AstroWeathers | The Week Ahead | 2023 MAR 27 - APL 02

Well, Shit! We made it thru those first few seconds of these big Pluto shifts! I feel very confused but also very, very rage-filled. I am really, really ready for things to change but the one big thing I learned this last week was... I am not always really, really sure how to make a change. That's what I am using this BIG SHIFT energy to figure out. That's what I am using the Magic of Aries Season to make clear for my SELF. How about you?

astrology chart of the the week

Luckily this week is bringing forward some no-bullshit, talk-truthing, value-rearranging energy to help me/us really dig into figuring out our next steps AND doing what needs to be done to actually make the changes we must make.

Below are some thought prompts for the week ahead. I recommend reading and answering them a few times throughout the week... your answers may change, especially if you really commit to doing some "fucking shit up" WeRK this week!

  • What the fuck are you gonna do to unfuck/retrain your mind this week? 
  • Who are you gonna speak these big thoughts to this week? 
  • How are you gonna lean into your Emotional Magic this week? 
  • Spend some time this week reframing your "money" thoughts like this; exchange the word "money" for "self-worth" (For example, change "I could, if I had more money." to " I could if I had more self-worth" 
  • What's the weirdest financial thing you could do this week? 
  • What's the weirdest thing you can do to express how "beautiful" YOU are this week? 
  • Can you actively move whatever you are most passionate about in a direction that devours and shits out the systems of oppression ultimately composting them into fertile soil for a better future? 
  • If not, what can you do to move that fucking needle just one degree?

I'd love it if anyone wants to share their thoughts, answers, and ideas on these questions... I will definitely come back and add some of my insights to the blog post comments below!

Here's a list of this week's planetary and Moon transits this week. For more details, watch the Weekly Video Below.

ARIES SEASON | spring equinox, the first quarter sun check-in...

digital art by dianna​​

Aries Season arrived on Monday, March 20th at 14:24pst. How do you feel now that the Spring energy has finally returned???

Big Ass Transits Of The Week!!!

digital art by dianna​​

☿ ☌ ♃ ♈︎ | Mercury Conjunct Jupiter in Aries | 23 MAR 27 | 23:50pst | 18º14' 

digital art by dianna​​

♀☌ ♅ ♉︎ | Venus Conjunct Uranus in Taurus | 23 MAR 30 | 15:45pst | 16º45'

MoonScopes | Where Is The Moon?!

WTF is a MoonScope?

This week The Moon will light up Half of Gemini, Cancer, Leo and a smidge of Virgo.

The Moon will be in its First Quarter Phase in Cancer.

What Houses will The Moon light up in your chart? This is a simple way to FEEL the Astrology of the week rather than to try and intellectualize it. 

How? Well, The Moon is the Astrological Body we're most connected to; it's so close and it literally revolves around us. When The Moon touches another Planet or point in the chart it "draws down" that energy into our bodies. Even if you're not a Moon Lover like I am, you still FEEL THRU The Moon. 

This "drawing down" Magic happens with both the current collective transits AND transits to your natal chart. For example, as The Moon moves thru Cancer this week we will all feel those Cancerian Vibes a bit more. If that moved thru your 8th House you may become nostalgic about family heirlooms because the 8th House is connected to inheritances AND Cancer is all about being nostalgic, especially about family. 

This emotional reaction can happen to you even if you have zero planets or points in Cancer. The Moon is bringing you and everyone else the Cancer Vibes. 

As The Moon connects with Mars, now traveling thru space in the Sign of Cancer, we may all FEEL protective about our family OR we may find ourselves in a super prickly mood. Again, this is true if you have no planets in Cancer BUT let's say you also have Mars natally in Cancer in your chart... well, you may need to have some alone time so you don't literally pinch anyone's head off their shoulders with your super crabby claws. It would only be a natural reaction if you did because you're gonna 'double feel' that Mars in Cancer energy. The blessing of knowing this before it happens would be either getting away from those you love OR telling them in advance that you need their help during those 2.5 days of the Cancer Moon. You'll be a tender little MoonBeam who is still worthy of love, even if you are total crabby patty. 

