Gather Your Blooms & Cover Them In Honey

The Sun moves from Aries to Taurus on April 20th, 2023. The Sun shift occurs at 1:13pst. The Sun will enter it's Gibbous Phase Let's walk together into the middle of Spring where we will celebrate Beltane

What Is Taurus All About?

Taurus is The Sweet Pause. After all the radical fire of Aries saves us from the slow death of Winter (specifically Pisces Season) Taurus comes to remind us that we cannot maintain that level of rage and activation for one minute longer... we need to rest! We need to take stock of all we've survived and saved after that long Winter and that sudden thrust back into life again. 

The Gibbous Sun Phase reiterates this message that REST and REFLECTION periods are not only as valuable as the ACTIVE and INITIATION periods but they are also required for our cycles to WeRK properly. We can use this Gibbous Sun Phase time to look back at the intentions we set wayyyyy back in Capricorn Season (the New Sun Phase) and adjust our goals, plans, and feelings accordingly to where we find our SELF today.  

All About Taurus

Taurus Keywords: Resources, Determined, Calm, Patient, Indulgent, Stubborn.

Taurus Archetypes: The Bull, The Bear, Farmer, Banker

Element: Earth Mode: Fixed

SUN PHASE | The Gibbous Sun |

MID SPRING | Beltane

Taurus Season starts the Gibbous Phase of The Sun. 

The Mid-Spring Day Dream occurs when The Sun moves into Taurus because this is when we reach the exact middle of Spring and we feel it's full ripeness. Watch as the plants get phat with leaves and blooms. Smell the sweetness in the air (and laugh that most of that sweetness comes from the death and decay of winter warming up in the soil... yay, compost!!!)

The Wheel of the Year brings us to Beltane

A ritualistic celebration to honor the midpoint between spring and summer. Traditionally celebrated in Celtic cultures on May 1st it is Astrologically the day that the Taurus Sun reaches the 15th degree of Taurus (between May 5th & 6th in 2023). It is time for preparing the fertile ground for planting those starts and seedlings we've been tending to during early Spring. We are officially halfway to the Summer Solstice. 

We celebrate Beltane with feasts, fires, and multi-colored maypoles, which symbolize the divine feminine draping around the divine masculine. It is a time for us to merge these parts of our internal self in order to give birth to new, future versions of our best self. 

The days are finally longer and that sweet smell in the air, caused by winter's decay warming up and activating the Soil Magic, is creating a "randy" energy that's looking for love.  It's getting warmer and it's clear that all the plants and animals are entering the fullness and flirtiness of late spring, readying for the Gemini Sun to arrive soon. By mid-Spring those busy bees be buzzing. 

Because Taurus rules the nostrils, ears, and throat this is a good time to tend to any allergies and to cleanse your ears, nose, and throat. Continue to clear the liver and adrenals throughout the entirety of Spring.

Taurus Season 2023

The AstroWeathers of Taurus Season | 

It's A Weird Eclipse Season Babes! 

We kick Taurus Season off moments after a hybrid eclipse in Aries, which is part of the closing of the Eclipse Portal that's been in Taurus/Scorpio since November 2021. Things are shifting in big ways, especially in this part of our Natal Charts AND in our collective too. 

Immediately we have the newly Taurus Sun setting a Square to Pluto, now in Aquarius. This is the first harsh aspect from The Sun to Pluto in Aquarius. The next day Mercury Stations Retrograde in Taurus, prompting us to think differently (upside down and backwards) about this part of our charts. 

Next we see this Taurus Sun join up with the North Node in Taurus (while it also opposes the South Node in Scorpio). This is an invitation to review all the changes that have occurred and all the new gifts that have appeared in this part of your chart. What's different in the areas of your life. (the Houses) that hold your Taurus and Scorpio energy? 

When Mars in Cancer sends that Square to Chiron in Aries we will have some uncomfortable emotional labor to do. This transit may bring up that WeRK we're doing with Rage while also forcing us to acknowledge the value of ALL of our Emotions as Magical Gifts and Tools. We have to remember that moving thru the hard shit is much like having a baby come into our life. We have to go thru this difficult and often painful journey to get there but once we're holding that baby in our lives we instantly know all that WeRK was worth it. The same can be applied to any difficult journey. What was the gift?  What special skills or awareness did that process unlock for us? 

Pluto will Station Retrograde in Aquarius, beginning its journey back toward Capricorn where it will reenter on June 12th, 2023. This is an opportunity for us to review how things may have shifted for us (and for the collective) since Pluto entered Aquarius on March 24th, 2023. 

The Sun joins up with that Retrograde Mercury in Taurus. We could all mark down those few days as WTF is going on days. A Cazimi between Mercury and The Sun can feel like a mega Mercury Retrograde on it's own but when Mercury is actually Retrograde when it happens we can really get thrown for a loop. Remember that you don't hate Mercury Rx you hate Capitalism. This is an opportunity to think differently about your Taurus WeRK and even if that derails more trains and causes more explosions in the factories, it IS still an opportunity. So, use it to slow down and really think about things in a new way. 

Venus in Gemini will Square Neptune in Pisces, inviting us to consider the value of our weirdly unique sentience. Why do we think? Why do we ponder the imponderable questions of the Universe? Why do we need to know and what is the value of NOT being able to know the answers to some of these big questions? This is a transit that can test our faith and challenge our beliefs. This is likely going to be intensified by the co-presence of Saturn in Pisces. It may time for us to reevaluate the power of spirituality and religion in our collective - the good, the bad and the ugly truth of it all... 

