Mercury In Capricorn

Go Ahead And Try Me

Mercury In Capricorn  | Speak with Integrity or STFU.

Under these AstroWeathers, liars will be caught, stories will require evidence, and emotions may be cut off and challenged as useless. 

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Your voice may be stronger and more powerful AND with great power comes great responsibility. Remember that or expect to pay the full price for anything you say or hear that's not aligned with your core. 

Make plans and execute them but look out for how Mercury in Capricorn can lean towards the old, toxic systems of capitalism, patriarchy & white supremacy. It's hard for this placement to change its mind or shift out of old mindsets. That also means it's a powerful voice that can be used against these systems of oppression when we make our SELF aware of this hidden power. What truth will you speak to power during these weathers?  

When Mercury Stations Retrograde In Capricorn: WE LEARN ABOUT THE POWER OF OUR VOICES

Let's Track Mercury When It's Retrograde in Capricorn

First, When Mercury Enters Its Retrograde Shadow Phase 

Time to back up your systems, thin out your schedule, make buffers for blocks, and KNOW there will be traffic jams. The House where your Capricorn energy lives may see the most miscommunications and glitches popping up. 

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Remember the Mercury Retrograde is NOT here to piss you off. It is here to show you that you need to CHILL. It's pointing out the things you missed and the things you can still fix before it's too late. 

The Shadow period gives us clues to what may go sideways during this cycle. Pay attention to what's being extra hard or challenging. Those are things that Mercury probably wants you to WeRK on during this cycle.

This can be a hard cycle to go thru to make sure you ask for help when you need it. Sometimes there are things we're not meant to do alone. 

ASK me questions, ASK for help, ASK for permission to fucking rant on and on. That is why I made this space!!! I am a super-duper Capricorn person. I have been living with Pluto on many of my planets and making hard aspects to others since 2008. I know this space well and I am here for YOU. 

Okay, here we gooooo MoonBeams. Let's make some profound fucking changes to our mindsets and hopefully help the world do the same! 

Mercury Stations Retrograde in Capricorn

Nostalgic Nausea

Time to retrace the WeRK you've done since Mercury entered it's Shadow in the Sign of Capricorn. What has been stuck, glitched, blocked, or confused in this part of your life (Check your Capricorn House themes for your personal details). The hard things of the last few days/weeks are hints about what you need to WeRK on during the actual Retrograde portion of the cycle. 

Mercury Stations Direct in Capricorn

digital art by dianna

Prepared For The WeRK Ahead...

Review your journals, calendars, and notes about any glitches or struggles you had since Mercury entered the +Shadow of this cycle.

The Shadow is when Mercury reaches the degrees it will touch or has touched during the actual Retrograde. 

Example; if the Retrograde traveled between 10-24º of Capricorn those are the degrees to watch. Look at when Mercury traveled across the Retrograde degrees; it'll have touched these degrees in your chart THREE times by the time it leaves the -Shadow.  

It makes an S shape in your chart as it goes backward and then forwards again. Looking at this part of your chart and the placements you have there can give you a lot of information about what areas of your life Mercury is highlighting. 

This transit may have been helping you prepare for some big WeRK ahead. It's likely highlighted some cracks in your foundation or some structural issues in your big plans. It's helped you see what needs to be built up and/or torn down to make room for your growth. It's unlikely this process has been comfortable or easy but this transit has enormous value if you can devote your self to the path ahead. 

As Mercury travels over these points one last time in the - Shadow the purpose of these challenges may become clearer and clearer to you, but you may need to pay very close attention in order to get all the information.


We did it. 

Mercury is now completely, officially no longer Retrograde in Capricorn.

HOW are you?

How ARE you? 

How are YOU?

That was such an intense experience for me. I'd love to hear how it was for y'all as you sit down to review this Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn as a whole cycle. 

Now Mercury is gonna start moving at its usual pace for the next few weeks.

That was an intense cycle so some of the gifts may be revealed during the weeks again so it's always important to come back to the notes and WeRKsheets when you release what some of the trials and tribulations were for. I like to call the non-Retrograde phases time to "connect the dots".

If you have any funny or interesting Mercury Rx Stories, I'd love to hear them. 

I hope things get a bit more flowy and easy for you now MoonBeams! While the Retrograde is over you may still find communication is weird and disconnected. Try to lean into your weird thoughts and daydreaming calls. We won't be able to kill capitalism if we can't reclaim our Imagination Magic. Mercury in these two Signs is gonna ask us to consider our inner weirds and to communicate with others about all our truly weird (and wonderful) ideas. 

Enjoy the full force of Mercury vibes babes! 


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