Moon In Aquarius. Cancer Season 2019

MAGICmooning Moon In Aquarius ♒︎

Aquarius embraces & welcomes change. It leads revolutions. This is the Moon of innovation, uniqueness & science. We are exiting what was an incredibly rough patch in the cycle. Whew & siiiigh. Cancer Season is closing this week. We’ve survived this part of the eclipse season. Many aspects to Saturn, Pluto & the Nodes were made. We let go of some shit. This next week brings opportunities to reflect on the recent & distant past. There is a chance to weigh & measure what we value. We may know better what to release & why by the end of next week. Use this Aquarius Moon & the fading Full Lunar light to contemplate all that’s happened this season. Aquarius is a masterful researcher. A Fixed Air sign, it is really good at seeing multi perspectives, patterns & codes. Mercury Rx will enter Cancer again on Thursday, giving you yet another tool to puzzle out the gifts of this tense & sometimes painful season. Everything has purpose. Aquarius knows that sometimes the path is weird, it is not afraid to do things a new way. Watch for when it might get stuck in an idea or ideal. This Moon is an opportunity to gather data but it may not be the best time to make a decision or to act. We may need to give that a few more weeks babes. Instead use this time to examine the information you’ve gathered. Check your Aquarius house to see where you may have the most success in your investigations next season. Much will be happening in the Leo/Aquarius polarity beginning next week & thru mid-August. Take this time to prepare but don’t forget to rest. Aquarius can bring forward powerful activist vibes. When shouting & protesting is not making the impact we’d expect it to Aquarius can be called upon to create something brand new. Don’t try to solve all the worlds problems today my friends. Instead let the info you discover sink in & use it to prepare for the roads & battles ahead. You must not forget to be ALWAYS in the cycle so you don’t burn out. I believe a rest is well deserved now. It will assure we have more energy to fight the good fight again soon. Love you little rebels. Be well.

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