Air Study & Meditation

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Air Mediation

Listen to the sounds of the wind while you call in the energy of Air. Welcome Air into your life as you do ideas, innovation, beliefs, insights, movement & information. Communicate with the allies of Air: birds, butterflies, bees & bats. What do they want you to know? Call in the clouds that carry the water pours out over the land bringing nurturing moisture while also putting out fires that scorch. Ask these parts of your chart to give you more information too: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius. These houses in your chart are filled with Air and reveal how you communicate, relate & innovate. They may house your belief systems, your communication styles and/or how you learn. What do they want you to know today? Face the East and welcome Air into your lungs, feel it on your face. Whistle to call the Air to you and say thank you for all it does to keep the world alive and moving. Welcome Air, Welcome East.


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