Pluto in Aquarius | Foreshadowing

Pluto Keywords: Transformation, Power, Profound Change, Mutation, Regeneration, Mining, Micro/Macro Vision, Genetics, Ancestors, Chaos

Pluto Shadows: Vindictive, Power Hungry, Dangerous

♇→♒︎ | Pluto Enters Aquarius | 23 MAR 23 | 5:14pst |

digital art by dianna​​

When you get a sneak preview into the future you better fucking open your eyes, ears, heart, & mind. The shit that’s happening right now is not okay and my guess is that Pluto In Aquarius is gonna come for us because we just keep letting it happen. 

We’ve had so many chances to do better, be better, we know better, but these systems of oppression have been gripped so tight for so fucking long we can’t believe there’s any other way but this one. Pluto will mine deep, deep into the roots of these ideologies and systems and rip those roots out, flinging them into the farthest reaches of the Universe. 

It will demand transformation in every uncomfortable way as it grinds into this new space, borrowing down into core spaces before it pulls back out to examine the macro one last time. 

Pluto will give us one more chance to do this heavy ShadowWeRK; from June 2023 to January 2024 a window for the collective transmutation of our collective bullshit will be open. 

When Pluto enters Aquarius again on January 20, 2024 it will stay here until January 20, 2044. 

Pluto has the power to change coal to diamonds. Its energy is what calls caterpillars to liquefy & mutate into butterflies. It is generational, ancestral, cellular AND entirely Universal at the same time. Its path is a mortar inside the pestle, grinding & breaking everything down to its tiniest form but ultimately creating a concentrated layer energy- see: atomic bombs. 

Pluto is the God of Chaos, the Underworld, & power-over systems. 

If you think we have more time, we don’t. If you feel like you can’t do anything about it, that narrative is intentional. Don’t get crushed by the weight of that bold-faced lie - get pissed about the intentional doctrines of fear woven into our genes. 

Let the uprising begin inside of you, right now, today. Pluto has our back, one hundred percent.

For additional content on the first ingress of Pluto into Aquarius on March 23rd, 2023 check out this blog post and video about those AstroWeathers. 

Pluto Planner | Ingress Into Aquarius

  • ♇ SRx ♒︎ | Pluto Stations Retrograde Aquarius | 2023 MAY 01 | 10:08 pst | 0º 02'

  • ♇→ ♑︎ | Pluto RE-Enters Capricorn | 2023 JUN 11 | 2:45 pst

  • ♇ SD ♑︎ | Pluto Stations Direct in Capricorn | 2023 OCT 10 | 18:09 pst |  27º 54'

  • ♇→♒︎ | Pluto RE-Enters Aquarius | 2024 JAN 20 |

  • ♇SRx in ♒︎ | Pluto Stations Retrograde Aquarius | 2024 MAY 02 | 10:47 pst |  2º 06'

  • ♇→ ♑︎ | Pluto RE-Enters Capricorn | 2024 SEP 01 | 17:08 pst

  • ♇ SD ♑︎ | Pluto Stations Direct in Capricorn | 2024 OCT 11 | 17:31 pst |  29º 39'

  • ♇→♓︎ | Pluto Enters Pisces | 2044 JAN 20 |

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