Hey MoonBeams! 

It's so healing to be back here creating content, I didn't know if I'd ever be able to feel good about my WeRK or ANYTHING ever again. But it turns out that thinking about the AstroWeathers and living a Magical life in the midst of a genoside and late stage capitalism IS an act of revolution. It's hard to remember this when there is so much horror and shock happening but we need to remember that we're trying to build a world where what we love to do matters. We're trying to build that world for Palestine and for everyone. The discomfort and horror we've felt was part of an awakening and it feels awful but would you really go back to before you knew? Would you go back to the world before 2020? 

if you're saying yes you're in the wrong place. 

Seriously, I am deep ready to be done with anyone who is still clinging to a "better time" or an "easier life". Unless you're here honestly trying to understand the why and how of letting that shit go I politely ask you to GTFO of my space. I am here for the nice whyte folx to gawk at. I don't want to hear about how brave you think I am. I don't want to know that you just can't be bothered with action because you have too much to lose or you're too confused. 

I am here for the hard, uncomfortable, disruptive WeRK. And that's how I am gonna talk about it and share about it. That's what I want in return. I want to be uncomfortable and UN/RElearn some shit with y'all. I want to do ShadowWeRK and DeathWeRK and so.... that's exactly what I am gonna do. 

if you feel like going down this portal with me, let's go. Just remember, when you're feeling it, I warned you. I am here to fuck up your life in the best possible way. I am here to cause the breakdown of old systems and the dissolution of poison ideologies. That's my calling and it's me being authentic. 

I will be so very honored to have you join me. We're gonna do some fucking amazing WeRK and I cannot wait to see what you bring to the ComMOONity space. I gonna share some updates and offerings. It's been awhile since I've done that so I hope it will inspire you to share where you're at these days. Let's see where we can get together and act. I love y'all so much (even if you decide to leave here).

Let's get into it... 

These are the updates so click on the ones that excite you the most to learn more.

Virtual Dark Moon Circles & Liberation Rituals

All are welcome to join this ShadowWeRKing container. HOWEVER, please know that this is a zionist free, antiracist, anticapitalist, anti-imperalist space. If you're not sure what that means, this may not be the space for you. Please reach out if you have questions. Filling out the RSVP form will also help you be sure you're in the right place. 

Dark Moon Energy  is for banishment, alchemy, & radical rest. It is a time for decomposition, composting, and deconstruction. It is a much-forgotten, often ignored lunar phase but one that is much-needed when we're surrounded by so much suffering, violence & death. We are in a period of great chaos and we've forgotten that chaos is a natural part of our cycles, it is needed to ensure that no system or being stays in power or control for too long. The Darkness is actually equal to the light, not its nemesis or evil rival. Darkness creates the container & activation for the breakdown of the matter that becomes the fuel for what's next. Everything must die, even empires. And, when they do, something must come along and compost the broken bits & pieces so they can be made new again. This is what the Dark Moon Energy is for.

These containers will be uncomfortable  AND they will bring forward lots of opportunities for all of us to UN/RElearn together. This may require you to face harsh truths or it may expose you to hard things. It may also help you find the strength and courage you're seeking; the power you need to do the things you really, truly want to do. We are dissolving the "I am only one person so what can I even do" narrative.

The Dark Moon reconnects us with the Shadow, the Shade, and the power of the Void. This is where the Magic we need for change is hidden and in this Magical circle we can go into this space together to reclaim that Magic. We can remember that our access to that Magic is our birthright and that hiding it from us was an intentional act of the machine of imperialism.

These containers are free and open. If you're ready to step into the Dark Moon circle you can register to receive the Zoom link...HOWEVER, you do need to complete a form before the Zoom link will be emailed to you. These circles are not recorded and what is shared in the circle is not intended to be shared... however, I will share the ritual instructions & details we create as a blog post so others can access and participate in the disruptive, destructive Magic along with us. Anyone can access and participate in the rituals on their own time or with others they chose to come together with.

If you want to learn more about what the fuck this all even means, please join us. 

