Moon In Aries. Cancer Season 2019


Moon In Aries

>3:02am Pacific | July 22nd, 2019

<2:41pm Pacific | July 24th, 2019

Welcome Warriors.

You have reached the shore of your next adventure. You may have lost much, some things you've not even noticed are gone yet, but much has been surrendered in order to reach this point. You've weathered a mighty storm and survived. Take some time over the next two days to give honor and respect to your SELF for your strength, courage & willingness to continue your fight. Even if you spent the last few weeks in bed or crying on the floor, you've done your work well. Aries is brave AND vulnerable. One must be both to be truly successful in their hero's journey.

Take some time to rest before you set out under this new light of Monday morning. Take stock of your mind, body & spirit as you stride into this day. It may feel like all is well at first but keep an eye out for the shadow of Aries. Impatience, immaturity & a rush to leap into the fire before all the safety measures have been put into place. What you seek now is a spark NOT a bonfire. You are still wet from all that time in the water but it's ok to allow the dampness to fade slowly. Let it all seep into your skin. Remember it's coolness AND it's lessons as we slowly stoke a new fire. This fire that can slowly grow into a beautiful hearth of healing & growth during Leo Season, which will be upon us at 7:51pm Pacific Monday night.

The building of a creation fire takes time and trust. You've demonstrated immeasurable trust over the last few weeks. The spark you seek is inside of you now. When you feel called to jump out of the water and run ahead remember that what you need is not outside but in. Your emotions are the tools you just polished. You ground them down with the sand, the shells & the tides. These tools are yours but they are still new. You sacrificed something to gain them so show them the respect they deserve. Take some time to get to know them, practice with them, learn about them. We're still in a Mercury Retrograde babes. This energy editing is here with the Sun's ingress into Leo so move with the awareness that there are still some potential mix ups ahead. We have a whole season to practice with these new tools. Fire is quick, dramatic & powerful. It is also dangerous, destructive & painful when misused. Don't forget that there is really no need to move from one element to another quickly.

You have time. Let this Aries Moon be the match for a warm, encouraging Leo Season fire. Start small, with a candle or a sparkler. Let your growth be discovered slowly. Let your SELF dry out. Notice how others need time to do the same. If you're not sure where to start look at your Aries House themes to see where your spark might be hidden. Notice if this part of your life has given you some unique new tools OR if the new tools you've gathered are unique to healing this part of your life. Aries is an initiator. It's a great time to start something new while remembering that it's not such a good time for finishing up. You're not gonna finish anything this important in two days. You have all of Leo Season to build this fire and discover these tools.

If you need help finding Leo in your chart, click here. If you have questions please comment here OR send me a message. I am always happy to help you on your MAGICmooning journey.

Much Love Babes!


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