TERMS & CONDITIONS | Astrology Sessions


READINGS ARE RECORDED: All readings are recorded on Zoom UNLESS you specifically state that you do not want your reading recorded. I will email you the recording using Google Drive. If you don’t want to use Google Drive, please let me know in the notes below.


Astrology can be fun. It can also be serious, deep, and intense for some beings. Since my focus is remediation and transmutation of energies, I approach every chart with a healing focus. The hope is to locate and validate the sources of your life experiences in the chart. If those vibes are bothersome or negative for you then we can attempt to move that energy in a different direction using simple techniques and practices. The goal is to help you make the changes you want to make. I don’t determine those changes and instead, I often encourage clients to reframe their perspectives to better be able to accept these parts of themselves instead. Since I am prepared to go deep in all of my readings, I'd like you to also be prepared by bringing your personal boundaries into our sessions. I appreciate you setting the tone and letting me know if you need me to change anything about my presentation to better support you.  There are no guarantees that this process is going to be helpful, but I would never want it to hurt or upset you along the way. 


That is why I developed this Confidentiality Statement. Please read it and verify that you understand it by checking the box below.



During an Astrology reading, we are just looking at a scientific map/schematic of the location of the stars, planets, and horizon when you were born. We are using that information to discuss the potential vibes that may be present in your past, present, and potentially your future. Astrology uses metaphor, archetypes, stories, colors, and keywords to describe how these vibes "could" present in your life; each person is different, and each person has a personal life story that flavors that vibe. The goal in every session is to meet you where you are and figure out how to describe how YOU feel using Astrology as a kind of language or code. This process will be as deep as YOU want it to be. Together we have to remember that we all come from different life experiences and orientations that are NOT present in any chart.


Our origins, cultures, family history, lived experiences, and physical bodies can't always be mapped out in the chart. This means we must commit to open communication when we are working together. I want you to feel safe and comfortable and empowered to speak up when you need to. You always have your free will and authority when we are working together. You do not have to share anything that you don't want to, but this process does invoke a lot of questions and exchanges of information by its very nature. If you have any questions, concerns or comments you want to make about this process before we begin, please share in the comment box in the form. When we are working together there is always a magical container around us and all of your information is private and sacred to me. I won't share photos of any drawings or art that comes from this work without your permission and I will NEVER use your name or birth data in any public way. 


If you have any personal information you'd like to share in advance I appreciate knowing you better. You can tell me where your boundaries are.  Some examples of information often shared are relationship and/or family status and sometimes sexual orientation is also shared. This is helpful because Astrological houses will discuss all the areas of our lives, including our relationships (both platonic and sexual), jobs, social groups and/or family status. If you're living a unique or non-conforming life letting me know helps me better frame my descriptions of the houses when we are working together. These unique details are not present in your chart so there is no other way for me to know these things about you. It saves us both time if we meet each other where you are and I have a deep personal commitment to honoring names, pronouns, and any part of your identity that you'd like me to. I know how skewed our culture is to heteronormative relationships and white privilege, so I desire to avoid that framework as much as possible – but sometimes I still make mistakes and I want to always be learning to unfuck my brain and be less stereotypical in my practice. I hope this statement helps you feel more comfortable and that it gives you a sense of where I am coming from.  If you have ANY questions about me (I am happy to share details about my personal life if that’s helpful to you) please let me know. I am always happy to answer questions about my process too.


If you want to know more about me or the process, please feel free to REACH OUT TO ME.  



I have recently changed my late and missed appointment rules. Please don't be late for your appointment. If you find that you are going to be late please TEXT me immediately at 503-446-4460. If you are or will be more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, we will need to cancel that appointment. There will be a $35 rescheduling fee if you do not contact me in advance and a $20 rescheduling fee if you do. This is a bummer for me too. Yes, life happens, but there is considerable prep work involved in Astrology. If you don't show up for the scheduled time, I've already done half of the work required to provide this service to you AND once you reschedule, I will have to do much of that prep work again. My busy schedule means that I cannot go over at the end of the reading to make up the time that you've missed. If you are late for a session you will forfeit the missed time. If you need to cancel & reschedule, my cancellation policy requires 48 hours in advance to make changes. This gives me time to notify other clients about the opening in the hopes of filling your spot. If you find you need to cancel inside of the 48-hour window, please EMAIL me ASAP. There will be a $20 rescheduling fee inside of the 48-hour window. Of course, I will examine this on a case-by-case basis but it's happening so regularly I cannot continue to ignore it. This is my business and I deeply respect your time, please return the courtesy and respect mine. If you have questions about any of this, please contact me and we can discuss it.



I do not offer refunds. If you've booked a reading and find you cannot attend after all I can offer you a gift certificate that you could give to someone else OR you can donate your reading to my sliding scale discount program. If you feel you need a refund after your reading, please reach out and we can discuss your expectations. 


I hope you've read and understood these conditions above. This is my Heart WeRK but it is also my business. Thank you for your respect and understanding. I love you so much and I cannot wait to WeRK with you.