How To Cast Your Chart in Whole Signs


How to make sure your chart is in Whole Sign Houses...

If you’re here you’ve probably looked at your chart online or in an app. This is great BUT it’s important to know that this WeRKbook is formatted using the  Whole Sign House System. This means that most of the websites and apps that offer free birth charts are not showing you your chart in Whole Signs. Why does this matter? Well, Whole Signs, which is the most ancient House System we know of, can make your Houses different that what you may have seen before.

Don’t worry tho, it’s easy to change this in most apps and websites. Dianna offers detailed instructions on how to make these adjustments for each website and app below. If you go to the site and find the instructions on the website or app have chanced please let us know!  FREE | Save up to 100 charts. Offers paid subscription, save up to 1000 charts. Can easily be adjusted to Whole Sign Houses. Offers TONS of extras like, Additional Bodies (add Chiron, Asteroids, & The Nodes easily), create Synastry & Composite Charts. Good Mobile Website. 8/10

How to Format into Whole Signs... FREE | Does not save charts.  Offers paid subscription for other add ons & features. Always in Whole Sign Houses. Doesn’t offer any chart saving features but it’s a great place to look up charts quickly and easily.  ALSO HAS APP. 6/10

Chani's Site is Always in Whole Signs... PAID SUBSCRIPTION ONLY | Save hundreds of charts. Can easily be adjusted to Whole Sign Houses. Offers really cool extras like clicking thru transits minute by minute in real time. Really beautiful design & layouts. 9/10

How to Format into Whole Signs...



Here are the apps I use regularly and recommend often:

TimeNomad (iOS only) FREE | Comes with really intensely cool add ons BUT don’t do the upgrades until you’re at a Astro300 level. Can easily be adjusted to Whole Sign Houses. Save 50 charts on your mobile device. Real time transit & alerts of YOUR transits. So much info! 9/10

How to Format TimeNomad into Whole Signs...


TimePassages (iOS & Android) FREE | Comes with cute personalization & horoscopes.

Can easily be adjusted to Whole Sign Houses. Lots of cool features. I don’t use this one often but it’s a good app for Android users. Take the horoscopes in the app with a grain of salt. 6/10

How to Format TimePassages into Whole Signs...


Don’t Have A Birth Time?

That’s okay, lots of people are missing this info! There are ways to rectify a birth chart. It’s not an easy process but it is worth a try. Reach out to Dianna for support & don’t forget that sometimes your birth time is hidden in a baby book or the memory of one of your relatives or family friends. Be a detective for your own info AND if none of that is available to you don’t fret, there are other ways to try to seek your info. REACH OUT!