Mercury Retrograde in Aries WeRKshop | 2024

Knowledge Is Power

Mercury weaves in and out its Retrograde cycle roughly three times each year. This is why pop astrology has glommed onto it as if its just some annoying period you can blame for all your problems. And while it probably is to blame for all the issues you're having with your technology, communication and travel, it's not happening to annoy you.  

The Retrograde Cycles are a huge opportunity for ShadowWeRK and it's intentional that this system wants you to think it's just an annoying inconvenience. 

If we used the Retrograde cycles of ALL the planets as they are intended we'd find so many tools for disruption, liberation, and healing. That's why they don't want you to know about these three powerful cycles. 

This cycle will be in the Sign of the Fighter, The Social Justice Warrior, The Protector; Aries. Before we start to learn about Mercury Retrogrades make sure you take the time to review what Aries is AND then take a look at where YOU have Aries in YOUR chart. This will deepen your experience and understanding of the Mercury Retrograde Cycle in Aries. 

Click here to review all The Houses. 

Advanced SweetAstro users can also take the time to consider what, if any, planets they have living in their Aries House. Don't worry we will cover all of this in the WeRKshop on this Mercury Cycle. 

Ready To Get Started??!

You'll find the Mercury Retrograde WeRKsheets in your SweetAstro WeRKbooks. They are on Pages 14-19. Don't have a WeRKbook? You can order one or you can order & print out the WeRKsheets separately below

And, to be super fucking clear, you don't need the WeRKbook or WeRKsheets to be able to follow along with this WeRKshop. I try to make everything accessible while also trying to survive in this capitalist hellscape. If you watch the video below and you decide you want to throw some resources at me you can do that here.  

In order to watch the video you may have to set up an account with Loom. If you do this you can post questions directly in the video and this is a fun way to get answers to your questions. 

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