Scorpio SZN 2021

Welcome to the best time of year for ShadowWeRK and regeneration! For many of us, this is a time when we enter the gateway of nostalgia and a precursor to the rush of the HoliDAZE begins.


It's easy to become distracted by these things and miss the opportunities that Scorpio Season brings. Sometimes it's easier to be distracted than it is to face the ShadowWeRK that is so, so needed.


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 What are your big Scorpio Season plans?

 I am going to be focusing on a few opportunities that will be presenting themselves during this Fixed Water Season :

  • Finishing up the Mercury Retrograde Cycle in Libra (ends on 11/3)
  • Prepping for the upcoming Eclipse Cycle, as the Nodes move into Taurus and Scorpio in 2022
  • Better understanding the Fixed Signs in my chart as The Sun, Mercury & Mars all move thru Scorpio during Scorpio SZN. They will all Square Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius and then Oppose Uranus in Taurus. LOTS OF OPPORTUNITIES, yay.
  • Harnessing some powerful Moon Magic in this part of my chart. I've designed some incredible Moon Rituals specifically for Scorpio Season that I am super excited about.
  • Preparing a really rad list of Magical Gifts & Tools in the new Moon Market I created in the ComMOONity! I am ready to buy Magic from Magical people instead of that little twat Bezos.

I am also really excited to be leaving Suckerberg's social media platforms for the ComMOONity. If you hadn't heard I am closing my business facebook page on 10/30 and narrowing down my  business instagram posts and content throughout the rest of the year and perhaps leaving that platform too, at least as a content creator. I get a great deal of info in my life from the social justice activists I follow on IG so that's still valuable to me.


I hope you'll decide to follow me into The ComMOONity NetWeRK I've so tenderly & intentionally built. I've created some links to my favorite WeRkshops & Circles within the NetWeRK below. I am glad you're subscribed to this newsletter because I'll be sharing a great deal of content here too. I also plan to launch a new blog in Capricorn Season so keep an eye out for that.

It is a pivotal time and we've all been thru a lot as we watch our old systems being torn down. Change is hard. Scorpio Season will be asking us to WeRK even more deeply with change. (Don't groan, it will be awesome).

I continue to hope that The ComMOONity NetWeRK and my Magical WeRK can help us all adjust our perspectives on change as a gift and an opportunity rather than something to fear.  Personal ShadowWeRK helps with this adjustment too.

 I hope to do much ShadowWeRK with you over the next few weeks of Scorpio Season.

Many Blessings, Dianna


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