Fire Study & Meditation

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Fire Mediation

Listen to these sounds while you call in the energy of Fire. Welcome Fire into your life as you do creativity, fun, passion, rage, sex & consumption. Communicate with the allies of Fire: Big cats, lizards, horses & rams. What do they want you to know? Call in the spark that initiates and inspires; the heat between us that turns into love and then recreation of our selves. Feed the fires of sacred rage and anger as a birthright to all. Ask these parts of your chart to give you more information too: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. These houses in your chart are filled with Fire and reveal how you fight, fuck & create. They may house your passions, heart's desires, and/or what you like to do for fun. What do they want you to know today? Face the South and welcome Fire into your heart, feel it in forehead and your feet as you start to dance & move. Clap & hiss to call the Fire to you and say thank you for all it does to keep the world renewed & exciting. Welcome Fire, Welcome South.

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