SweetAstro LIVE WeRK Sessions | Aries Season

SweetAstro LIVE WeRK Sessions | Aries Season

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Dates & Details: 

LIVE Q&A Sessions: 

  • WEDNESDAY, April 12, 2023 | 5:30-7pm (8:30-10pm)  | We will review any Questions about the SweetAstro WeRKbook AND the BONUS Mercury Rx WeRKshop. (Want Access to the prerecorded WeRKshop? Click here)
  • MONDAY, April 17, 2023 | 5-7pm pst (8-10pm est)  | We will review our Aries Season WeRk and the review WeRKsheets then prep for Taurus Season in the WeRKbook. Open for live questions and you can submit questions via email. 



Please use this form to submit your Live Q&A questions. 

You can use this form IF you're not attending the Live Session and I will do my best to add this question to the video. 

You can use this form to submit a question if you're planning to attend the Live Session and you just want to give me a heads up on the question. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Live Q&A's are not generally for answering specific questions about YOUR chart. However, I will do my best to assist you IF you submit your question in advance. PLEASE SEE THE FORM FOR MORE DETAILS ON THIS. 



In order to sign up for one or all of the sessions simply add each date to your CART by

  1. selecting the SCHEDULE YOUR TIME button.
  2. Then choose the date you can attend,
  3. then select the time that shows up on the right until that button turns purple,
  4. then you will see the BOOK YOUR TIME button light up purple,
  5. click that button and it will add that date/time to your cart.
  6. Once you're in your cart click the event link in your cart again and return the step one. 

Zoom links sent after you complete this registration. Recordings will be posted on the current Season Hub.