Venus In Aquarius

Beautifully Weird, Weirdly Beautiful

When Venus, the Planet of beauty, values, relationships, and alchemy, enters the Sign of Aquarius we're called to relate with the big picture and to innovate our beauty standards. 

Aquarius is the Sign of the collective function, revolution, and freedom. It seeks to build social system and to make creative connections that innovate society. Aquarius can be cold, fanatical, and extremely weird. It's purpose is to show us all how important our uniqueness is, especially in a society that's been built on surpressing our one-of-a-kind sparks. This Fixed Air Sign is focused on the future so when a Planet moves thru this Sign it also becomes future focused.

The journey of Venus thru Aquarius gives us the opportunity to evaluate the rigid boxes this toxic culture has made for beauty or uniqueness. The cool, calculating energy of Aquarius gets Venus focused on experiments and alchemy; which make sense when it's in the Sign of the mad scientist. Venus in a Saturn-Ruled Sign seeks to create systems that are valuable for everyone. It strives to reconnect us to the larger cycles and to strengthen our relationships with the collective. 

How will you use this energy to break out of any toxic relationships you have with the current social systems or collective norms? 

This transit is a valueable opportunity to integrate more of your true SELF into your everyday life. Being your SELF is discouraged in patriarchy and capialism. This is a good transit to fight against the systems of oppression that are centered in the toxic beauty principles that punish us for being individuals. Your weirdness is one of your most Magical Gifts and Tools. Lean into that truth and use it to integrate your authentic self into the future you. 

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