Moon In Sagittarius. Cancer Season 2019

MAGICmooning Moon In Sagittarius ♐︎ Please babes, during these intense & uncomfortable times, go have some fun. Do something that makes you feel lighter, brighter & sparkly. When we have so many daunting energies tearing at us it can be easy to get lost or stuck in the muck. This Sagittarius Moon comes as gift from the Goddess! This Moon puts the F in Fun! Go on an adventure, take a dance class, go somewhere you’ve never been, make some new friends. Most importantly GIVE YO SELF A BREAK BABES. This is the Moon that will also join with Jupiter, bringing is a hefty dose of much needed joy! Please go check in on your friends too. Especially your strong friends. Drag those little ponies out on the town. Keep a look out for folks who are down in the dumps. Sagittarius’ are good at cheering people up. They are funny & they know a lot of interesting things. They love teaching & they love learning. Another thing that can be very fun during this Moon is being around horses. SERIOUSLY. Even just watching horse videos will make you feel joy. Check your chart for more info about how/where your Sagittarius house wants you to WeRK during the next few days. I’m sending you buckets of healing love from my Sagittarius 6th house during these harsh weathers. Reach out if you have questions about your Sagittarius house. And, if you wanna, tell us about you fun weekend plans! 🐎 🌙 ♥️

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