All this to say, if you're struggling with tracking transits (either generally or in the SweetAstro WeRKbook) try ONLY tracking where The Moon is in your chart. All you need to do then is pay attention to where The Moon is moving each week. 

PRO TIP: You don't even need to worry about the other collective transits until you get a really strong sense of how The Moon brings your feelings forward as it moves thru your chart. Of course, this is especially true if you're having a Moon Year OR if you're Cancer Rising (like me!) but The Moon has a special connection to every being (and every other drop of water) on Earth. Lean into this friendship and it will shower you with endless love & a deep connection to your intuition!

Aries Sun |  GEMINI MOON | 2023 MAR 25 | 

Cannot STFU about it. Even if their mouth stops moving, even if their hands stop spinning & waving & gesturing all over the damn place, this combo never stops thinking, plotting, and researching. It's been harmed by this fucked up culture's belief that we all CAN think & act the same way. Some of us have fire in our brains. Some of us have sparklers in our fingertips. Some of us don't have a filter on our thoughts. BUT/AND we still deserve all the love. We absolutely can do amazing things, we just need to be allowed to do at least seven of them at once. Let us be everything we are, let us say all the things that should be said - even if it's likely gonna come out spicy and may cause divisive reactions. Someone has to say it. 


This lunation is extra spicy, boiling hot water because Mars, the ruler of Aries, is in Cancer RN. It's a good idea to give others lots of space & grace; they may be crabby toddlers who either cry or throw things (or both). Thats not because this combination is doomed to be pinchy, punchy babes it's because whiteness has taught us all to keep our rage in check when it actually NEEDS to be checked on and channeled out. Rage is a message from our inner self, our inner child. It's screaming that a boundary has been violated. This doesn't mean that rage is always justified or valid, just that it needs to be held up, examined, and considered NOT stuffed in a box & hidden. Unprocessed rage becomes fuel for the oppressor which in turn becomes violence.  The fact that all of us are taught the same lessons about who gets to hold rage and who needs to stuff it is intentional. Let that fucking piss you off. Let that fuel your desire to destroy these systems today. 

RITUAL PROMPTS: What is the value in fully FEELING your rage? If you allowed it to be valuable what truths would you be able to speak?  Check out the FQ Moon in Cancer Ritual 

Aries Sun | LEO MOON | 2023 MAR 30 

"OMG, I love you so much! I love you more than anyone has ever loved you. You are the most beautiful, smart, powerful, courageous, and creative being I've ever known. There is no one like you on Earth and I am so glad you're mine. You are mine. You are my everything. My BFF. I need you. I want you. Here is a gift I picked out just for you. Ugh, gawd, I love you the most!!!!", They gushed as they grab you in a huge, almost painful hug, "Now you say it back to me!!" They whisper in your ear. 

Aries Sun | VIRGO MOON | 2023 APR 02 

You know what you should do? You should... (lists 8000 things you should do to live a bigger, better, healthier, more productive & successful life). 

Why would this lunation bring forward this energy? Well, because they both share a protective, helpful vibe. Why the "shoulds" tho? Well, because this culture has turned the healing potential of this combo into a toxic cocktail of perfection and hyperproduction that can barely come up for air before it's trying to fix something else. The lesson of this combo? Don't fucking should on your SELF or anyone else. (then shout, "I always do my best!! Take that capitalism, you fuck!!")

MAGICmooning | Moon Phase & Ritual


2023 MAR 28 | 19:32pst | 8º09'

The First Quarter Moon is a time of action & activation. During a First Quarter Moon, we can pull the Magic of the New Moon towards us & initiate the first spark of growth our seeds need to spout. It is important to review your New Moon Ritual as you prepare this First Quarter Moon Ritual.

Here is the chart of The FIRST QUARTER MOON in Cancer. Use this info to draw the chart into your SweetAstro WeRKbooks. 


Let's take a little walk into the AstroAlgebra and the AstroGeography of this lunation. 

This chart is Libra Rising. It is ruled by Venus which is in Taurus, a Sign it loves and rules. We find Venus delighting in the bounty of the 8th House. This is a great space to reevaluate often because it's really been harmed by this puritanical culture. 

