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Happy Solstice Witches!
The Sun has been made New by changing of tilting of the Earth. Each day from now until the Summer Solstice the light will increase and the days will get brighter and brighter.

The New Sun is a time of gathering your thoughts and ideas and dreams for the New Cycle. It is not a time of action as much as it is a time of preparation. Much of our attention must be put towards "surviving the Winter", which is easy now compared to how it was for our ancestors.

But, according to the energetics of Winter (which is Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces Seasons combined), this is actually meant to be a time of bonding and collaboration. Both Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn and Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. Saturn and Jupiter are interpersonal planets meaning they focus on how we relate to each other and how we rely on each other.. 

The Astro Color Wheel, prismacolor pencil on paper, ​​by dianna

We gather together around a fire to share warmth and stories and hearty meals we collectively make from all we harvested in Autumn. We celebrate each other and our survival. We give each other gifts of appreciation for the ways we showed up to help during the last year. Tokens of love and affection we’ve made or traded for. 

We've been so disconnected from communal living and cooperation for so long we believe the lies that capitalism sells about how "impossibly challenging" it is to operate a collective society without hierarchy or power-over structures. But is it really that hard?

The common response is always that one person will take advantage of the group by taking too much or being too lazy. Um, that's what we have now except most of us don't see those people on a daily basis so why wouldn't they take from the group and never have to pay the taxes... I mean, price. 

digital art by dianna​​

Winter's intention is to bring us indoors, inside our caves and huts, where we must build trust with each other by showing support and sharing our hard-harvested stores. 

Life is much harder now but in a different way. Because of patriarchy and capitalism, we feel like it’s eternally Winter even when we’re surrounded by so much opulence that much of what we make is instantly thrown out, creating heaps of rotting garbage and islands covered in toxic waste. 

We operate under a "Winter means lack and endless struggle" ideology because that's the mindset patriarchy created when it built capitalism. When in reality our ancestors had abundant Winters. When they worked together to store food, create strong shelters, and collaborative operations everyone was able to do more than survive together. That's what Mutual Aid and "socialism" can look like. 

But capitalism was designed to convince us that competition was a better model. It wants us fighting over scraps while the elite are surrounded by the cream of the crop in their pantries. Why are they able to gather so much and leave so little? Because they know that starved and frightened people are capable of working really, really hard.

And they do. Over the last 400 years of slavery, stealing resources, and forcing women to subjugate & make many, many babies humanity has generated so much overproduction they've started to harm the Earth in irreversible ways. And yet there is still starvation and lack. Much of this is caused by the ways white supremacy has hoarded resources NOT because there isn't enough for everyone. 

Much wealth is generated by these ideologies. Wealth for a few. The question of this Winter Quarter will be, "Are you ready to CHANGE this ideology? Are you ready to eat the rich and redistribute? Are you ready to participate in the revolution?"

This New Sun Cycle is inviting us look at this HIStory in a new way. Is it real? Why does it wOrk this way? Why doesn't it WORK this way at all? How can YOU disrupt it with Magic and Imagination? 

This New Cycle invites you to think back to a time when we needed each other more than we needed gold or freedom. A time when we found comfort in a night of storytelling and friendship. It's not just some ideal, impossible life. It's our collective HERstory. ComMOONity is how every society was able to thrive in the harshest and most extreme environments. It's the root of our evolution story.

digital art by dianna​​

 It is this truth that is calling us back. 

  • Take what you need and no more. 
  • Share what you have with no strings attached.
  • Love your neighbor as your self. 
  • Ask for help when it's needed. 
  • Work hard but share the load. 

These are all New Sun affirmations. And very Capricorn too. 

How can you disrupt this cycle? How can you participate in acts of Mutual Aid and Collaborative Living? It's more than just sharing a meal with friends but it is also just sharing a simple, stress-free, shared meal with friends. Do one thing each day of The New Sun to disrupt the cycle. 

  • Clean out things you don't use and donate them to a reputable charity near you. 
  • Donate food, medical supplies, AND CASH to a local, reputable Mutual Aid organization near you.
  • Seek out and join some local Mutual Aid accounts on Social Media. 
  • Meet and tend to your neighbors. 
  • Tend to your self. 

Happy Winter my dearest Witches! 

I'd love to hear from you. How is your Winter going? Do you need any support? Are you seeking community and Mutual Aid for your self? Reach out here. It's why I built this space - so we could connect. 

I love you! 

xo, d

Here is a transit calendar for Capricorn Season!

digital art by dianna​​

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  • Lea on

    Where do we look to see which signs the moon will be in?

  • Hannah/ Tew on

    This is lovely. Bless the New Sun && the returning light✨
    I’m seeking community. So much craving and needing of this style of shared space, shared ideas, shared resources. I’ve tried to cultivate it myself, but just don’t know where “my people” are… I’m often left feeling drained, cup empty, heart totally over worked by giving to my friends and family members… I just want to sit by a fire/ a yummy meal/ a Marco Polo chat, and feel seen & cherished. Just as I cherish my loved ones.

    Hugs to all

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