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Venus Enters Capricorn | 2021.11.05 | 3:43pst |

Venus has entered Capricorn (my natal placement!) and demands we see the value in doing the hard shit. We're gonna raise our standards and seek to make time valuable. We may become overly nostalgic and fixate on traditions. Notice what becomes extra attractive to you over the next few days.. is it something finely made, antique, or traditionally beautiful? That's how Venus vibes in Capricorn. 

This shift may feel like a bit of a bummer at first. Venus has been in Sagittarius offering us a little bit of fun & frivolousness -as much as we can get considering the circumstances surrounding us that is. That vibe is likely to vanish with this ingress (movement into) of Venus into the goat's house. 

A good question for this transit is, "Are you willing to keep holding up this system of oppression and destruction so you can have money and success?" 

We will talk more about this as Venus prepares to Station Retrograde in Capricorn on November 18th but it's good to start evaluating the roots of our collective values around Capricorn things: career, success, reputation, integrity. What is your relationship to these Cap keywords in your life?

Venus in Capricorn needs everything to be valuable. If it's not valuable Venus is fine with tossing it out BUT on the same token Venus in Cap can find value in things others don't see as valuable. It never wants to throw away anything that "could" be useful later like an old piece of furniture or a lost screw - what if we need that later?!? 

It also can get really, really suck in bad relationships just because of the investments it's made there. Old friends, marriages, family traditions, and even careers that aren't healthy for us are hard for this Venus to release. It will also pull up old grudges and past hurts, forcing us to sift thru them for any value that may be in there. And sometimes we can be convinced that hanging on to grudges protects us from experiencing them again. Venus's Retrograde loves to look at this concept (which is likely rooted in how patriarchy and capitalism use fear of pain and sadness as a weapon against us - more to explore throughout the cycle!.

Notice what starts to come up for you after the 9th of November (when Venus enters the Shadow of this cycle) these are all the things that Venus in Capricorn is going to bring forward for us. And, with the Retrograde Cycle ahead, the opportunity to dig around in the cold steel vaults where we've hidden our "useless emotional connections" will appear three whole times. Yay.

We're going to learn about the value of emotional connections babes! This sounds kinda nice but you have to remember that this culture has trained us to bury what it considers Shadow emotions like sadness, grief, anger, jealousy, rage, self-love. There's no crying in baseball or in the board room because IF you expressed those emotions you'd have to tend to the edges that caused those reactions.  

Being too emotional is a weakness in this culture and Venus in Capricorn may try hard to hold on to that old belief at first. The Retrograde is going to do its best to force us to reevaluate that behavior. So, it probs won't be nice BUT we can prepare for it now and Venus in Capricorn LOVES to be prepared.

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