AstroWeathers | The Week Ahead | DECEMBER 12th - 18th, 2022


Okay, here we fucking go MoonBeams! 

This is the first draft of the Weekly AstroWeathers posts in the new system. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know what you think!

Welcome to the last week of Sagittarius Season babes! It's been flavored so heavily by Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces that I am surprised that I was actually able to accomplish anything at all. 

What a whirlwind. I've heard so many people talk of dissociation, and an inability to concentrate like it's the worst thing ever! It's so interesting how traumatizing the blurry, expansive energy of these types of AstroWeathers can be. Of course, it's NOT just the AstroWeathers that make us feel so distressed. It's this fucked up culture that brings the pain to these potentials. 

This week is bringing forward an opportunity to reframe the way we engage with disassociation and dream states. It's time to restructure the way we think about the purpose of "laziness" 

No one is gonna come along and detangle you from the indoctrination of this culture. We are all soaked to the bone in the toxic cocktail of patriarchy, capitalism, and whiteness. You won't be able to avoid taking real action in the process of dismantling these systems. 

NOW is the time to prepare yourself for some uncomfortable WeRK Capricorn Season is gonna bring. All the while remembering that Capricorn brings the opportunity to do hard things with grace and integrity. You will have to take the first step. Let's make sure we're all setting aside time for this prep WeRK this week. Capricorn Season arrives on December 21st so we're almost there! 

Let's Get Ready For The Goat! See the event registration below to attend the LIVE Event: AstroWeathers | The Year Ahead | 2023)

Get fucking ready BUT/AND don't fucking forget that rest is not optional! Rest is ShadowWeRK babes. Reclaiming it as a Magical Gift & Tools is what 2023 is gonna be all about! 

Here's a list of this week's planetary and Moon transits this week. 

Don't forget to learn your Glyphs babes!

For more details, watch the Weekly Video Below. 

Here's A Blah, Blah, Blah Video

Big Ass Transit Of The Week!!!

Mercury In Capricorn Square Chiron Rx in Aries | 22.12.14 | 21:21pst | 12º

'Oh Man, That's Fucked Up Bro!'

Healing Thee Boy In You

Last year, as I was designing the Magical Graphic for this transit I didn't realized why I was called to create this image until I started writing about it. This is a transit about healing Toxic Masculinity.

Transit Info
digital art by dianna​​

MoonScopes | Where Is The Moon?!

WTF is a MoonScope?

This week The Moon will thru Leo, Virgo, & Libra. 

It will be in the Last Quarter Phase | a time of Surrender & Release. The Full Moon WeRK you did last week was powerful & the Last Quarter Moon is a time to take action on releasing the blocks that you KNOW need to GTFO after that Full Moon reflectin'. It’s okay if you check back & find that not everything is ready to be released. Trust your instincts. This Moon invites you to prepare the Compost that will be brewed into fuel during the Dark Moon & feed the Seeds of your Intentions in the New Moon.

Leo Moon, Sagittarius Sun Graphic
digital art by dianna​​
Virgo Moon, Sagittarius Sun
digital art by dianna​​

Moon In Leo | Sun In Sagittarius  | 22.12.11 @ 12:08pst - 22.12.14 @ 00:45pst

Moon In Virgo | Sun In Sagittarius  | 22.12.14 @ 00:45pst - 22.12.16 @ 11:49pst

Virgo Moon, Sagittarius Sun
digital art by dianna​​
moon scopes graphic, last quarter moon
digital art by dianna​​

Moon In Libra  | Sun In Sagittarius  | 22.12.16 @11:49pst - 22.12.18 @ 19:30pst

Last Quarter Moon  | In Virgo  | 22.12.16 | 00:56pst | 24º22"

moon rituals coming soon!

This Week's Events & Reminders

Let's get together on Zoom and talk about The AstroWeathers of the Year Ahead!

The Astrological New Year begins with Capricorn Season, aka: The Winter Solstice. 

We will take a first look at The Sweet Astro WeRKbook (maybe digitally unless they arrive on time)

I'll talk a little about the Big Phat transits coming up in this annual cycle. We will have time for a Q&A if anyone attends live. A video recording will be shared with Threshold members in the Sweet Astro WeRKspace.

Special Of The Week!

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GIFT CERTIFICATES can be tricky when you have so many different offerings. The best system I've come up with was this one:

  1. Figure out the amount of the item you home to gift. Ie; you want an Intuitive Astrology Reading for $195.
  2. Select an amount of the certificate. The choices are $10, $25, $100.
  3. Choose the quantity you need to reach the total you need. 
  4. It's good to consider covering any Shipping & Handling.
  5. If you wanted to get a $200 certificate to cover the $195 session you could do 8 x $25 or 2x$100.

Not sure what you need? Reach out!

I am so grateful for you, my BETA testers, my ComMOONity, the MoonBeams! It's been so great to feel so supported as I make this big transition. This is a pretty big undertaking and I know it won't be perfect or easy but damn it WE ARE WORTH THE WeRK! 

I welcome your feedback, edits, ideas, etc. 

Take care of you, take care of each other! 

I love you so fucking much! 

xo, d.

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