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Starting January 15th, 2023 I will be offering all of my 1:1 Astrology Sessions at three different exchange levels. 


You can pay either Full Price, Half Price, or What You Can.


I will also be opening up trade options for larger membership packages and Natal Chart Art options soon.

Select to pay the price that aligns for you. If you select Full or Half Price you can do that right here in your cart OR you can make a donation of any amount via this DONATION LINK anytime before your session. A donation or tip can also always be offered after any session (or anytime if you feel called). 


My hope is to be seen by those who need to see me. My intention is to share some of my privilege via access to this resource I've invested so much of my own time and money into. This isn't just a business for me, it's one of my Magical Gifts & Tools and I want to share it with as many folx as I can.


I trust the Universe knows what it's doing by calling me forward to do this now.  HOWEVER, please read my bio before you decide we're a good match. I will be talking about radical shit. I will bring up the genocide in Palestine. I will talk about defunding police, abolishing prisons, Landback, and the complete and total destruction of this imperialist machine called "the west". We will talk about how you might be radically designed to help in the collective. We will talk about where you can create Sweet Disruption in the world. 


It's imperative to know that I am not a nice, white lady selling high vibes in the Spiritual Industrial Complex. We will do ShadowWeRK together, always. WeRKing with me might fuck up your life (in the best possible ways). Please know that my WeRK isn't just for entertainment - even tho I do I have to say that to have a biz bank account as a witch (that's true! Ask me about it and I'll tell ya the whole story!)


 Here is My Bio... if you still wanna do this after you read the 400 pages about me (just kidding, kinda) then let's fucking do this. 



As we all move through these transformational times together I want to offer my Astrological and Magical Gifts to those who find me here. These are not easy or fruitful times for most of us and we're all struggling to find the best way to tend to our self while also trying to figure out how to be useful to the collective. One of the best ways I've found to KNOW my self better is Astrology. The schematic for YOU is available and it can show you all your Unique Magical Gifts & Tools, it can show you how you can authentically tend to your self and show up as your self.



The most powerful form of Sweet Disruption is to be your most authentic core self.


I want more people to be able to reclaim that Sweet Disruption Power.  I hope you'll find me. I hope you'll share this offering with others you feel would benefit from this powerful tool.



If you have any questions or if you want to talk about a larger trade, reach me. Info at the bottom of the page...


The Donation Page Is Here


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