Sun Square Chiron

Little You Is Worth All This Labor

The Sun|Capricorn Square Chiron|Aries 

This transit could bring harsh lessons about balancing what we want and need with what the collective wants and needs. It's anyone's guess who will be feeling the harshness... not really, it's probably gonna be the individuals already getting whooped by the collective getting whooped again. 

This transit is about how we use our wounding as a tool for healing whether that's our personal wounding or the collective wounding AND with Capricorn and Aries flavoring this tense square, most likely both. It's all connected. 

digital art by dianna

This transit would also like you to know that all that intense WeRK you've been doing around forging your true identity and becoming YOU is going to be worth it. 

Just remember that Chiron points to our wounds because it wants us to tend to them as they become the gifts and tools we need to heal others. When you find that wound inside you, hold it tight knowing it's there so you can heal your inner child, your inner self AND eventually others. And yes, sometimes that process feels shittyAF but all good WeRK has its tension & discomfort. It's not a race, it's a marathon. 

Take time to sit with this process during this tense transit and see what all this labor brings into your life over the next few months. The Sun will find its way to joining up with Chiron during Aries Season (4/5/23 to be exact) and whatever you're tending to right now may forge very useful tools you'll need during that time. 

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