get Mars FINALLY free of its Retrograde Shadow, moving into Cancer. And, while this is not the bestest place for Mars to hang out it will feel nice to finally have our energy back! Just be careful that you don't rush out of the gate like a fucking tsunami and drown everyone in your pent-up energy. 

Mars in Cancer can be a pinchy, moody, reactionary little crab cake. Make sure you don't land in a pot of boiling water by taking time to plot out your actions in Aries Season. Mars is the ruler of Aries so it's the fucking boss of this entire Season and thankfully there aren't any planets in the early degrees of any Cardinal Sign so Mars will be pretty quiet transit-wise. 

We will just want to be super aware of what The Moon is doing when it's in any of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) because when it sees this super sensitive and moody Mars we may have some big, reactionary feels. And of course, that's where all our Moon Ritual WeRK will happen this Season so, the more you know about the potential for over reactions the better you'll fair this season. 

Here is a calendar with all the Aries Season Transits:

How are you going to activate your Magic now that you are reborn? 

Review your New Sun Resolutions (aka: Capricorn Season WeRK) to see if you still want the same things you did in late December/early January but don't forget to also review your Aquarius and Pisces Season WeRK too. All of Winter is a whole process of dying off that we really need to step into more. Your compost is ready to be laid in the garden so make sure it's free of any pests or infections you haven't tended to. 

Remember...some things, they just don't wOrk out, no matter how much we try or want them.

And that's okay, there's a plan for that. The First Quarter Moon is when we turn over that compost from the Dark & New Moon's to find the fuel we need to boost us forward. The First Quarter Sun is the same, but potentially even bigger (it's The Sun y'all!). Whatever intentions you set in the "new year" / New Sun of Capricorn Season is ready for a check-in. It's okay to change your mind about those intentions, don't force unwanted shit. But, if you're ready to fucking go then now is the time to press "start" on the actions you need to apply to get there. 

So let's get to fucking WeRK!!! Let's leap into the light KNOWING the potential Shadow of Spring tho, okay? 

Aries Shadows are often described as; selfishness, extreme narcissism, self-soothing, irrational, impulsive, combative, violent, physically aggressive, forceful, explosive, rage-filled, foolhardiness, vulnerability, easily attacked, egomaniac, headstrong, competitive, bossy, self-focused, sarcastic, dismissive, childish, warmonger, manipulative for selfish gains, restless, truth avoidant, impatient, demanding, bridge burner, risky, dangerous to others, insensitive, oppressive.

Notice what House your Aries is in. Those themes will be lit up in your life. What needs to be seen? What needs to be tended to or wrangled? 

Aries is a Cardinal Sign. This means that this time of year can throw us backward in our anticapitalist WeRK. We can find our new self reverting back to our old ways: over-productivity, hustle culture mindset, multitasking madness, and hyper-competitive mentalities can return. 

Just because this energy is activating does not mean that we're supposed to be OVERactive. The best way you can fucking destroy patriarchy is to notice when you're doing things you don't really want to do. 

Notice when you're taking on things because others are giving you a lot of compliments or acknowledgments but you're feeling resentful or exhausted by the process. Just because you CAN do it doesn't mean you SHOULD.

Aries' Shadow can be becoming Captain Save-a-Hoe. Babes, it's fine to help people but most people who "need" saving aren't really ready for real help. Focus your helpful energy on local social justice issues and continue to unfuck your own brain before you show up to fight any battles that aren't 1000% yours. 

WTF does Cardinal* even mean?  

Take some time to learn about what Cardinal energy is and you'll see how it's used by capitalism to drive us into this hyperproductive madness we live in now. 

How can you say 'FUCK YOU" to that madness in Aries Season? 

*Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable are known as the Modes in Astrology. They divide up the energy of the Signs. Wanna learn more about the Modes? Check out this blog post!


Please check out the powerful Magic I created for you in Aries Season. 

These FIVE Moon Rituals are all connected and can be done throughout Aries Season. 

These will be active after the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces is done...

Bring Aries Into The SweetAstro WeRKbook

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Dates & Details: 


  • TUESDAY, March 21, 2023, | 5pm - 6:30pm pst (8-9:30pm est)  | Open session for any questions related to the WeRKbooks, Weekly AstroWeathers, Astro101, AstroAspects or general Astrology questions. And you can submit any questions to me via email and I can answer them in the session. 

  • WEDNESDAY, March 29, 2023 | 2pm-3:30pm pst (5-6:30pm est)   | Open session for any questions related to the WeRKbooks, Weekly AstroWeathers, Astro101, AstroAspects or general Astrology questions. And you can submit any questions to me via email and I can answer them in the session. 



  • SUNDAY, April 16, 2023 | 12noon - 2pm pst (3-5pm est)  | We will review our Aries Season WeRk and the review WeRKsheets then prep for Taurus Season in the WeRKbook. Open for live questions and you can submit questions via email. 

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