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Earth Meditation

Listen to the drumming sounds as you call in energy of Earth. Welcome Earth into your life as you do your structures, safety, clan, assets, rules, stability & wealth. Communicate with the allies of Earth: Bear, Elk, Goat, Bull & The Healing Plants & Trees. What do they want you to know? We bang on our mother to mimic the sounds of her heart, always beating for us. We make the rhythms to honor the solid forms of Earth. We create drums from many hollow shapes; gourds, bowls, buckets & cans. We form drums from the bones and skins of our animal allies. Call out tones, beats, and clicks to connect our senses to the world around us. We join together to increase the sounds until we feel them inside of us. The Earth is in our bones and skin. Our voices are carried from the throat to the ears, the vibrations make us dance. We are celebrating the bounty of our hard work, our harvests and our collective wealth. Ask these parts of your chart to give you more information too: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. These houses in your chart are filled with Earth and they reveal how you hold steady, maintain your structures, take responsibility & work. They may house your assets, self worth and/or reveal how you take care of your health. What do they want you to know today? Face the North and welcome Earth into your bones & skin, feel the beating drums vibrate inside you. Tone or stomp to call to the Earth and say thank you for all it does to shelter & sustain us. Welcome Earth, Welcome North. 

For increased meditative impact please seek out a drumming video that works best for you. Try not to appropriate drumming from cultures other than your own. You don't have to use drumming music that doesn't speak to your heart. I chose this video because it was modern, urban and the musicians are up cycling objects. This speaks to my heart and my aesthetic. They are also in Sweden and this speaks to some of my ancestors from various parts of Europe. Try different types of drumming and see how that changes your meditation experience.

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