Are you still trying to learn more?

It can be a struggle to overcome the power and intention of a propaganda machine. If you haven't been actively decolonizing your SELF you may not be able to see around the media misinformation machine. I know that sounds like a fucking conspiracy theory BUT I promise you, it's not. Even the “liberal” or “leftist” media has been guilty of incomplete and/or biased reporting. Even I was shocked by this and I've spent the last year learning about Palestine via my antiracism/decolonization education teachers and mentors. It's not easy but it's also not that hard. It just requires a moment of discovery to learn the truth.

I've started a resource document of all the information I've gathered over the last year. This collection of information includes everything I've read, watched, or listened to AND some that I still want to find/read/watch/listen to. It also contains info that was created “on both sides”; meaning I have read a lot of books that try to hold up Zionism and IsraeliZAN ideologies.

If you want to know the truth about something like this it's best to start with hearing what it's supporters say first. I was pretty instantly turned off by this content but it also helped frame why it took so long for the Palestinian Truth to come out. It's exactly the same reason why we're still learning the Black American Truths today. It's why we're just learning about residential schools. It's why the GOP wants to keep us from learning the histories. So, as you dig into more learning remember to question everything you've ever learned before. Question the questions. Learn to trust your own voice, your own knowledge. You already know enough so go into your studies only wanting to listen to the voices of others. If you do that you will hear these beautiful, powerful people calling out and leading the way to freedom for all. 

As always,  happy to answer any questions or to talk with anyone about this very uncomplicated, clear topic.