Planetary Rulerships

Rulerships are key to understanding the relationships between the planets and the signs. Each sign has a planetary ruler. Only the Sun & Moon rule one sign each. The Sun rules Leo and The Moon rules Cancer. The other planets each rule two signs each. When you look at the keywords for each sign and planet you'll see they share similar keywords and vibes BUT it's best if you don't forget that they are NOT the same. Signs are the vibe of the space or house they inhabit. In theater they would be the backdrop or location of the play. The Planets are the characters in the play and they change the story that happens in that setting or house. 

Planets in Detriment. Each planet has a sign where it is also in detriment, or weakness. These are the opposite signs of their rulership. This is a place where the sign fails to thrive & struggles to use it's powers. Planets in detriment do have a secret power however, sometimes they bring forward unique opportunities or torque much the same way harsh aspects like squares do. Detriment doesn't mean the planet is completely disabled they mean that the planet needs to work harder to use the talents it does have. Notice the planets you have in detriment in your chart and think about how these planets show up to help you thru hard times, struggles or loss. They can be great tools for Shadow WeRK.

Why Rulerships Matter. It's important to understand rulerships for lots of reasons. The biggest is that the planet ruling your first house is the most dominant planet in the birth chart. It's your planetary BFF. The placement and transits of this BFF planet will be something to watch all your life. 

It also helps you track your Profected Ruler for each year. This is a very powerful ancient technique that helps you focus on one planet, house, and sign for each year of your life. 

I'll be sharing more about this later...

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