AstroWeathers | The Year Ahead | 2023

Here is the link to the first video of the Threshold Pathway MoonBeams!

Let's talk about the AstroWeathers of The Year Ahead & how to use the WeRkbook and the Video to get started with our annual planning. 

I think I cover all the things in the video so if you have questions, comments, needs, etc. please post them in the comments below. 

Here is a link to download the video slides also...

I only reference a few pages of the first edition of the SweetAstro WeRKboo in this video but now you can purchase the most recent version of the WeRKbook Below. 


IF. you still need to order your book, please make sure you do that ASAP, the shipping takes some real TIME and I wouldn't want you to have to wait too long! 

I am also adding content to the other blogs on my website constantly so if you're looking for something to scroll thru, please let me know what you think!

Have a great year y'all! 


I love you so much! 

xo d

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