Welcome Summer, The Full Sun Phase.

The Sun moves from Gemini to Cancer on June 20th, 2024. The Sun shift occurs at 13:50pst. The Sun enters the Full Sun Phase bringing The Sun to its highest and brightest point of the year. This brings us the longest day of the year and The Light will dominate for most of Cancer Season and then slowly fade back, allowing The Dark to slowly return over the next six months.

Cancer Season AstroWeathers 2024

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I'll talk a bit about Cancer Season generally, offering tips for using the energy of the season to learn more about your SELF and how to practice elements of Sweet Disruption while you're doing that Cancer WeRK. We cover all the tips for using your SweetAstro WeRK book in this video too! 

NOTE: there's an error on page 44. The Full Moon in Capricorn is on June 21st at 18:07pst.

Cancer Season, coinciding with the Summer Solstice, is a time of gathering and preparation. It signifies the transition from spring to summer and offers an abundance of fresh, delicious food. It is a season when we can harvest spring berries and early fruits and preserve them for the future. Fresh spring greens become nourishing ingredients for meals that not only provide sustenance but also promote healing for our SELF and our loved ones.


Beyond the physical aspect, Cancer Season also encourages us to reconnect with our emotional ties. It is a time to strengthen the bonds that bring us closer to those we care about or to evaluate and potentially let go of relationships that no longer serve us. The warm weather in the Northern Hemisphere creates an atmosphere of joy and celebration, and we eagerly anticipate the bountiful offerings that the Earth provides during this season. We feel a sense of excitement as we prepare to harvest and preserve this abundance before The Dark returns.


The Full Sun Phase, similar to the Full Moon, brings forth energy of rejoicing and reflecting. As we reach the halfway point of the annual cycle, it is a perfect time to assess our feelings and emotions. We look back at the intentions we set during Capricorn Season, which marked the beginning of the Sun's journey, and reflect on the progress we have made since Aries Season, the First Quarter Sun Phase.


By acknowledging the efforts we have put into achieving our goals, we gain insight into what has worked and what has been challenging. This reflection allows us to readjust our goals, plans, and emotions based on our current state of being. Understanding which goals and intentions have been successful and which require reassessment helps us plan what we need to release and let go of as we move towards the end of Summer and into Autumn.


It's time to look back at the intentions we set wayyyyy back in Capricorn Season (the New Sun Phase) and all the WeRK we've done to achieve our goals since Aries Season (the First Quarter Sun Phase). Now's the time to reflect on the building up and increasing part of the cycle that happens between Winter and Summer so we can consider what we need to release and compost in the last part of the cycle between Winter and Summer. When you take time to notice what goals and intentions WeRKed out an which were a struggle you can readjust our goals, plans, and feelings accordingly to where we find our SELF today. Use that info to plan what you'll let go of at the end of Summer when Autumn appears.

ASTRO101 | All About Cancer

Cancer Keywords: Home, Nurturing, Nostalgic, Clannish, Protective, Fearful.

Cancer Archetypes: The Crab, The Mother, Basket Weaver, Soup Chef

Element: Water Mode: Cardinal

The AstroWeathers of Cancer Season

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Let's Go Even Deeper Into Cancer Season...

SUN PHASE | The Full Sun |



The Summer's So Bright, We Gotta Wear Shades


Because Cancer rules the body waters, stomach, and breasts we will likely be hyper-emotional and reactionary for the next few weeks. It's good to remember that Cancer is about reconnecting to all of our emotions as Magical Gifts and Tools. Take time to sit with your inner child and your most tender needs during this season. You'll likely find healing in a warm bath, a cup of tea, and whatever food you find most comforting. You are worthy of being cradled, held, or supported in whatever way you need - do it, even if you have to do it for your SELF. 



The beginning of Summer, marked by the start of Cancer Season, holds a special place in the Wheel of the Year cycle. It is a time when we celebrate the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, where the Light dominates. It grants us an opportunity to truly perceive our current circumstances and gain clarity. The specific traditions, rituals, and practices associated with this season may vary depending on our cultural and historical backgrounds.


During this Summer Solstice, I encourage you to explore various traditions, rituals, and practices to discover what resonates with you. While many of these customs have been passed down through our families and cultural heritage, the abundant light of the Full Sun offers a unique chance to examine the origins of these practices. It is essential to question why we engage in certain actions during this time of year. Are there national or local holidays that are observed, and do these celebrations still bring you joy? Can you identify instances where these traditions have been influenced or tainted by patriarchy? 


Even within Modern Witchcraft, we may find traces of this collective toxicity. Are there pressures to conform or purchase items that you neither desire nor require during these periods? Do you partake in these practices out of genuine desire, or do you feel obligated or simply follow habit? Is this the year to uncover the truth surrounding these matters? Could it be an opportunity to unravel those threads and establish new celebrations or rituals that are more aligned with your authentic self?


All of this abundant light can guide us in reconnecting with the traditions and practices that genuinely resonate with our SELF. It is an ideal time to recommit to any cultural or familial rituals that have always brought us joy. By discerning what traditions align with our values and exploring new possibilities, we can create a tapestry of celebrations and rituals that truly enrich our lives.

Notice what House Cancer holds in your chart.  Those themes will be lit up in your life. What needs to be seen? What needs to be tended to or wrangled? 

Cancer is a Cardinal Sign. This means that this time of year can make us feel too many feels. That might sound like a bad thing but that's not because it is bad, that's because capitalism & whiteness have programmed us to devalue emotions and quite our inner voices. This is intentional. Rather than feeling stressed by the steady flow of emotions during Cancer Season, lean into the waves of emotion because they are always important messages meant just for you. Your feels are for reals and every one of them is valid and valuable. 


Notice when you're feeling guilty or shamed by your reactions or your natural needs. Why are you feeling this way? What can you do to break this mindset? Being intentional with reclaiming your emotions can reveal new Magical Gifts and Tools AND it is a form of Sweet Disruption we all really, really need. 



WTF does Cardinal* even mean? 

Take some time to learn about what the Modes are in Astrology and you'll see why capitalism intentionally does everything in it's power to keep us from moving thru all the energetic cycles. 


How can you say 'FUCK YOU" to that madness in this Season?


*Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable are known as the Modes in Astrology. They divide up the energy of the Signs. Wanna learn more about the Modes? Check out this blog post!

Check out what's new & what I've been up to over the last few months... I want to share my new offerings & ideas with you this summer! Tell me what. you've been up to....? 

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