Moon In Pisces. Cancer Season 2019

Moon In Pisces. Cancer Season 2019


Moon in Pisces ♓︎

We leave this watery season with a powerful Water Moon and with Mercury Rx reentering Cancer. How fitting. Let the water fill you up, cleanse you, wash you out, hold you weightless while you review & release the happenings of the last few weeks. Use what you've learned to rewrite your story, change your narrative & to express how it's gonna be going forward. 

We've been in the deep water for a while babes. Our fingers & toes are prune-like, we're shivering & our lips might be a wee bit blue. But, we made it. We're swimming out of this ocean of feels, finally. Cancer Season is coming to an end on Monday night. We can be glad for that but we shouldn't miss this opportunity to reflect on what our emotions, intuitions and our inner child brought forward for us during this choppy time. THAT is what's wrong with our culture babes. We're taught to stuff our feelings into a secret box and to never, ever, ever let them out again. We're told not be crazy, selfish or rude when we feel something that doesn't "fit" into the plan. It's expected that every feeling we have be justified by the situation or we're not mentally well. We expend a great deal of energy trying NOT to feel and this cuts us off from our intuition which injures our inner voice. This is the wound we are all healing from. This is the wound that the collective is trying to soothe.

Cancer is the past, family, ancestor, home & intuition. Pisces is the collective, the Known Unknown, the aura, death/rebirth & well, everything. These two energies will create a trine as the Sun & Moon are 120º apart. A Trine aspect in astrology creates a partnership or collaboration between the planets involved. It's a synchronicity that blends the energies together in cooperation. HOWEVER, a Trine must be engaged to act. It does not act on it's own like a Square or Opposition does. These harmonious aspects require our awareness and intention. The Sun is the will, ego & purpose. It represents who we are and how we do. The Moon is our inner self, our emotions & what we need. Taking what you learned from the last few weeks you COULD use this Trine to integrate these lessons into you heart so that these emotion tools & gifts are solidified as yours. See how this process opens up your intuition and your psychic center. 

This Moon will also conjoin Neptune in Pisces tomorrow.  This is an opportunity to step behind the veil between the worlds. We can sit with our ancestors AND our descendants. Let's chat with them about what kind of world we want. If we could decide how feelings would be utilized & expressed in our ideal world; what would that look like? Spend some time with your inner child too. Ask them how they would have liked to be responded to by the adults in their life growing up. Think back on times that you had big feelings as a kid. What were the reactions you received? What did you do when you discovered you were having an inappropriate feeling? What did you do with that shame & guilt? Where did you stash those feelings? Perhaps you had supportive adults in your childhood. How have you used that support in your adult life? How can you continue to improve and grow those gifts now? 

These may be raw topics babes. But that's why these weathers have us so raw. We have been injured in our psychic centers. The way we are now is not how we are meant to be. We are water creatures. We have deep emotions. Our intuition is our link to our magical powers, our imagination. It's also how we are meant to communicate and connect. Our evolution will be found through reconnecting to our psychic centers. We are all psychic in different ways. Take some time to mediate on that during this Moon. YES, YOU ARE PSYCHIC!!! Ask your ancestors and descendants to show you your magical powers and gifts. Ask them to guide you in ways to use them. They want nothing more than to be engaged. 

This is the beginning of a profoundly healing time. We are about to level up as a collective energy and this is why the old ways are fighting so hard to hang on, to survive. We can defeat the beasts grasping at us. We can do that with our water, the most powerful force in nature.

Last night I was thinking about writing this and I got this powerful visual of how the tides move all matter around. How they are doing two powerful things at once. They are removing matter away from one place and building it up in another. The tides build jetties and sand bars AND they carve out caves and caverns. They have the power to wear down mountains and to create islands & beaches. When we are healing we must allow the tides of our experiences and emotions in and out. This happens in cycles to clear away and empty out the wounds. We must also allow the tides to build up our boundaries & protections. This happens over a periods of time. 

The tide rises up to gather some of the blocks created by our wounds and as it recedes it takes that energy with it. Sometimes we refill this empty space with more wounding, because healing is scary and that empty space the tide created can make us feel vulnerable.  We might pack that space with things, people, substances, work or sex. But the tide always returns. It wears down those blocks and it attempts to make the space empty again. 

This pattern shows up differently for each of us, but it happens for all of us. There are folks who are not ready to heal. There are folks who never heal. What I've learned from this Cancer Season is that there is a level of surrender needed in order to allow our water (our emotions, feels, intuition & instincts) to do it's work. We all need to do this in our own way.

Bad things happen to us over the course of a lifetime. That creates a cave or sandbar for us, depending on how we each react to this injury. As we grow with the wound the tides come to assist us in utilizing the experience as a useful tool or gift. When begin to let the tide remove the injury from one side of us it magically begins to build something better from the matter it takes away on the other side. Next thing you know the tide has built a boundary that protects you on the other side -OR- it's opened up a cavern that allows you to pass thru a block you've had.

The water’s flow moves us.

Yes, there are times when it feels like the opposite is happening. We feel like we're never going to get past a painful thing. Tides are slow. They are cycles. They are patterns. We must learn to surrender and trust that the water is always doing it's work. In our culture we'd rather work with fire and air (action and logic). We want to get shit done. We want facts (air) to justify our feelings so we can continue to consume (fire). This is what created capitalism, consumerism and the damn patriarchy. We resist taking time for water and earth (feelings and patience). We are told to take our emotions (water) and put them in a sealed container (earth). But we can change this. We can decide that our emotions matter AND we can decide that having only what we need is enough. We do not need to horde resources or be billionaires to be happy & safe. Success can be redefined as being kind, open, sustainable & patient OVER being a high functioning, multi-tasking go getter who burns all the fossil fuels to be a social media influencer selling junk made by underpaid factory workers. We can change everything by changing the way we feel about it.

you don't have to be a fire 

for every mountain blocking you. 

you could be water 

and soft river your way to freedom too. 


Nayyirah Waheed (@nayyirah.waheed) [READ HER WeRK FOR REALS?]

I had a yoga instructor, Jesse, use this quote in our practice this week. It's definitely perfect for this Moon and for these times. Be water babes. It's the largest, most powerful element of the four for a reason. And, it's our birthright to access and utilize it. It is also our responsibility to respect and care for it. Find some space to sit with that during the next few days. Cry, pour away, swim out, feel the feels for reals. 

Let the tides come to you, leave you, and change you from now until the next Pisces Moon. Notice whats different when the tides have cycled back to the same place in your chart. It takes effort to keep track of our tides but I promise you you ARE worth the time. 

What are your Pisces house themes? What planets do you have here? What is your Pisces WeRK? 

These are all good journal prompts for this Moon. Then, come back to them when the Moon is here again (August 16/17, 2019). I've also connected this post to the other Pisces Moon posts in my blog. Take some time to look back at the last few and see what was up for you. This can be very helpful for understanding your tides, cycles and your chart!  

If you have questions about MAGICmooning WeRK, your chart or Astrology in general please reach out. 

Much Love & Many Blessings, 


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