So much Scorpio Goodness! Get your Scorpio Friends (or enemies) a special gift OR get one for your Scorpio Self! 

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac. This is why it's the Sign most associated with secrets and death. It is the dark Autumnal energy required to break things down and compost them into fertile new soil. Notice how whiteness has made us focus on the deviant sexual nature of this Sign over the value of death & rebirth in the cycle of ShadowWeRk. Yes, it can be secretive, possessive, and intense but that is BECAUSE its job is to guide us into those Shadows not because it's scary or deviant. As you study Scorpio make sure you don't allow the stream of gothic & dark keywords to distract you from its protective & powerfully healing nature. We must allow the Scorpio part of us (and others) to be able to express both sides of its nature to be whole. The undercover agent to gives into corruption in order to have power hasn't done their ShadowWeRK. An agent who stays the course, even when it's dangerous & challenging, in order to make the world safer & more real is a balanced Scorpio. 

Scorpio Keywords: Charismatic, Highly Intuitive, Transforming, Powerful, Secretive. 

Scorpio Archetypes: The Scorpion, Biologist, Dungeon Master