The ComMOONity NetWeRK

Art + Astrology + Magic = The WeRK

The AstroArtistry ComMOONity is a Space for Open-Hearted Babes to Come Together to Create Art, Practice Astrology, and to Share Their Unique Magical Gifts & Tools with other Babes Seeking Opportunities to Change The World. We Embrace Shadow WeRK and Light WeRK equally. We do not bypass or overlook the edges created by white supremacy. We go Deep into the Practice of Process to Create Space for Magic. We support each other by listening, validating, sharing resources & showing up.



The Moon is the guide we are seeking to grow and to heal but, after generations of trauma and disconnection, we've forgotten how to listen to her messages and songs. This MAGICmooning Practice can reconnect community members with the luminaries (The Moon and The Sun) to translate and relearn the lost messages. This creative journey is about leading each individual to a better understanding of what each of us truly needs to become unique beings; beings held in a healthy container of comMOONity - as we are truly meant to be. We are Moon Beams!


WeRKing with Dianna, an artist, astrologer, and a damn fine witch, will allow each member to light their own path back to a circle where they fit. We are each a thread in one infinite cloth; we need to relearn how to be uniquely our selves while also supporting one another in a real way. This community strives to decode and unearth the lost Moon lessons by exploring the past AND reimagining the future. We will look at how our past connections to the elements have shaped us while also leaving space for us to create new Magic that fits the now we're in. Let's meet where we are, shall we? 


Much of our history was created by an oppressive and dominant energy. Most of the history we have been indoctrinated with has been whitewashed, edited, and created by the victors who oppressed, violated, and victimized many others to gain power and control. Our old stories continue to sew the seeds of this oppressive & dominant narrative. That is their nature. We need to untangle those stories so we can unfuck our minds, our hearts, and our spirits in as yet unimagined ways. 


MAGICmooning invites us all to be the heroines of the new myths. We can create new archetypes, new characters, new keywords, AND new associations that honor the diversity and creativity of all of Earth's beings. It seems an impossible task -because that's what the patriarchy has wanted us to believe for so long - but it's not. The Moon calls out to us, encouraging us to create, we only need to remember how to connect to that energy.


Using Earth Magic, Astrology and Process Based Art Practices to help us balance the Shadow WeRK and the Light WeRK that's so deeply needed in these times, Dianna creates space for us to do our WeRK, both individually and collectively. 


Come in and be a part of this process. Reconnect to The Moon (your self) and you'll quickly find your way to reconnect with The Sun (your heart) and The Earth (our collective home).