New Astrology Offerings

New Offering: Authentic Astrology Session

The intention of this session is to help you identify the ways you are uniquely designed to disrupt AND connect with the world. Together we will explore your birth chart seeking out the ways you may have been harmed or silenced by the imperial/colonized culture we're all forced to live in. We can locate your Magical Gifts & Tools for repairing this harm and reclaiming these Magical Gifts & Tools for your SELF again. We all want to help make the world a better place but we don't always understand the best ways for us to do that. The answers will surprise you but you should also know these sessions may fuck up you life in the best way. Once you know what your superpowers are it's hard to deny them and when you start using them it can sometimes cause disruption in your life (again, in the best ways). 

This is a Pay What You Can / Free Session. Enter FREEPALESTINE24 to zero out the cost of this session. AND, if you don't want your drawing shipped to you enter MOONSHIP24 to remove the cost of shipping. You can always Pay What You can by clicking my Tips Page here or at the bottom of my website. I cannot wait to WeRK with you! 

The Return of the AstroWeathers

I will be releasing a Cancer Season Video and post on Wednesday so I'll hope you'll come back to check that out. 

I have really missed the way creating this weekly content helps keep me aligned with things. I've simplified things and I am not yet committing to do the video/blog/podcast every week but I will be issuing at least one form of weekly AstroWeathers content until I find my flow again. For now you can find me all over the place so let me know if there's one format you like more than the others. 

Even with all the tech builshit & how out of practice I am I'm happy to be back doing my WeRK... give me a few weeks and I'll be back in full swing.

The SweetAstro WeRKbooks

An update on the SweetAstro WeRKbooks... I have been continuing to publish them and test them myself (and with one super dedicated MoonBeam, Hannah! <3 Yew!!!) and I am so, so, so in love with the process and the Magic these tools bring. 

I believe I have found the rhythm of the books AND the chaos too!!! It's such a powerful experience to be able to WeRK with these and I cannot wait to share them with you! That will be possible in three different ways starting in Virgo Season...

One way is that you can simply buy the WeRKbook and follow along with the Weekly AstroWeathers posts. This is a great option for folx who are fairly comfortable with Astro and their own charts. This would be the goal for where I'd want the WeRKbooks to take folx after a few years of WeRKing with them. 

The Second Way will be to buy the WeRKbook and subscribe to the SweetAstro WeRKspace. This will likely happen in SubStack, but I haven't completely WeRKed that out yet. This will be a self guided tour thru the process using the WeRKbooks and the posts, blogs, videos and podcasts just for subscribers. 

The Third Way will be to join the Shade Circle which is my version of a Mystery School type process where we use the WeRKbooks, the SweetAstro WeRKspace and regular 1:1 and group meetings to develop a Magical Lifestyle that combines Astrology, Earth-based Magic, Process Based Art, DeathWeRK and ShadowWeRK. I'll talk more about this in another video. 

For more info on the WeRKbooks watch the video and reach out if you have questions. 

Ugh, I am so fucking excited about these thangs. 

The Shade Circle

In Conclusion... Free Palestine!

Thank you for reading this long ass blog post. I hope you engaged with some of the content and found it curious and interesting. I am excited to finally climb out of the shock and heartbreak of the last few months with the feeling of gratitude and readiness for building a different future for the collective. 

I hope you're feeling that too. I hope you're ready to be loud and proud and activated! I can't wait to WeRK with you very soon. 

Oh, and, I'll just say this again in case anyone was confused at any point... I am not here for the quiet, confused or passive folx. It's been over 250 day of slaughter and more than enough time for you to pick a side during a genocide. I've been here, I've been patient, I've been open and available for discussions and to understand where you may be coming from... If you're not 100% proPalestine, end the occupation, DISMANTLE ISRAEL LIKE WE DID THE NAZI PARTY, and abolish the police then we're not aligned and you can either stay here and absorb my disruptive expressions from the sidelines or you can GTFO. I won't cry for you Argentina. I won't miss ya either BUT if you ever want to return and do the WeRK with me I will always be here. 

I hope to see you on the other side & let's get to fucking WeRK.

xo. d

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