ECLIPSES | WTF Is Even Happening?

Eclipse WeRK is a time for ACCEPTANCE, TRUST, & SURRENDER. Eclipses are unpredictable so make space & grace for the unexpected. It’s almost impossible to “prepare” but one thing that helps is to remember that everything changes – inspite of what capitalism & patriarchy try to tell us – sometimes things have to GTFO before we can find what is really meant to be! 

Eclipses are NOT an excellent time for doing Moon Magic or any kind of Magic. It’s a good time for doing deep internal WeRk, being quiet, & cleaning. We use this as a time for cleaning our altars, & Magical Tools, especially the Magical items we use connected to the Signs the Eclipses are occurring in. Eclipses are connected to the Lunar Nodes. The Nodes are not physical thangs but points in the sky marking where the eclipses will happen during a certain period of time. They indicate an important path is present. The Nodes expand all that they touch, both in your natal chart & in transits.

A Solar Eclipse is an opportunity to NOTICE where you need to make a course correction to align with our TRUE PATH or PURPOSE. It’s trying to guide you to your most authentic self BUT that can feel like total chaos sometimes. 

A Solar Eclipse happens during a New Moon Phase.

A Lunar Eclipse reveals our secrets, especially the secrets buried in our most hidden places. This is an opportunity to poke your truest self out into the open. This can allow you to find & follow your TRUE PATH. 

A Lunar Eclipse happens during a Full Moon

Do That Eclipse WeRK | The Questions For Each Annual Cycle:

  • Take notice of where the Lunar Nodes will be in your chart during each cycle.
  • What Signs are they currently in?
  • What Houses are these Signs in your chart for you? 

This chart shows the Sign Polarities. The Signs across from each other share more energy than any other combination. The polarities even have their own names.

This chart shows the House Polarities. The Houses across from each other also share certain themes and resonance. Notice the relationships they share when you think about where the Lunar Nodes are traveling thru your chart... AND think about it when you consider where the Lunar Nodes are in your Natal Chart.

Your Natal Lunar Nodes Questions | Where are the lunar nodes in your chart? 

  • Take notice of where the Lunar Nodes are in your chart.
  • What Signs are they in in your chart?
  • What Houses are these Signs in your chart for you? 
  • What Degrees are that at? 
  • What do you think it means to have the Lunar Nodes placed here? 
  • What is YOUR Sign Polarity called?
  • What is YOUR House Polarity called? 
  • What is your Nodal WeRK? 

The Lunar Nodes can sometimes be connected to our Life Path WeRK.

The North Node is also known as The Head of the Dragon or Rahu. It's connected to the path ahead, the way we're meant to travel thru life and our eventual destiny. It often points to things we desire to do or be in life AND it can also indicate the sometimes difficult WeRK we will have to do in order to get there. 

This is why we want to spend time diving into our Lunar Node placements. The Sign and House your North Node lives in may tell you a lot about where you're trying to get to in this life. 

The South Node is also known as The Tail of The Dragon or Ketu. It is connected to what we're meant to release or move away from in our life. Sometimes it's recommended to let go of EVERYTHING connected to the South Node but I recommend considering the South Node to be a big trunk full of tools, skills, and gifts you were born with and while you can't carry the whole trunk thru you life AND you don't want to get stuck trying to hang on to a whole trunk all your life, you may want to spend time examining these tools, skills, and gifts and see if you can find a few that you can carry forward. The South Node often connects to things we are naturally good at or skills we are born with. The question is, just because you're naturally good at something does it mean you have to do it all your life? 

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