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This page is dedicated to sharing 'how to' videos, additional tools, and tips designed to help you navigate the SweetAstro WeRKbook. If you have ANY questions or need additional support, please reach out at the contact info below!



Prerecorded How To Videos:

The videos are posted in the same order as the sections in the WeRkbook. Any corresponding additional tools, WeRKsheets, downloadable PDFs, and special tips included in a video will be posted under the video header. If you need help finding any content please reach out.



Hey y'all, 

Turns out I was able to do the run down for this whole WeRKbook in less than one hour so I kept it in one video. 


Let me know if you have any questions or if you need support!


I can't wait to do this WeRK with you!  















Let's take a look at Pages 4-25 


  1. Where to find the links to online content
  2. Getting The Flow of The WeRKbook
  3. Setting your inTENSIONS
  4. Knowing your WHY
  5. What is your MAGIC?
  6. ShadowWeRK & Acknowledgements (see: WTF IS SHADOWWERK)
  7. How to Cast Your Chart, Resources & Apps
  8. Learning The Glyphs with The GlyphWOmanship Pages 
  9. What & Why are the AstroAlgebra Flash Cards

Let's take a look at Pages 26-31


  1. Using the SEARCH feature on the website
  2. The Houses (see: THE HOUSES)
  3. The Luminaries (see: THE SUN, THE MOON)
  4. The Planets (see: THE PLANETS)
  5. The Elements & Modes (see: HERE & HERE)
  6. The Signs (see: THE SIGNS)
  7. •Why Moon Magic?
  8. •What is YOUR Moon Magic?

These are both new offerings!




Let's take a look at Pages 32-37


  1. Mercury Retrogrades
  2. How to use these WeRKsheets
  3. Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius & Capricorn this Quarter *
  4. Prepping for Eclipses in Aries & Taurus (last one here!)*
  5. WTF are the Eclipses (see: ECLIPSES)
  6. How to use the Eclipse WeRKsheets, specific to the Aries/Libra Cycle in 2023 (see: Aries/Libra Eclipse Blog)
  7. *How to use these WeRKsheets and a reminder that these pages will have separate WeRKshops & Videos posted individually in the WeRKspace.

Let's take a look at Pages 38-49

  1. AstroAlgebra
  2. AstroGeometry
  3. How to use these WeRKsheets
  4. Tracking Transits
  5. Rulerships (see: PLANETARY RULERSHIPS)
  6. Annual Profections (see: WTF ARE TIMELORDS)


Here we'll breakdown each section of the journal pages. I reference the page numbers but remember the following pages repeat in cycles. The book you're holding is for a whole Quarter of the year. It covers journal pages for Three Sun Seasons. I only created generalized instructions here. You'll want to engage with the Quarterly, Seasonal, and Weekly content I create live as we move thru the year. If you can't find instructions on a page in the WeRKbook OR if you have additional questions, please reach out.


Let's take a look at The Journal Sections

  1. Quarterly WeRK
  2. The Sun Season Pages
  3. The AstroWeathers, The Week Ahead Pages
  4. The Moon Ritual Pages
  5. Review Pages
  6. Bonus Content


Watch the video attached to each AstroWeathers | The Week Ahead post for real time instructions for completing the weekly pages.



Opening Date: September 6th, 2023, Online WeRKshops Open/Begin


Libra Season: Sun Season Post Opens on September 15th, 2023

First Sun Season Begins: Libra Season, September 22nd @ 23:49pst

Scorpio Season: Sun Season Post Opens on October 16th, 2023

Second Sun Season Begins: Scorpio Season, October 23rd @ 9:20pst

Sagittarius Season: Sun Season Post Opens on November 15th, 2023

Third Sun Season Begins: Sagittarius Season, November 22nd @ 6:02pst

These are only suggested starting or WeRKing dates. You can also go at your own pace and begin in any Sun Season you'd like. The online content is recorded and updated regularly so making sure you have the time to engage with the IRL content is key to this WeRK.

You can also check out this video I recorded at the beginning of the last Astrological Year, December 21, 2022. It covers the big transits and Magic of 2023.


 | AstroWeathers | The Year Ahead | 2023 Video


A new AstroWeathers | The Year Ahead | 2024 Video will be posted in mid-Sagittarius Season, aka: the beginning of December 2023.





Remember the WeRKbook is designed to be filled in by you so you'll want to check in on your progress by looking at the following links AT LEAST once a week.


Please know that this site is still being built/developed (mostly by me) so there are still some glitches here and there.


IF you're having any issues (ANY ISSUES!!!) please reach out... that's what BETA tests are for, lol. (Share Feedback Here)


The Key Blogs To Check Regularly Are:

| The AstroWeathers | The Week Ahead

Weekly Posts with Current AstroWeathers


| AstroAspects Blog

Irregular Posts about Planetary Transits and Ingresses [aka: movements]


| MAGICmooning Moon Rituals

Monthly Posts with FIVE Moon Rituals


| Astro 101 Blog

For general Astrology terms, keywords, and info


| AstroLibrary

A fuck-ton of helpful resources & info about all the things



Other Important Resources:

Make sure you're a subscriber to my SweetAstro Newsletter

Get weekly newsletters with the most recent AstroWeathers | The Week Ahead posts, updates and specials.


Make the search bar at the top of this website your BFF

You can find all the other resource blogs and their definitions here.


If you have ANY QUESTIONS please reach out (contact info below...) and I will get back to you ASAP.  You can also comment on any blog post or video and I will respond there too.


I am so excited to WeRK with YOU!

xo, d.

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