It's where we put our shame, regret & deviant natures (yes, we all have one!) BUT/AND it's also where we receive our inheritances. And another yes, that means literal cash money from the death of a loved one BUT it can also mean our ancestral and culture inheritances. We inherited this economy, these ecological conditions, and this toxic culture. We think it might not be our choice to uphold them, but this lunation is here to remind you that it is your choice. It's your choice and every day you're making it. 

This chart also asks us to consider the Mars ruled Sun and the Moon ruled Moon (snort!) that are involved in this First Quarter relationship. The Moon is stronger because Mars is there in Cancer, being ruled by the Moon. What a clusterfuck of things to think about, a? 

After thinking all the thinks about this chart the thing I got curious about is the relationship between the 7th & 10th Houses. These two Houses connect our obligations and our reputations. They also offer information about how our familial or cultural obligations can impact how we feel and how we act in public spaces. In this culture more than half of us are directed to feel, act, behave, want, and need in a predetermined way (either 'like' a good, cis-gendered, straight, healthy, successful white man or, more likely, in subservience to white male privilege). Because of this FACT most of us are in the process of controlling a culturally unacceptable feeling, want, behavior, or personality trait every single minute of every fucking day. 

Where is there any sweetness or value in living our lives this way? Maybe it's time to change the way we think about these familial/ cultural obligations and restrictions. Maybe it's time to fucking say something about how fucked up they are... maybe? 

For extra juice consider how this lunation chart lands in your natal chart... 

What House is Aries in your chart?

What House is Cancer in your chart?

What are these two Houses themes and can you connect those vibes to your FQ Moon WeRK? 

Check out the First Quarter Moon Ritual if you really want to get into it. 

The Moon Rituals for Aries Season ARE HERE!

This powerful Cardinal Season is ripe for fucking around and finding out. It's also a very rare opportunity to experience a Hybrid Lunar Eclipse with TWO New Moon's in Aries happening in this cycle. We're gonna get some hints into what the Eclipse Portal in Aries/Libra may bring us as it beings to activate later this year. 

Here's This Week's Video:

This Week's Events & Reminders


  • WEDNESDAY, March 29, 2023 | 2pm-3:30pm pst (5-6:30pm est)   | Open session for any questions related to the WeRKbooks, Weekly AstroWeathers, Astro101, AstroAspects or general Astrology questions. And you can submit any questions to me via email and I can answer them in the session. 

Submit a Question in Advance


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Use the DISCOUNT CODE : SPRUNG50 for 50% off an Intuitive Astrology OR a Natal Astrology Reading (while Spring spots last OR thru 3/31/23) AND 50% off the Aries Sun Sticker too.

I am so grateful for all the feedback and suggestions. If you'd like to share please click the Give Feedback button. 

I wanted to share this photo of me because I feel like it really, really represents where I am and how I feel right now. I've been at the beach for the last few days for what's become my quarterly tradition of deep WeRK sessions (both for AstroArtistry and for my SELF). 

Every evening I've been making art & watching The Golden Girls, which, if you've never seen it, is always a hilarious experience HOWEVER at some point I realized that Blanche is constantly trying to be "younger" than what I think is around 50 years old. Then I realized that IF I am 47 AND Blanche is around 50 then I am almost officially a Golden Girl!! 

And you might think this would fill me with dread or despair or some shit but instead, it makes me so fucking happy. I even spent some time trying to find out where I could reclaim some of the fashion from the show - tho I am more of a Dorothy than a Blanche or a Rose! 

I love that I am entering this crone phase because it feels so much more aligned with my overabundance of Saturn energy. I feel like I am 447 years old most days so I welcome these lines & wrinkles! I see my skin softening into my grandmother's skin. I love my laugh lines AND my scowl lines too. 

I hope you use this amazing Venus Square to Uranus in Taurus to reconsider how you value the body you are in NOW!! And, I hope you all have an amazing week MoonBeams! I love you so much! 

xo, d. 

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  • Hannab on

    LOVE GOLDEN GIRLS!! Embrace that part of
    You if you can identify with it! I love it! You’re
    Beautiful and wonderful && deserve to appreciate every inch of your body and soul!

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