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Mercury Enters Scorpio | 2021.11.05 | 15:34pst |

What's been held in must be released. The truth can be brutal but it's the truth. Of course, the catch is that what's true for me may not be true for you, especially if it's an emotional truth. And, in Scorpio, it likely is. 

We have to be aware that what we say matters. So does what we think. We can act like we are aligned or that we are allies but if we are secretly thinking racist, sexist, classist thoughts what we say will be tainted by our inner truth. We can no longer pretend we "didn't know that was a bad thing" because this transit is going to point it all out for us and force us to see it. 

This is an amazing transit for unfucking your brain. Especially after that brutal Retrograde in Libra revealed what we've been trying to be "nice and fair and balanced" about when we know it's absolutely unjust and violent. We've seen the movements for equity and justice lose some momentum as white people have grown tired of the mountain of wOrk required to push real change thru. 

mercury in scorpio

This transit is likely going to reveal new layers of injustice and we can't just pretend we don't see it or it'll probably get louder and grosser. 

Things to watch will be he McMichael/ Bryan Murder Trial (these are the names of the murderers of Ahmaud Arbery and we should say their names!) and the trial of Riddenhouse in Kennosha. All white juries and judges that are clearly bias. These courts still think they can do whatever they want and no one will notice. Will you notice? Will you point it out? 

And there may be some additional truths come out around just how toxic fucking Suckerbergs entire empire is. We need to make social media safe or burn it down. It's hard when the system they created is so addictive it's hard to give up BUT after these truths come to light you may have to figure out how to socialize without these tools. The Meta Universe is a metaphor for something and it's probs not good. 

Be prepared because: All the things you've wanted to say may fly out of your mouth. All the things others have wanted to say to you may smack you in the face. All the secrets eventually rise to the surface. 

We all need to remember that holding things in is harmful to the animated meat sacks we are. We need a way to express our selves. And - NO - that doesn't mean telling everyone all the mean things you're keeping in. Sometimes it means making art, writing a song, or talking to someone else (preferably a professional if the shit gets real deep). 

After what we just went thru with Mercury in Libra this new Mercury may feel like sweet relief; much like the relief you feel after telling a secret you've hidden too long. Tend to what you've discovered about your mental health, belief systems, and communication skills over the last six weeks. It might be time to speak up about the injustices and imbalances you've learned about too. Notice what enrages you. Notice how you respond to being enraged. Notice the people in your life who try to squish your rage back into your belly because it's too hard for them to deal with it. 

Mercury is flying thru the chart at top speed again now so it will be in Sagittarius by November 25th. This isn't the marathon of intensity we just survived. This is a short, hot window where we just need to be careful about what we say. Words are weapons, sharper than knives... don't forget that MoonBeams. What you say matters but listening to what others say matters too. 

Review your Scorpio House themes for where you may need to tend those sharp edges before you turn them into sharp sticks and poke people around you. If others act out see if you can give them space or maybe even forgiveness. When we can be honest with each other we can reach true intimacy.  OR we could learn that it's time to leave that relationship too. Both options are correct as long as they are rooted in the truth. 

Love you sooooo much and I promise this intense week is gonna ease up now. Reach out if you need any support.

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