The 5th House | Pleasure, Play, Romance, Risk

The Fifth House |

The House of Pleasure, Creativity, Creation, Playfulness & Romance.

The Fifth House is where Venus, the planet of how we relate to everything, seek pleasure, integrate our needs, and engage in rituals, finds its joy. This is where we can find our own personal gateway to what we need. The Fifth House is also loosly associated with Leo and The Sun, inviting us to remember that all pleasure is not derived from others or external projects; sometimes the most powerful pleasure is self pleasure. 

Entering The House of Pleasure

Now that we have an understanding of what The Fifth House is all about, let's figure out how to follow that thread into our birth charts, allowing us to connect to the pleasure we uniquely need, rather than the pleasures that this culture sells us. Let's figure out how we need pleasure by looking at the Sign that flavors our Fifth House. 

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Fifth House Flavor

The Sign that's flavoring your Fifth House can give you a flood of information about how you uniquely need to access pleasure. A watery fifth can be overly emotional and intense where an earthy fifty can be more physical and sensory. In order to sink completely into this pleasure gate we need to understand a bit about the Signs in general. Once you look at your birth chart and you've discovered the Sign that flavors your Fifth House take some time to learn more about the themes, rhythms, and of that Sign.

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The Four Elements & The Three Modes

It's very important to understand the Elements and Modes when we slide deeper into this WeRK with the Pleasure Houses because these two components help us get very specific about the way we need our pleasure to look, feel, taste, sound, and move. There are twelve different combination options with the four elements and the three modes; these are also the twelve signs of the Zodiac. 

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The Archetypes Living in Your Pleasure House

The last question and definitely the more complicated component of demystifying your Pleasure House comes via the planets we each have residing in our Pleasure House. Some of us may not have any planets in our fifth houses and that is also an important thing to consider. Look at your chart and consider what, if any, planets you have living in your Fifth House. 

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AIR in the Pleasure House


Gemini | Libra | Aquarius

FIRE in the Pleasure House


Aries | Leo | Sagittarius

WATER in the Pleasure House


Cancer | Scorpio | Pisces

EARTH in the Pleasure House


Taurus | Virgo | Capricorn

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