The Fifth Element

What is the Fifth Element?

Is it our Spirit, our inner voice, our consciousness? It's something to consider as you dive into your Magical studies. In Astrology, we can sometimes get so engrossed in the Signs, Planets, and Houses that we forget there are other parts of a humans life. The chart never tells us someone's race, religion, culture, sexuality. There are many pillars of our personhood that need to be considered as we try to better understand ourselves and each other. 

This is why it's good to develop our relationship with Center, also known as Spirit. 

Reaching Center can be challenging and we often find the most ease accessing it when we are grounded first. 

What are your grounding practices? 

Do you struggle with grounding? 

Notice if this relates at all to an overabundance or underabundance of certain elements in your chart. What elements do you think are better at grounding than others and which do you think might struggle? Why?


Here is an image that can help you remember to connect with ALL the elements in order to reach Center. In truth we need them all to do so.

Casting a Circle

We often do this in Magical rituals but I want to discuss the reasons given for doing so and perhaps Werk out some kinks that some individuals find when trying to cast a circle and to find center. We will talk about this in the live Q&A and it will be shared here during play back. 

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