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Water Mediation

Listen to the sounds of the waves while you call in the energy of Water. Welcome Water into your life as you do emotions, nurturing, intuition, cycles & family. Communicate with the allies of Water; craps, fish, frogs, snakes & whales. What do they want you to know? Call in the waves, rivers & mist as it refreshes you, body & soul. Water cleanses & dissolves, it absorbs & spreads into every available container. Water is life. Ask these parts of your chart to give you more information too: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. These houses in your chart are filled with Water and reveal how you feel, intuit, & dream. They may house your psychic abilities, inner child and/or how you express your feels. What do they want you to know today? Face the West and welcome Water into your entire body, feel it in your belly & blood. Cry or sing out to call the Water to you and say thank you for all it does to keep the world hydrated & alive. Welcome Water, Welcome West.


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