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Welcome to the Threshold Pathway

This is the Fourth Edition of the BETA test of my new SweetAstro WeRKbook and The ComMOONity NetWeRK.


The Last Threshold Pathway in this BETA TEST Cycle Is Here! The SweetAstroWeRKbook 4.0!!

I love this FINAL BETA test version of the WeRKbook y'all! It's been a year in the making and the intenSion is to launch officially in Capricorn Season. Thank you to everyone who has participated and shared feedback, suggestions, confusions, and struggles with me. YOU made this WeRKbook too! 



What you need to get started

Your copy of the SweetAstro WeRKbook


  • Your Birth Date, Time, & Location 

  • Cast Your Chart Online | Need Help? click here

  • Pens, Markers, Pencils in a variety of colors. Any & All Art Supplies that you love

  • Access to an Ephemeris &/or Astrology Calendar/Tracking App (either online or paper versions).  More info on these in the AstroResources Library

  • Your Imagination & all your Magical Gifts & Tools 

  • An Open Mind, Heart, & Spirit

  • A willingness to get messy & UNCOMFORTABLEaf! The SweetAstro WeRKbook is designed to change & be changed. It’s meant to look & feel like a Zine (a 90’s term short for handcrafted Magazine-like booklet made on the cheap & meant to be drawn in, written on, & USED!) 

  • Internet Access & Email | Most offerings are digital/virtual  (this is not required for paperbook orders only)





The SweetAstro WeRKbook is made for everyone to use. It’s available in a digital and printed format. At this time you can only access the digital format when you buy the printed version, that's part of the BETA testing process and it will soon change.


This WeRKbook is accessible to the advanced & fledgling user. It can be used with or without our additional resources in The AstroArtistry ComMOONity NetWeRK. It’s intended to be used where it’s easiest & most accessible to YOU.


We’re so glad you decided to go on this journey around The Sun with us! We’re so fucking excited to do this WeRK with you. We want to remind you of the most important thang to know about this process…



It’s all about the PROCESS!!

This means that you will never be perfect at it. You’re not going to be graded, judged, tested, or exposed during this WeRK. We’re doing this journey together BUT/AND this is an individual journey too.


You are PERFECT in every way when you do you.

All you really need to get the most Magical Juice out of this PROCESS is to show up as open as you can be right now. This WeRK is designed to make you uncomfortable, curious, and sometimes a bit tender. Our collective hope is to show you how to use YOUR Magical Gifts and Tools, along with several powerful Magical Gifts and Tools we will share with you.


These Magical Gifts and Tools are designed to help you find, understand, and be your greatest and fullest SELF.


This is a pathway we will walk with you but in order to get the Magical Juice you’ll need to participate, regularly and openly. It’s called WeRK for a reason.


How It WeRKs

The SweetAstro WeRKbooks are designed to help you do so many different thangs; learn Astrology, learn about your SELF, and to do better WeRK in the collective. 


Each WeRKbook has unique Astrology101 lessons and tools. It is also Quarterly Planner and Journal with prompts for Moon Magic, Moon Rituals, and Divination. There are a lot of little surprises and gifts woven throughout.  As we move thru this last BETA testing process this may change but for now this is the flow we're moving forward with. 


For any annual period you will need to purchase FOUR of these Quarterly Planner/ Journals because they cover Three Sun Seasons each. 


Each Quarterly Planner/ Journal covers a Weather Season, aka:| Winter | Spring | Summer | Autumn but they can be purchased and started anytime of the year. 


If you move in a traditional cycle in the Northern Hemisphere, staring in a Cardinal Sun Season (Capricorn - Winter, Aries - Spring, Cancer - Summer, Libra - Autumn) is recommended.


However, you can start this process at any time during the year. Perhaps you want to start around your birthday or before a big life change. The pages are designed to begin anytime. 




Why Do We Use Them?

We use them to track transits, catalog our reactions & experiences, review those reactions as they relate to the cycles to make patterns, and then use those patterns to make predictions for a better future. In order to fully benefit from these WeRKbooks we must commit to doing each part of the process [track, review, predict] equally.


Everyone loves the predictive tools in Astrology but when we don’t come back to REFLECT regularly we miss a lot of the juicy clues it weaves in and out of the cycle. Take some time to move thru this Annual WeRKbook & to prep for the future but remember that we will return to it regularly and often throughout the year ahead because REFLECTION is a powerful Magical Tool.


None of the  WeRKbooks are prefilled with any Astrological Information. These are blank WeRKbooks for you to fill out. That’s the WeRK babes, and that’s what the ComMOONity is for! To help you find and understand the AstroWeathers surrounding us all at any given time. You will find all the current (and past) Astro/Magic info you need in the additional online content available in the ComMOONity! And yes, all the content is recorded & shared so you can WeRK at your own pace. We encourage you to ask questions and to share your experiences too! And of course, you can always get additional info from the additional resources we'll share: Honeycomb Almanacs, Astrology books & websites, or anywhere you get your favorite Astro Info. 



The SweetAstro WeRKbook is designed for engagement! Engage with the online AstroArtistry ComMOONity and you’ll not only find real community you’ll also learn more about your SELF via this powerful collective. Engage with our Astrology content and all the offerings from the Guest Contributors too. You’ll find all the details you need to utilize all the Magic the SweetAstro WeRKbook has to offer


How much time does this WeRK need? We suggest you set aside chunks of regular time that fits your lifestyle and level of privilege. We estimate at least one hour per week is the minimum for this WeRK. During certain Astrological periods we estimate 2-3 hours per week as a minimum. This is because we will offer even more videos, bonus printables, live WeRKshops/Q&A sessions, and rad posts during certain important transits, planetary ingresses, retrogrades, and eclipse cycles. Everything is recorded and posted in easy to find blog posts so you can engage when it works for you. 


PLEASE NOTE: There is more to this process than the WeRKbooks. They are designed to be used in conjunction with an online WeRKspace, The AstroArtistry ComMOONity, which includes daily, weekly & seasonal posts that provide the AstroWeathers & deets for doing the WeRK. We also offer additional classes, WeRKshops, rituals, videos, LIVE Q&A’s & bonus content inside the AstroArtistry ComMOONity WeRKspace.

Once you've received your WeRKbook return here:

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