This Eclipse Season is bringing the weird energy for sure. This will be the very last Scorpio Eclipse after what has felt like literal years of doing Taurus/Scorpio Eclipse WeRK. These Signs are connected to Death & Rebirth so we've all been doing some tender WeRK here, both personally and collectively.

Take some time to learn more about the Taurus/Scorpio Eclipse Cycle & where it was hitting in your chart...

digital art by dianna​​

Venus will enter Cancer, asking us to dig even deeper into the value of our emotions while also asking us to do that family WeRK that can be so challenging AND so beautiful. What is family to you? 

The Sun will join up with Uranus, as it's done when The Sun is in Taurus every year since 2019. This transit tends to bring us shocking revelations and insights. We may find it uncomfortable but it will most likely be very valuable shaking and shifting. A helmet and goggles may be required to prepare for this energy. 

Mercury will Station Direct in Taurus Season too. BUT! This doesn't mean the Retrograde cycle is over, it means that Mercury is now in its last Shadow Phase portion of this cycle. It's time to look back at all of the Mercury Retrograde in Taurus cycle. Tend to the seeds this retrograde has planted and you're almost guaranteed to harvest big thoughts and ideas at the very end of this cycle (on June 1st). 

Jupiter will enter Taurus during this sweet season too. This is a big energy shift after surviving Jupiter in Aries. We will absolutely need to lean into resting like it's our fucking job during this next annual cycle of Jupiter. This is Jupiter in a Venus-ruled Sign so it can be super sweet but just don't forget that you if you eat a whole cake you're likely to ruin the joyfulness of cake. 

We should also note that anything that's moving between a Cardinal and Fixed is going to be engaging in a harsh aspect with Pluto for the next few years. Jupiter Square to Pluto can create some extremely volatile energy that forces us to see an uncomfortable truth AND to profoundly change our ways in response to that. 

We then end Taurus Season with Mars entering Leo and making an Opposition aspect to Pluto, now Retrograde in Aquarius. It's, uh, a lot of energy to be directing at Pluto in a few short days. 

The combination of transits in the last week of this sweet season has teeth and that should be addressed carefully and cautiously. It's likely going to reveal how much we need strong collectives and support systems in our lives. Hopefully, you've been building those up around you over the last few years and if not, start today. I hate to be the weather person sometimes but I am also honored to be able to share this info in advance so hopefully, we can all have some time to prepare and ask each other for help. 

These aren't gentle weathers but remember that chaos must be invited into the cycle for there to be a cycle. And we NEED a big change so this might help with that. Hopefully, it's more Pluto butterflies than Pluto, God of War. But, if I am being honest, it brings this famous scene to mind and that's all I am gonna say about that. 

Here is a calendar with all the Taurus Season Transits:

What Taurus actions will you take? How do you Taurus and what resources can you dig up during this sweet but challenging time? 

Review your New Sun Resolutions (aka: Capricorn Season WeRK) to see if you still want the same things you did in late December/early January but don't forget to also review your Aquarius and Pisces Season WeRK too. All of Winter is a whole process of dying off that we really need to step into more. 

Aries breathes that fire back into us but it can also burn us out so tend to what's over tired and worn out as you lay out the compost Aries Season has helped to create. 

Remember the WHOLE CYCLE MATTERS. Don't skip the hard or dark parts. The Gibbous Sun Phase is moving you closer to the Full Sun Phase. That means it's time to review what you intended during Capricorn Season AND what you activated during Aries Season. Do you still want these things? Are you still willing to do the WeRK to get them? If so, use the quiet and restful time of Taurus and the curious time of Gemini to make sure you have all the resources and information you need to get there. In Cancer Season you're gonna let go of any blocks that stand in your way so remember that this is also a time of identifying what those blocks are (is it you?). Do your WeRK to truthfully SEE what you want AND what's in your way because, sometimes, that is the only way we can move thru the cycle. 

So let's get to fucking WeRK!!! Let's leap into the light KNOWING the potential Shadow of Spring tho, okay? 

Taurus Shadows are often described as; lazy, stubborn, gluttonous, greedy, hoarding, materialistic, possessive, decadent, self-indulgent, stuck in ruts, conventional, loyal to a fault, slow, resentful, grudge-holding, intense hidden rage, inflexible, risk avoidant, envious, jealous, unforgiving, nostalgic, rude, immovable, ostentatious, overly rational, fearful of judgment of others, lack mindset, money wounds, withholding, attachment disorder, hypersexuality.

Notice what House your Taurus is in. Those themes will be lit up in your life. What needs to be seen? What needs to be tended to or wrangled? 

Taurus is a Fixed Sign. This means that this time of year can get us stuck in old behaviors or patterns. We're so programmed to WORK hard all the fucking time. And Taurus can definitely wOrk so hard, but it also needs to rest. This is a time to learn the balance of both. 

Notice when you're too tired but you're saying yes anyway. Why? 

WTF does Fixed* even mean?  

Take some time to learn about what Fixed energy is and you'll see how it's used by capitalism to get us stuck in "careers" or relationships just for security and stability. 

How can you say 'FUCK YOU" to that madness in Taurus Season? 

*Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable are known as the Modes in Astrology. They divide up the energy of the Signs. Wanna learn more about the Modes? Check out this blog post!


Please check out the powerful Magic I created for you in Taurus Season. 

These FIVE Moon Rituals are all connected and can be done throughout Taurus Season. 

These will be active after the Second New Moon/Eclipse in Aries on 4/19/23

Watch the SweetAstro WeRkbook Session 

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