The Birds & The Bees Get Busy

The Sun moves from Taurus to Gemini on May 21st, 2023. The Sun shift occurs at 00:09pst. The Sun remains in a Gibbous Phase and Spring reaches its glorious height of buzzing and beeeeeing. Summer will arrive in a few short weeks. 

What Is Gemini All About?

Gemini is The Climax of Spring..

It's time to get busy as a bee who never forgets to stop and smell the roses or to chase a butterfly.

The Gibbous Sun Phase reiterates this message that REST and REFLECTION periods are not only as valuable as the ACTIVE and INITIATION periods but they are also required for our cycles to WeRK properly. We can use this Gibbous Sun Phase time to look back at the intentions we set wayyyyy back in Capricorn Season (the New Sun Phase) and adjust our goals, plans, and feelings accordingly to where we find our SELF today.  

All About Gemini

Gemini Keywords: Duplicity, Talkative, Fickle, Quick, Sociable, Joker, Witty.

Gemini Archetypes: The Twins, The Trickster, IT Specialist, Magician.

Element: Air Mode: Mutable

SUN PHASE | The Gibbous Sun |


Gemini Season continues Gibbous Phase of The Sun. 

The Late Spring Buzzzzzz

We made it to the last hurrah of Spring! Woot! The baby birds are bounding out of the next, the bees are buzzing, the butterflies are emerging to remind us that everything is always changing. 

This is still technically the Gibbous Sun Phase and the light is growing brighter and brighter and brighter as we approach the Full Sun Phase of Summer. 

Take time to notice all the action and motion moving all around you because there are always messages whispered to us on the spring breezes. This is a season of communication and curiosity. Rather than letting the buzzing convince you to work harder or longer, spend some time chasing butterflies and watching the clouds roll by. There's Magic everywhere in this time of year. 

Because Gemini rules the hands, specifically the three outer fingers (middle, ring, pinky) and the underside of the forearms we will be busy gesturing for the next few weeks. It's good to remember that Gemini also connects our systems, especially the nervous system,  so take time to breathe deeply and relax during this season. You'll likely find healing in sitting down and chatting with friends and neighbors during this season. 

Watch the Gemini Season Video

I'll talk a bit about Gemini Season generally, offering tips for using the energy of the season to learn more about your SELF and how to practice elements of Sweet Distruption while you're doing that Gemini WeRK. We cover all the tips for using your SweetAstro WeRK book in this video too!

Gemini Season 2023

The AstroWeathers of Gemini Season

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Here is a calendar with all the Gemini Season Transits:

Notice what House your Gemini is in. Those themes will be lit up in your life. What needs to be seen? What needs to be tended to or wrangled? 

Gemini is a Mutable Sign. This means that this time of year can distract & overwhelm us. These sound like bad things but that's not because they are, that's because capitalism & whiteness have programmed us to value productivity and longevity over frolicking & frivolousness. Rather than feeling stressed by the pinging, popping energy of Gemini, lean into the disassociation and try to have some real fucking fun! 

Notice when you're feeling guilty or shamed by needing to disconnect or daydream rather than grind the stones. Why are you feeling this way? What can you do to break this mindset? 

WTF does Mutable* even mean?  

Take some time to learn about what Mutable energy is and you'll see why capitalism intentionally does everything in it's power to keep us from moving this way. 

How can you say 'FUCK YOU" to that madness in Gemini Season? 

*Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable are known as the Modes in Astrology. They divide up the energy of the Signs. Wanna learn more about the Modes? Check out this blog post!

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