Astrology & Sex Magic In The Natal Chart

Astrology is an excellent tool for disruption, revolution, and repair. It can show us our wounds and validate our lived experiences but the best offerings Astrology can bring are the uniquely personal Magical Gifts and Tools it reveals. This WeRK often requires us to move thru our shit and deep into our ShadowWeRK but it never leaves us without a map on this journey. 


In my practice, I am always looking for ways to expand out from what we already think we know about this ancient language and tool in order to cause disruption, both internally as individuals and externally as a collective.  My personal journey has brought me so much personal healing but it's also connected me to my Magical Gifts and Tools. Many of these Magical Gifts have been WeRKing with other practitioners in their practices. It's one of those connections that brought me to explore Astrology and Sexual Healing. 


That WeRK has become an exploration of the Astrological Houses that hold our connections to sex, deviance, and desire. If we walk this pathway, which is very challenging in an extremely toxic, puritanical culture that uses shame and binaries to control us, we often find sexual healing that frees us from pain and suffering we wouldn't have even known was connected to our Sexual Wounds if we didn't make these connections in our birth charts.  




We will explore three Houses in this WeRK. The Fifth, Eighth, and Twelfth Houses. 


The Fifth House is our Pleasure House, the place where we seek out romance, close friendships, fun, and taking risks. In a wounded expression, this House is where we often overdo the fun and disassociate from the ShadowWeRK we need to do in order to fully honor the value of pleasure, play, romance and risk. 


The Eighth House is our Pain House, the place where we are meant to take our pain and use Magic process it. It's where we know what we secretly want and where we seek out intimate partnerships in order to experience those wants. In a wounded expression, this House is where we stuff our secrets in a fit of guilt and shame instead of composting it. It's where we can get stuck in patterns of self-harm and hurting the ones we love rather than sharing our secrets with them in an act of intimacy. 


The Twelfth House is our Cellar Door House, the place where our dreams and nightmares coexist. It's our sub and subconscious self and the place where we can either connect to the collective consciousness OR isolate away from it. In a wounded expression, we can repress and isolate the parts of us that clash with this scary culture and we do this in an attempt to stay safe but instead, we end up jeopardizing not only our SELF but the collective wellness too. This House is very, very complex and that's why I call it the Cellar Door. 


As we learn our birth charts we can see how these Houses connect (and don't). We can see what Signs flavor and color these Houses for us. We can see what Planets and Placements we have here and this gives us a treasure chest full of information about both our deepest wounding and Magical Gifts and Tools 


It is important to explore these three Houses because we deserve access to our own sexuality and its medicine. We are worthy of this WeRK. It's not our fault that we're so controlled by how the collective perceives these natural and much-needed behaviors and expressions. This control exists but consciously and unconsciously and that is another reason why Astrology helps us untangle the wounds from the traumas from the Magical Gifts and Tools. 


These three Houses have also been weaponized by patriarchy, capitalism, and whiteness (which I also call the Three-Headed Hydra) so it's imperative that we explore new ways of embodying and expressing our true sexual SELF; doing so leads us closer to our true SELF while also opening up portals to healing and connection currently inaccessible to us. As an added value doing this personal WeRK can also destroy weapons of the Three-Headed Hydra and heal the collective. Bonus!


Please join me on this exploration of three important Houses in the chart.  This may be a challenging and even painful journey into the SELF and the edges of society. If you're finding the WeRK here is too extreme please reach out for support. Please know that my intention for this WeRK is healing and sometimes, in order to heal, we need to move through our wounds and tender spots. As you read this there is a Magical container surrounding you. It was created to hold you as you explore these important, valuable, and legitimate parts of you. I am so honored to find you here and I can't wait to see what we can disrupt, revolutionize, and repair together. 

The Pathway Through The Cellar Door

The Pleasure House 

The Fifth House 

The House of Joy, Play, Creative Projects, Romance, Games. 

Connected to the Sign of Leo

The Pain House 

The Eighth House

The House of Taboo, Magic, Secrets, Death, Guilt, Shame, and Shared Resources. 

Connected to the Sign of Scorpio

The Cellar Door House 

The Twelfth House

The House of Subconscious, Unconscious, Mysteries, Repressed Memories, Imprisonment. 

Connected to the Sign of PIsces. 

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